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What is an endeavor? What does this mean to you? Keep in mind it will mean different things to different people. However, we say to you it is an exercise wherein you find that you have it all within you, each one of you.

We come to you this day to share with you your very own light. It shines brightly a each one of you walk your paths. Each of you have a path you know. And no two paths are the same. There is no right, there is no wrong way to get there. There is, however, an easier path and that is the path of least resistance. When you resist the love that you truly are, you find that you have more uncomfortable days or moments in your biological lives you know yourselves to be because you see yourselves as tangible beings. Hmmmm…..

How tangible are you?

Dear friends,

The above writing is what I recently received before I spoke to a small group. I feel this writing is to be finished and now is that time to do so. Namaste.


November 1, 2014

You indeed are on a path of love. Remember the true essence of what you truly are. Just plain unadulterated love. Now you ask about those who do not act in love. Yes, there are many who do not yet realize they are love also and they speak and act in chaos. As you may have noticed there is much chaos going on in your world. What is happening?

This may be difficult to explain, but remain patient with us as we explain it to you in terms you may understand.

Once upon a time you declared your interest in exploring your capabilities. When we use the term “exploring,” we mean looking inside of Self to know your true essence, and what better way to do that then to create a time sequence where you lose your knowledge of Self. And this you have done a splendid job. Now you ask Yourselves that you have learned (what it means to lose your connection to Self/God) and that you find yourselves wanting to pare that challenge down a notch or two. You found yourselves having difficulty in understanding God, as you perceive God to be a Supreme Power over you. Now you are beginning to know that this is not so, yet your imaging senses have not caught up with your feelings. You are having a hard time knowing this thus you are reacting in ways you don’t fully understand. You are “reacting” and not securely “acting” out of the love of Self. Because you find it very difficult to even love yourself. You still think of judgment, therefore you continue to judge. And you are most hard on your very own self, this biology of self you think you are.

Even though you read books, channeled messages, and your own messages, you find it difficult to totally comprehend your capabilities. Therefore you do not use those capabilities that you hold. Yes, the energetic influences of what you term your outside forces are assisting. Your earth is making her bodily changes. You find yourselves to be effected, almost victim-like, do you not? You may say it is because Mercury is in retrograde, or the sun’s is sending out her flares affecting your electromagnetic structures you call your bodies. Do you understand you are the sun, you are Mercury? You all part of All? Therefore your individual energies affect all of this. And you decided to make the changes and you are seeing those changes come to fruition. Then you say, woe is me!

Come to terms that you are the makers. See the beauty of Yourself. See the beauty as this world unfolds into a bright shiny star with your bodies as the starlets. Quit resisting the love that is yours. See yourselves sparkle. If you see only the doldrums of life, then ask for yourself to see the changes you have made or will assist you in making. No one can take this away from you without your consent! You are many and to ask for assistance is for you to realize as you live in your biological bodies that you are the change makers. You are the gods. You are God!

Most of you have lived so many lives on this earth and endured the low vibrations of physicality. To move your energy into a finer tune takes power. Give yourselves a rest when you feel the need to rest. Give your bodies a break! There is no hurry, however, the sooner you tune into the higher vibrations of Yourselves, the happier you will be. Treat your bodies with proper nourishment. What is proper for one person may not be proper for another. How do you know what is best for you? When you look at something, be it food stuffs or choices of what to do in your day, look at it carefully. Trust your feelings. Trust your heart felt feelings, not your ego. That is two different things. We know it is still hard for you to tell the difference. What makes you smile? What makes your heart sing? If you still are puzzled, then let it go. Every time you ask for assistance of your guides or other parts of yourselves, you always receive an answer. If it is a loving response, then it is the answer that is best for you, and for you only.

Many of you have read recent blogs on what are called the Tricksters. You are afraid you are tuning into the malevolent beings and they trick you into doing something that is not for your highest good. Sometimes you do listen to these Tricksters and you do something that serves you not. Then you ask yourself, what happened? Perhaps that is what you needed to really know your true self. Let that so-called lesson go. Be gentle on yourself. At this moment there is a lot of energies swirling around and in and out of this magnificent globe. You have assisted on this program of ascension. You volunteered to be here at this time. Some of you will want to leave this program and opt out. That is okay, While others of you say let’s keep this ball rolling. Allow this new program you have called The New Earth come about. Allow yourself to realize that you indeed are the program, you assisted in it’s coming into fruition, that you wanted to be a part of it, and now you are seeing the results. And some of the results you find yourselves not happy with. The wheat is separating from the tares. Be gentle on yourselves. Stay grounded, allow yourselves lots of rest. Consume what is healthy for you. And remember what may be healthy for you may not be so for another.

Know that you are not going backwards in this ascension program. You have done magnificently! You knew it would not be easy. We all are extremely grateful for your presence. We are in this All Together. Soon peace will reign on Earth.



A Miraculous Time

July 31, 2014

It is a miracle that you are able to come into this world and live a harmonious life full of pain and despair as well as joy and happiness. We feel of your concern as we say these words as they make little sense to many of you.

YOU have decided to be a part of earth at this time, this moment where the big changes continue to take place. And you brought with you the many emotions and glimpses of your other life times not only to this beautiful orb you call Earth, but other orbs and ships as well. You knew of the pains you would go through only to find out you decided to make it one of your processes for you to understand the uniqueness of yourselves.

Celebrate what you have experienced! Celebrate that you are beginning to understand why you created such lives. Are you beginning to see the bigger picture? The more you see your individual expressions, the more you will understand the intricacies of your current lives. Is this not a miracle? Is this the reason why you volunteered to be here at this now moment to propel not only yourselves, but other parts of your being, other beings including this wondrous orb you currently reside on? Celebrate! Celebrate that you now understand life, that creative force which is you.

Many of you have heard what is called the “entanglement theory.” We say bravo that you are beginning to really see how all/everything is part of the One. The more you celebrate your own uniqueness, the more beauty of living will radiate to others and other part of yourself. Be certain that you do really know you. Allow all that you are surface for you to recognize your beauty. And this goes for everyone because of the roles you decided you wanted to play in this lifetime.

Dear ones, continue on believing the poor me attitude, and you will live the poor me life. Or continue to expand the knowingness within you and you will see expansion in every facet of your lives. If you still feel that you are caught in a rut and cannot seem to emerge out of it, let us assist you for you to know that you are the redeeming christ. This does not belittle religion, but it expands on your knowledge of your being a miraculous Being. We trust you understand this. We shall make our leave in this transmission. We never leave your sides as we all are connected and part of the One.

Salu out. We are your fellow Masters.




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