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July 14, 2015

Suffice it to say you are definitely on a track of enjoying the many challenges this ascension has brought to this world of form. And we say this to you with a grand gesture of “YES.” Many of you may have noticed that the truths are being spoken, the secrets unveiled for all to see and hear. This has been a very big releasing! And it continues. Feel the heaviness that many of you have carried through many of your lives. And that heaviness is dissipating. Perhaps you are just beginning to lessen your load or indeed have let spirit flow through you with all its glory of no judgments and with open opportunities to manifest your heart’s content. These are the moments that will go down in history. The books are being rewritten.

Please understand these times that allow you to be who you truly are and that is You in all of your Godliness. And we mean that literally. Many have taken to the streets to proclaim their independence, yet they remain under a law. And we are not saying that is something you should fear. Not at all. It is something that either you allow or you take full responsibility of self to let all manifestations of love be your guide into the joy and blissful states of being. And when you allow that, the law of some of your governances will be loosened in that they will no longer be needed. Know you are in charge of you! Of course your small ones and those who have mental, physical, or emotional challenges will need your assistance, but even that will be changing. Love one another and you shall see this world change in a flash.

We have spoken of the changes that are occurring in your monetary systems. And these shall continue. This does not mean you will lose what you already have unless you let fear take over. Many changes are taking place behind the scenes to allow for a swift and equitable change of values in monies and exchanges. This already has begun. Perhaps what you see going on in your European countries is a precursor to these changes. And China. All monetary changes are inter-related so what affects one country will affect another, then another. The “controllers” are no longer in control. You are!

Tomorrow you will be seeing one of your planets up close and that is the planet Pluto, who resides in the outer reaches of your solar system. There is much to learn as your scientists study this planet. They will see life, however they will not be quite ready to announce this fact. They feel they will need more study before releasing this information. However watch for some of the information to be leaked and you will see much publicity through the use of your internet.

Dear ones, this is such a turning point in the evolution of your planet as well as with humanity itself. We call this message “An Eternity” for the simple reason that there only exists an eternity, each moment you call Now. You have played in this world of form. And many of you are now playing consciously in your light bodies. You are meeting other beings as well as traveling to other planets and times. You are realizing there is “no time.” Your consciousnesses are merging. Yes, you will still have your calendars. And you still will have plans, because in order to manifest your heart’s desires, the various frequencies will come together at exactly the right moment. It can be no other way. You are the frequency changers, chargers, installers. And we whom you call the Ascended Masters are also the changers, chargers, and installers. We are a part of you and you are a part of us. We are!

This one whom we send our messages asked for clarity recently. And she was told, “Listen, just listen.” Listen to that still large voice within. We can no longer call it a still small voice. It is large – huge! And so listen to the beauty of your beingness. It is there in all Eternity!





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