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January 6, 2015

Greetings from On High! And greetings to On High! We who communicate most appreciably with those of you on the earth plane are One, therefore aren’t we All On High? Please understand the significance of this Now moment as you have entered into your new year of 2015. This year is the most significant year ever on the plane of earth. It is the re-enacting of the beginning of time, yet this “time” you are entering what is considered no time.


What do we mean by this? We are saying that you will soon realize, if you haven’t already, that you are the makers and breakers and re-makers of All That Is. Therefore there is no such thing as time. However, we do understand the need for your time pieces in order for the experimentation of your manifestations. Are you not experimenting? What it means to be in the physical carrying out your thoughts and dreams? Of course this can be called an experiment. Just living in physicality is an experiment. And you all chose to be a part of this experiment. We have shared with you that indeed The Great Experiment (see a definition below) is over. You are leaving behind such thoughts of duality in the utmost sense of the word. Yet you are still on the earth carrying out your dreams and moving forward to a more balanced lifestyle as compared with that of duality. It is and was your desire to do so. We, those of us who do not presently live on your physical plane, are also a part of the plan because we are a part of you. Please understand that you are a part of something so much greater than your physical selves, yet you are such great physical beings. You each incarnated into this physicality to bring about this change you feel inside. Many of you are asking why you don’t see much change on your perceived outside. Note we say “perceived.” Your perceptions are changing and rather quickly. You may note that you no longer feel anxiety as you once did. You may feel that what you once cared for you no longer give a hoot. Your attitude toward family and friends may be shifting. What you once held sacred is no longer sacred. Dear human, know each and every one of you is very sacred. No more putting others on a pedestal or above you. You are on an equal plane of existence just because you exist. This existence is a truth!
Know peace resides within. Really know this. Experience peace in all your actions and reactions. This means do not worry about anyone or anything for it serves you not. Soon all will settle into a beautiful metamorphoses because you are manifesting from a whole new perspective.

This year, 2015, will be a time of joy for all of you who want to experience peace. The grasses are greener, the skies are bluer, the air is cleaner, the waters are purer. This is the new era. It is beauty and wonderment filled with joy and love.

Please note that The Great Experiment has ended -

The Great Experiment

Humanity as part of Creator of All That Is experiencing duality through the veil of separation.

Dear All,

I am including one of the writings from my third book, “Mystery of the Universes, Book Three,” for I feel it is important to share it at this time. The questions and answers following this writing are copied from my book.


This day you call the era of the new millennium is giving you, dear

humans, the opportunity to be of service to not only yourselves but

to all of creation. This has been planned and orchestrated through

each one of you. It is such a grand time for all nations to come together

and witness this great transformation, not only for humanity,

but the whole of created peoples. By peoples we mean all entities in

physical embodiment and those in spirit form. All peoples and spirits

are a part of the One, just separated to witness One’s own grandeur.


The many nations are those who chose to live in the many

created forms, and in or on the many created forms called planets and

stars. These wonderful bodies, most spherical, are turning, spinning

wonders of Creator, like balls of light juggling in the heavens, yet a

manifestation of projected thought given free rein to act on their own.

The Lords of Light, those who have separated themselves, yet still

within the One (can be no other way), have been the ones who have

garnered their inner strength of love and let loose their projections

to begin the new process of material manifestation man knows as the

heavenly bodies. Then the Lords of Light said “Let there be light” and

projected their likeness or energy of thought manifestation into these

bodies. In order to understand this new way of Being, they created

themselves in many, many forms. You, dear humans, are a composite

of many forms, of many nations who have come together on this

wonderful planet to further understand love as another thought form.


Spirit, those with and without a physical body, is telling each

one of humankind that it is their turn to turn on the frequencies of

elevated opportunities to be of assistance to themselves, or Themselves,

the total composite called Higher Self within the matrix they have developed.

It is a turning of wonders of creation to amplify their own

thoughts into new manifestations to bring about a change into a simple

but complex figure that allows for the frequencies with Higher Self

to be more easily downloaded into the physical form called human. To

walk upon the Earth enables a being to understand duality, then allows

for the transmutation to occur into a more realized body of eternal

solitude even though solitude may sound like a misnomer. Solitude

in this instance is the Self working through the human form to bring

a more cohesiveness of total Self into the human consciousness. This

enables many opportunities for new manifestations to take place in this

newly developed matrix that extends from the total Self into the void

and gathers “dust” (form). The possibilities are endless. Opportunities

are now at the human’s disposal. All life is and ever shall be. And so it is.

Q – Is there any more you can tell us about the Lords of Light?

A – The Lords of Light are the ones who have manipulated matter into

spheres or planets and stars. They are a part of the creative forces known as

the thunderous ones. They have the ability to turn light and sound into

electromagnetic spheres garnering magnetic waves of the universe into

cohesive vibrations to hold the form together. They are magnificent beings

of light, without form themselves, yet they maintain a personality.

Their consciousness is not like that of the human. It is pure creative energy,

without reason or inductive reasoning. It is love in its highest degree.


Q – We humans are here on this planet to further understand Love as

another thought form. What is meant by love as another thought form?

A – Love is all there is, Creator in its fullness. However, the human

was introduced to the cosmos as a vehicle to embody love in the

dense form called your physical body. Love, in and of itself, is not

a new thought form. For the human to truly understand love, they

must embody love. Not all created forms have the capability the human

enjoys such as emotions or deep feelings. Since the human is

a composite of many forms from the many star systems, emotion

brings love into focus. It is felt. This is what this writing is saying.










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