An Eternity

Suffice it to say you are definitely on a track of enjoying the many challenges this ascension has brought to this world of form. And we say this to you with a grand gesture of “YES.” Many of you may have noticed that the truths are being spoken, the secrets unveiled for all to see and hear. This has been a very big releasing! And it continues. Feel the heaviness that many of you have carried through many of your lives. And that heaviness is dissipating. Perhaps you are just beginning to lessen your load or indeed have let spirit flow through you with all its glory of no judgments and with open opportunities to manifest your heart’s content. These are the moments that will go down in history. The books are being rewritten.

Please understand these times that allow you to be who you truly are and that is You in all of your Godliness. And we mean that literally. Many have taken to the streets to proclaim their independence, yet they remain under a law. And we are not saying that is something you should fear. Not at all. It is something that either you allow or you take full responsibility of self to let all manifestations of love be your guide into the joy and blissful states of being. And when you allow that, the law of some of your governances will be loosened in that they will no longer be needed. Know you are in charge of you! Of course your small ones and those who have mental, physical, or emotional challenges will need your assistance, but even that will be changing. Love one another and you shall see this world change in a flash.

We have spoken of the changes that are occurring in your monetary systems. And these shall continue. This does not mean you will lose what you already have unless you let fear take over. Many changes are taking place behind the scenes to allow for a swift and equitable change of values in monies and exchanges. This already has begun. Perhaps what you see going on in your European countries is a precursor to these changes. And China. All monetary changes are inter-related so what affects one country will affect another, then another. The “controllers” are no longer in control. You are!

Tomorrow you will be seeing one of your planets up close and that is the planet Pluto, who resides in the outer reaches of your solar system. There is much to learn as your scientists study this planet. They will see life, however they will not be quite ready to announce this fact. They feel they will need more study before releasing this information. However watch for some of the information to be leaked and you will see much publicity through the use of your internet.

Dear ones, this is such a turning point in the evolution of your planet as well as with humanity itself. We call this message “An Eternity” for the simple reason that there only exists an eternity, each moment you call Now. You have played in this world of form. And many of you are now playing consciously in your light bodies. You are meeting other beings as well as traveling to other planets and times. You are realizing there is “no time.” Your consciousnesses are merging. Yes, you will still have your calendars. And you still will have plans, because in order to manifest your heart’s desires, the various frequencies will come together at exactly the right moment. It can be no other way. You are the frequency changers, chargers, installers. And we whom you call the Ascended Masters are also the changers, chargers, and installers. We are a part of you and you are a part of us. We are!

This one whom we send our messages asked for clarity recently. And she was told, “Listen, just listen.” Listen to that still large voice within. We can no longer call it a still small voice. It is large – huge! And so listen to the beauty of your beingness. It is there in all Eternity!


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More on the resurrection of Yeshua and humanity’s being able to experience their aspects (selves) in the past and future

May 18, 2015

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. How many times have you heard this said and thought it within your own mind? And today is the first day of the rest of your life. However it is this life, in the body you now inhabit. Soon it will become apparent that you also reside in many other bodies, some more dense and others more ethereal. We ask you this, can you comprehend such a scenario? Many of you already are experiencing other aspects of yourselves. You may find yourself in a conversation that is not of this world or of this time (on this world). Please be patient in understanding the dynamics that are now taking place upon your beautiful and bountiful earth.

Yes, the major changes have begun. They began long ago as you calculate time using the rotation of the earth. However your life or lives doesn’t fit into this same category of time. You can go forward or reverse on your timelines. What if you go forward? Does that mean you will be able to see the future? In a way, yes! However what you perceive that which you see in your future may not be another’s perceptions of that same time. Even though your history has been written from actual experiences or stories told over time, many of you are seeing the past. And you are seeing things that are not in your history archives. Does this mean that history is changing? In a way yes and that is because you are seeing it in whole other way of perception.

Take for instance the time of the resurrection of the one who is known as Yeshua (Jesus). In a vision of this one who is the scribe, she saw herself in what appeared to be a dark cave looking at a body laid out on a bed or rock and others working around him. She noticed a type of light held behind his head, about 3 feet. She noticed that the light did not brighten the room. It was directed toward the head of Yeshua.

