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Marh 19, 2014

From the Archangels -

It is with Love we impart this message to be heard throughout your world. What you are experiencing is the outcome of your endeavors made manifest in this Now. What does this mean? It means that you are now in a new state of existence. Yes, we used the word state and this does not mean static! It is the new paradigm that is now being seen and lived on the earthen plane of existence. What was once thought impossible is now possible. Perhaps we can go into just what this means.

You have before you the dawning of the new age. It is an age of peace and prosperity. It is an age of wonderment and tranquility. It is an age of knowledge put forth into wisdom. Each of you have the capability to manifest your heart’s dream. And note we said heart. It is through this organ and portal in your human body where you gain more of your energy of your soul or Higher Self. It is bringing together the higher frequencies of your overall existence. And you are doing this through your own energetic openings of all of your bodies, not only the body you now inhabit. Because of this you will witness more possibilities to manifest on your earthen plane. Soon the chaos, the misunderstandings and ignorance will be replaced with a gentle peace. And what happens when more and more of you feel and live that peace? A huge wave is produced and transmutes the old energies of forgetfulness and fear. Therefore what is left? Some confusion yet a knowing, the absolute knowing, that the world is a new place.

The movements felt in the earth herself will be felt by all, you humanity. Many will feel an undulating effect, a little different than the shaking of an earthquake. Yet it is an earthquake of sorts as the earth makes movements to enhance her body with the energetic frequency flows refiguring her inner and outer skins. There is not one man or woman who will not feel this. This will feel like a gentle rocking and many ones will feel a need to rest. Follow those changes in your bodies and allow your physical form to rest. As we have mentioned before that when you do not allow rest, then your form or physical body will become most uncomfortable. And as you rest you become more balanced.

Many of you want a date as to when this all shall happen. It is up to you, humanity. Because when you ask for dates you are looking outside of yourself. You WILL know when these events will take place. Still yourselves. Get together with those who understand these changes. Discuss what this means to you, because when you open yourself up, you as well as others learn. There are dates when certain planetary alignments occur that increases your susceptibility to these changes. It is like another kick start to your physical, mental, and emotional structures. It is up to you to use this gift of added infusion. Tomorrow, the equinox, is one such date. And this further parting of the veils shall continue. And one reason this shall continue is because more of humanity is receptive to these infusions.

There are some surprises in store for earth mankind. Will there be disclosure (the announcement by government officials that there are other beings in the universe and in fact living on and in the earth)? There already has been disclosure. Were you listening? It will soon be blatantly obvious that many in what is called the higher realms are in your earth space. Uprisings will continue then there will be a “moment” of silence, an incredible shift. It will be like a retreat away from the chaos. What happens next will be unlike any experience ever felt before.

We come in love to share with you so that you will further understand the changes that are ongoing. We are your family, we are the Masters but now you too are Masters. Your cosmic family is always in support of your courageousness. Because what you bring into your experiences of today affects the whole family, every living being and consciousness within All That Is. Everything Is!

I Am Michael, Raphael, Daniel, Sophiel, the ones you call the Archangels. We support all Ones.






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