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We Are in the Juncture of Open Manifestation

April 11, 2015

Greetings to the world of form! We come to invite you to another realm of manifestation. This other world may seem very familiar to you as you visit it often. And we are talking about the world of worlds.

This (other) beautiful world encompasses all other worlds. How can that be? It is spirit of worldly mass that makes this possible. What you may not see as possible is! It is in your frequencies that you may not see or understand what is truly possible. And the new worlds are opening to you to step in and allow the higher frequencies of manifestation to appear right before you. Again you may ask how can that be?

You now have moved to the juncture of open manifestation. By that we mean that all avenues are now open to you. You shall find those avenues most familiar to each and every one of you, however not all avenues are for each one to traverse. Each of you has your own path of life/lives. To more fully understand this phenomenon is to allow the basics of life enter into your being. Be not afraid for it is the god within that is showing its colors. It is the right of each one of you to be in that space of understanding the uniqueness and possibilities that now exist within the parameters of your life. You have laid out those parameters along with the many aspects of Yourself. Do you understand? It is You making those decisions. It is You as God making those decisions. There is but One God before you. Now you can say there is but One God that is You. And this is the All of You’s. You and we are in this All Together. God Is, it is infinite, it is eternal.

Open yourselves to all possibilities. You are leaving the old world of the heavy form behind. The heaviness some of you are feeling is the old passing through. Many of you pick up on another’s vibration(s). Let it pass through you for it isn’t yours to hold onto. Yes, we are One but to continue in the old paradigm of limits will hold all of us back in the old world of form. The more you free yourself of these restrictions, you affect the All of You, therefore the All of Us. Trust your feelings, then act from this point holding love in all of those actions. This will get some getting used to. Allow the beautiful flow of life to touch all parts of you. Feel it deeply within and your outer world will be that much easier to traverse.

And so it is this day that you contemplate this new journey in your world of form accessing other worlds of form. Please be advised that you will witness the unfolding in all aspects upon the Earth. Be alert within. Stay sober in your foods and drink as well as in your emotional bodies. Allow the sun/son to arise within. You will witness the internal dialog of understanding. Hear those feelings, maybe through words, song, dance, art, and all nature. What is nature? It is those wonderful aspects that enfold your own senses, feed your bodies and souls. It is your soul shown in multiple forms. For we are One.

Trust your intuition. It is shifting into high gear for many of you. Let the tears flow if you must. It is the additional releasing of the old judgments you have endured. Those of you who are empathic, you are allowing the thoughts and feelings of others to touch you. Let them pass through you. And with the tears, let them fall to be transmuted. Many of you are witnessing much sadness in your world. Can you not see that the last of the heavy density of form is out in full display? The house of cards are falling and let them fall. Your new home is being rebuilt. It is up to each and every one of you to be a part, an integral part of this rebuilding. You are doing this in a whole new way of manifestation.

We shall close for now. Beware of those who still try to deceive you. They continue to try but their efforts are failing. They too are making the change. Be love my friends.

We are your brothers and sisters of the stars. We are family.




As We Continue

March 18, 2015


Greetings! We have come to serve humanity in their transitioning processes. Each one of you has asked for assistance so it is now we can be of that assistance. Should you decide you want us to “back off” we will do so. As it is in our nature to not intervene. That is a code of Universal Law.

Yes, please proceed as I appreciate your assistance at this time.

Thank you, and we shall proceed. It is this time which many of you awakened sols (souls) have come to this earthen plane. It is the time of remembrance as you already know this to be true. However in this next wave of remembering, you will start to see more of yourselves, those other aspects of you. Each of you will also be communicating more with your Higher Self and Soul Family. They will seem familiar to you and that is your key that you are communicating with the higher frequencies of life. It is up to each of you to accept or allow this communication into your being. It will become as second nature for this communication. We use your words as it is your nature for such communication, however you are now beginning to more fully realize this. Can you trust this communication? You will know if you can trust it. There still are pranksters “out there”, however they are becoming less and less as they also cannot intervene in your affairs. Do note there have been beings who have, shall we say, tried to dominate the people of earth and this was allowed by the so-called powers. They are now turning the tide as they begin to back off leaving your world governments to their own devices. That is why we have communicated to you that there will be a change of governments in your world. (See my last message “Note From Sananda.)

See this turn of events as the change that will bring a more peaceful earth. Yes, it will not be the same. Do you want to live in tyranny? We think not and it is time to put all of those imbalances to rest. They soon will be of the past to let Gaia’s earth rise up in her beingness.

We now turn our attention to each one of you personally. Hear our calls to you to come forth and not hide in the brambles. Yes, we are speaking of those of you who call yourselves the Lightworkers. You soon will be in the spot light if that is what you wish for yourself. However, we ask you to hide no longer, speak your truths without preaching. It may be a smile or a few simple words. Speaking your truth not only frees you but allows others who are not so awakened to speak theirs. Thus they begin their own awakening processes. It will be almost magical as you see this unfold.

It is this time period that so many are experiencing their own pains, those of you who are the Lightworkers. We hear you say what else is new! You are part of the Allowance Program and have allowed your bodies to transform. Some of you are feeling the strength of this Program. Breathe deeply, sit quietly when you need that alone time. Any illnesses you perceive yourself to hold, will soon remove themselves to see those inner workings flower. And flower you will! Thoughts which you have yet to perceive are coming forth from your inner wisdom. It is that communication from those other parts of you. And as your perceptions change, you also will see those changes in your manifestations.

We leave you for now. Our communications will continue after you have had a chance to take in what we have imparted with you. We are love as are you for we are One.


Allowance Program:

I remember these words spoken in my books, so I looked up what was written. The following is taken from my second book “Mystery of the Universes, Book Two” in the writing called “Humanity”:

Humanity, in its endeavors to create a utopian society,

will understand their abilities of manifestation to the degree

of working with one another to create a much larger matrix.

This matrix is the form for the electromagnetic frequencies to

flow effortlessly connecting one to another on the new earth

plane. The frequencies to be brought into this matrix will allow

mankind the opportunity to request various forms to create

from. To understand this metamorphosis that is available will

bring to all of Creation a new understanding of transitioning

between dimensions. This is a new day, a new dawn of understanding

life, what it means to be creator in the physical.

It is indeed a metamorphosis, an allowance program within

the reality of truth, an understanding that goes beyond created

creation (into new realms). Perception shall change as this allowance

program gets underway. The process has started and

will continue until Creator knows itself fully.

Excerpt from the same book, writing “Recall”:

Soon you will recall why you made such decisions. And

you will recall the divine essence of your being. For many of

you, it is still difficult to fathom such a scenario. You are saying,

“Am I nuts?” No you are not nuts. This allowance program

brought you to a new place of understanding and you are

being applauded for your choices. “What is next?” you might

ask. What is next? It is solely up to you for your expansion to

take place. Knowledge starts with realizing the grandness of

your being. Then you take this knowledge and bring it into all

you do in your daily lives. Live love in everything you do and

say. Live that happiness you so desperately ask for. It is in the

writings that you shall rise up out of the ashes to take back your

own power. Now is that time.

There is more written on this program written in my first book “Mystery of the Universes, A Prophecy Fulfilled.” The writing is called “The Forces of Evil” for those of you who have the book.








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