We tell you this. Indeed she saw what was happening that day inside the cave after Yeshua was removed from being bound on the cross or tree limbs. His life force was slowed down so that he could survive in the same body. Many helped him that day and the many days preceding this part of the event. The technology that was used for the most part was brought in from beyond the earthen plane of existence (the third dimension). The people of that time could not comprehend what was taking place. Yeshua spoke many times of the love of God and how we all are not separate. That we were made to understand creation, that we are the creators. Many ones at that time understood, however most people did not.

From Sananda (regarding his lifetime as Yeshua ben Joseph):

The “death” and resurrection of my body was all orchestrated so the people of that era to this day could understand that man is not fallible. We all are infallible. We all of part of Creator and I wanted the people to listen. This we felt could be orchestrated using various techniques to help the body through what appeared to be death then resurrection. A few of us understood we were only a part of our total Self and had the ability to move across dimensional lines. This we did often. Can you understand how my resurrection became known as an atonement for sin? Many ones perceive me to be infallible and I am. And so are you in your totality. What many perceive themselves as fallible is only in the 3rd and 4th realm of existence. They do not see beyond their physical eyes. And now my friends you are beginning to see beyond the physicalness you are most comfortable with. Those comfort zones are being upended. What once worked for you no longer gives you the same results. It is growth. And it is growth for you as well as all creation.

Let us turn to those of you who are seeing a future. You already pop in and out of future time zones so that your current thoughts and creation bring you to a level that you each want to get to. Yet many of you forget or do not have conscious remembrance of doing so. This keeps you in your now visions so you can further enjoy the physical bodies you have been adjusting to through many of your lifetimes. You continue to weave many stories of your futures. Which one(s) do you want to live in? We hear you say “I want peace. I want to live a simple life,” yet your lives are far from simple. And so the game continues. It is a game in that this is all has been orchestrated by you for you. Each of you have free choice. Therefore when you want change, you make another choice. No change can come about without your permission. We hear you say in your thoughts and prayers that you don’t want change. That you didn’t give your permission. We beg to differ. To live peacefully, change is in order. And when enough of you get on the band wagon, then that energy makes it easier for others to feel of it and start changing their perceptions also. Changing perceptions is changing thoughts.

And that is what makes this existence on this bountiful earth so exciting. You are realizing you have choices. Look deeply within yourself to see the true you. And be not afraid. Nothing within you will eliminate your beingness. Nothing. It is not possible. What is possible is for you to be earnest in loving yourselves unconditionally. And that, my friends, is the total embrace of the One Creator.

I Am Sananda

I Am the family of God

I Am an extension of each one of you

We are the collective embrace of the Godhead

Dear Sananda,

To be fallible is liable to err or fail. Capable of being mistaken or deceived. Liable to be inaccurate or misleading. There are many ones who deceive us including our own selves. Are we not fallible?

Dear One,

When you look at your Whole Self, there is no such thing as fallible. You have what you call miss-creations in that you feel your created something that did not serve you or serve others in a righteous way. Yes we all have had such experiences. However to understand infallibility is to know that you had experiences and to label them is a misnomer. Remove all labels then what did you have? Experiences! To label something good or bad is judgment. There is no judgment within the Whole Creator. Each of you are not living this life to be right with God. To do so is you judging yourself. If this thought process assists you to choose again, then this thought serves you. Yet within the Whole it just is a creation by you for you.

Know that we all are very blessed by all your actions. Love your life and you shall feel peace within.



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We Are in the Juncture of Open Manifestation

Greetings to the world of form! We come to invite you to another realm of manifestation. This other world may seem very familiar to you as you visit it often. And we are talking about the world of worlds.

This (other) beautiful world encompasses all other worlds. How can that be? It is spirit of worldly mass that makes this possible. What you may not see as possible is! It is in your frequencies that you may not see or understand what is truly possible. And the new worlds are opening to you to step in and allow the higher frequencies of manifestation to appear right before you. Again you may ask how can that be?

You now have moved to the juncture of open manifestation. By that we mean that all avenues are now open to you. You shall find those avenues most familiar to each and every one of you, however not all avenues are for each one to traverse. Each of you has your own path of life/lives. To more fully understand this phenomenon is to allow the basics of life enter into your being. Be not afraid for it is the god within that is showing its colors. It is the right of each one of you to be in that space of understanding the uniqueness and possibilities that now exist within the parameters of your life. You have laid out those parameters along with the many aspects of Yourself. Do you understand? It is You making those decisions. It is You as God making those decisions. There is but One God before you. Now you can say there is but One God that is You. And this is the All of You’s. You and we are in this All Together. God Is, it is infinite, it is eternal.

