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The Universe

May 30, 2014

My friends, the Universe is changing. And this rapid change, when looking at it from a 3rd and 4th dimensional level, is moving faster than the speed of light. What you are seeing, i.e. perceiving, on this earth plane is the release of all matter that does not vibrate to the higher dimensional levels of living. Your forms are changing too, as they can no longer hold the frequencies of self-rejection and self-defeat. This part of you that so many of you have and seem to continue to experience shall soon be gone. There is no such thing as self-defeat. You each have made your choices then lived or are living with those choices. And those choices are changing not to return in the ethers of this planet. What you are seeing in the outer appearances of earth and humanity is a jump through and to a new timeline. You are seeing both the duality of the 3rd and 4th dimensions as well as the 5th and 6th dimensions of love. And this is very confusing for many of you.

My friends, release that need to be right! This complex thought form is no longer plausible. Allow the changes in your bodies without going into fear. We are not saying that you don’t or won’t need assistance from your medical practitioners. Not releasing that need to be right hinders those functions in the recalibrations of your bodies. Align with love – love of self, love of Self, love of earth, love of humanity, love of the animal kingdoms, love of the plant kingdoms, the stones and minerals of the earth, and all other kingdoms most of you are not yet able to see or comprehend. What you will find within is the ability to know yourselves wholly and completely, therefore you have the ability to self heal or balance the physical, mental, and emotional structures you so enjoy.

You and earth are now going through striations of changes. What do we mean by striations? There are lines of communications from your whole Self to your physical self. Each and everyone of you have these lines of love because they are you, they are the god each one of you are a part of. They are in you, they are You! Know the truth of your Beingness! Your knowledge, therefore your actions will follow. Jesus said follow me. What do you suppose he meant by this? Follow me is his connection or consciousness connection to his Higher Self. He KNEW this. And it is time for you all to KNOW this too.

We call you “our friends.” Friends is an easy concept for you to comprehend. However, we also say “our family,” we are you and you are us. We are One no matter what planet or planetary system we are close to or come from. There really is no coming from. We Are! Humanity, recognize the opportunities that are yours. Your choices become manifestations and most of you now realize that your thoughts manifest rather quickly now. Lag time is the past not to return. Turn to the god within and all questions will be answered. Communicate with your Self. Communicate with us if you want a name or face to talk to. We are always ready and most willing to be of assistance. Are we all knowing? No, because we are all still creating. We always create or we wouldn’t be. And there is no way for us not to be! If you receive an answer you are not comfortable with, then by all means, do not go along with the suggestion. Only you know what is right or correct for you.

We leave you with this thought: Create in gladness. A biblical term is it not? Simply create in gladness.

New manifestations will be seen in your skies and in yourselves. Your earth is rumbling within letting off gas and steam to cleanse her body. Love her, send love to her. Stand on her surface and give her gratitude. She feels you. Love is the strongest energy in existence. Gratitude expands that love. Keep your eyes and especially your hearts open. Wonders will appear.





April 22, 2014

Today is what many of you refer to as the Day of Recognition. It is a day of remembering You in all its forms. Many of you may be witnessing flashbacks to other lies in many eras past and future, on earth, inside earth and upon other planets. You may see yourselves more etheric or dense as you see your physical bodies today. Note the feelings you are experiencing as you “see” these other parts of you. Recognize the patterns and you shall see yourselves much clearer.

This one taking down this message is quite perplexed!

Yes, I understand this but have yet to witness this today.

Still your Being. Still your mind and let or allow the pictures to just flow. You will watching your own movie.

I feel pulsations in my hands. It is very difficult to still my mind.

Perhaps we will continue and when you are ready, close your eyes and allow those other parts of you come into focus. Do not be afraid, they are only pictures in your mind. Allow, allow…

This time period in your year 2014, you shall witness your multi-dimensionality. This is You in all of your consciousnesses. This is you in all of your glory for, indeed, you each are glorious!  Accept this for you to truly know god I Am. Accept this for your reality to change into a harmonious blend of love, each one of you having your own tune. Be aware that memories will surface for you to see this more of each of You. Do not judge, watch the movie allowing it to unfold. Time is an illusion so don’t worry about time. Do not hold yourselves back. Allow all to unfold for you to grasp the changes that are taking place within you, therefore what you perceive as your outside world is changing too. The old world is quickly fading. Let it go if you want to truly feel love. The have-to’s of yesterday are nearly gone. We know that many of you are saying you don’t see any differences or changes. There is so much unrest in this world. Yes, we know how you think and that is what we wish to tell you today. Your thinking is changing. And why is your thinking changing? You are starting to see those other parts of you. You are becoming so much more conscious of your true self. And yes, we know we have said this over and over. Note how your thoughts have changed this past year. Are you comprehending where you were a year ago to where you are now? And we don’t mean the physical place you call your home even though there are a few of you who have moved to new locations.

Dear ones, enjoy your newly found freedoms. Let or allow your magnificent selves come into view. Embrace this multi-dimensional form. And, yes, still your minds and bodies to really see Yourselves. Remember there is no time so you always have time. It is timeJ Soon you all will be wearing these Happy Faces!



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