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More on the resurrection of Yeshua and humanity’s being able to experience their aspects (selves) in the past and future

May 18, 2015


Today is the first day of the rest of your life. How many times have you heard this said and thought it within your own mind? And today is the first day of the rest of your life. However it is this life, in the body you now inhabit. Soon it will become apparent that you also reside in many other bodies, some more dense and others more ethereal. We ask you this, can you comprehend such a scenario? Many of you already are experiencing other aspects of yourselves. You may find yourself in a conversation that is not of this world or of this time (on this world). Please be patient in understanding the dynamics that are now taking place upon your beautiful and bountiful earth.

Yes, the major changes have begun. They began long ago as you calculate time using the rotation of the earth. However your life or lives doesn’t fit into this same category of time. You can go forward or reverse on your timelines. What if you go forward? Does that mean you will be able to see the future? In a way, yes! However what you perceive that which you see in your future may not be another’s perceptions of that same time. Even though your history has been written from actual experiences or stories told over time, many of you are seeing the past. And you are seeing things that are not in your history archives. Does this mean that history is changing? In a way yes and that is because you are seeing it in whole other way of perception.

Take for instance the time of the resurrection of the one who is known as Yeshua (Jesus). In a vision of this one who is the scribe, she saw herself in what appeared to be a dark cave with a body laid out and others working around him. She noticed a type of light held behind his head, about 3 feet. She noticed that the light did not brighten the room. It was directed toward the head of Yeshua.

We tell you this. Indeed she saw what was happening that day inside the cave after Yeshua was removed from being bound on the cross or tree limbs. His life force was slowed down so that he could survive in the same body. Many helped him that day and the many days preceding this part of the event. The technology that was used for the most part was brought in from beyond the earthen plane of existence (the third dimension). The people of that time could not comprehend what was taking place. Yeshua spoke many times of the love of God and how we all are not separate. That we were made to understand creation, that we are the creators. Many ones at that time understood, however most people did not.

From Sananda (regarding his lifetime as Yeshua ben Joseph):

The “death” and resurrection of my body was all orchestrated so the people of that era to this day could understand that man is not fallible. We all are infallible. We all of part of Creator and I wanted the people to listen. This we felt could be orchestrated using various techniques to help the body through what appeared to be death then resurrection. A few of us understood we were only a part of our total Self and had the ability to move across dimensional lines. This we did often. Can you understand how my resurrection became known as an atonement for sin? Many ones perceive me to be infallible and I am. And so are you in your totality. What many perceive themselves as fallible is only in the 3rd and 4th realm of existence. They do not see beyond their physical eyes. And now my friends you are beginning to see beyond the physicalness you are most comfortable with. Those comfort zones are being upended. What once worked for you no longer gives you the same results. It is growth. And it is growth for you as well as all creation.

Let us turn to those of you who are seeing a future. You already pop in and out of future time zones so that your current thoughts and creation bring you to a level that you each want to get to. Yet many of you forget or do not have conscious remembrance of doing so. This keeps you in your now visions so you can further enjoy the physical bodies you have been adjusting to through many of your lifetimes. You continue to weave many stories of your futures. Which one(s) do you want to live in? We hear you say “I want peace. I want to live a simple life,” yet your lives are far from simple. And so the game continues. It is a game in that this is all has been orchestrated by you for you. Each of you have free choice. Therefore when you want change, you make another choice. No change can come about without your permission. We hear you say in your thoughts and prayers that you don’t want change. That you didn’t give your permission. We beg to differ. To live peacefully, change is in order. And when enough of you get on the band wagon, then that energy makes it easier for others to feel of it and start changing their perceptions also. Changing perceptions is changing thoughts.

And that is what makes this existence on this bountiful earth so exciting. You are realizing you have choices. Look deeply within yourself to see the true you. And be not afraid. Nothing within you will eliminate your beingness. Nothing. It is not possible. What is possible is for you to be earnest in loving yourselves unconditionally. And that, my friends, is the total embrace of the One Creator.

I Am Sananda

I Am the family of God

I Am an extension of each one of you

We are the collective embrace of the Godhead

Dear Sananda,

To be fallible is liable to err or fail. Capable of being mistaken or deceived. Liable to be inaccurate or misleading. There are many ones who deceive us including our own selves. Are we not fallible?


Dear One,

When you look at your Whole Self, there is no such thing as fallible. You have what you call miss-creations in that you feel your created something that did not serve you or serve others in a righteous way. Yes we all have had such experiences. However to understand infallibility is to know that you had experiences and to label them is a misnomer. Remove all labels then what did you have? Experiences! To label something good or bad is judgment. There is no judgment within the Whole Creator. Each of you are not living this life to be right with God. To do so is you judging yourself. If this thought process assists you to choose again, then this thought serves you. Yet within the Whole it just is a creation by you for you.

Know that we all are very blessed by all your actions. Love your life and you shall feel peace within.




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