Open yourselves to all possibilities. You are leaving the old world of the heavy form behind. The heaviness some of you are feeling is the old passing through. Many of you pick up on another’s vibration(s). Let it pass through you for it isn’t yours to hold onto. Yes, we are One but to continue in the old paradigm of limits will hold all of us back in the old world of form. The more you free yourself of these restrictions, you affect the All of You, therefore the All of Us. Trust your feelings, then act from this point holding love in all of those actions. This will get some getting used to. Allow the beautiful flow of life to touch all parts of you. Feel it deeply within and your outer world will be that much easier to traverse.

And so it is this day that you contemplate this new journey in your world of form accessing other worlds of form. Please be advised that you will witness the unfolding in all aspects upon the Earth. Be alert within. Stay sober in your foods and drink as well as in your emotional bodies. Allow the sun/son to arise within. You will witness the internal dialog of understanding. Hear those feelings, maybe through words, song, dance, art, and all nature. What is nature? It is those wonderful aspects that enfold your own senses, feed your bodies and souls. It is your soul shown in multiple forms. For we are One.

Trust your intuition. It is shifting into high gear for many of you. Let the tears flow if you must. It is the additional releasing of the old judgments you have endured. Those of you who are empathic, you are allowing the thoughts and feelings of others to touch you. Let them pass through you. And with the tears, let them fall to be transmuted. Many of you are witnessing much sadness in your world. Can you not see that the last of the heavy density of form is out in full display? The house of cards are falling and let them fall. Your new home is being rebuilt. It is up to each and every one of you to be a part, an integral part of this rebuilding. You are doing this in a whole new way of manifestation.

We shall close for now. Beware of those who still try to deceive you. They continue to try but their efforts are failing. They too are making the change. Be love my friends.

We are your brothers and sisters of the stars. We are family.



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As We Continue


March 18, 2015


Greetings! We have come to serve humanity in their transitioning processes. Each one of you has asked for assistance so it is now we can be of that assistance. Should you decide you want us to “back off” we will do so. As it is in our nature to not intervene. That is a code of Universal Law.

Yes, please proceed as I appreciate your assistance at this time.

Thank you, and we shall proceed. It is this time which many of you awakened sols (souls) have come to this earthen plane. It is the time of remembrance as you already know this to be true. However in this next wave of remembering, you will start to see more of yourselves, those other aspects of you. Each of you will also be communicating more with your Higher Self and Soul Family. They will seem familiar to you and that is your key that you are communicating with the higher frequencies of life. It is up to each of you to accept or allow this communication into your being. It will become as second nature for this communication. We use your words as it is your nature for such communication, however you are now beginning to more fully realize this. Can you trust this communication? You will know if you can trust it. There still are pranksters “out there”, however they are becoming less and less as they also cannot intervene in your affairs. Do note there have been beings who have, shall we say, tried to dominate the people of earth and this was allowed by the so-called powers. They are now turning the tide as they begin to back off leaving your world governments to their own devices. That is why we have communicated to you that there will be a change of governments in your world. (See my last message “Note From Sananda.)

See this turn of events as the change that will bring a more peaceful earth. Yes, it will not be the same. Do you want to live in tyranny? We think not and it is time to put all of those imbalances to rest. They soon will be of the past to let Gaia’s earth rise up in her beingness.

We now turn our attention to each one of you personally. Hear our calls to you to come forth and not hide in the brambles. Yes, we are speaking of those of you who call yourselves the Lightworkers. You soon will be in the spot light if that is what you wish for yourself. However, we ask you to hide no longer, speak your truths without preaching. It may be a smile or a few simple words. Speaking your truth not only frees you but allows others who are not so awakened to speak theirs. Thus they begin their own awakening processes. It will be almost magical as you see this unfold.

It is this time period that so many are experiencing their own pains, those of you who are the Lightworkers. We hear you say what else is new! You are part of the Allowance Program and have allowed your bodies to transform. Some of you are feeling the strength of this Program. Breathe deeply, sit quietly when you need that alone time. Any illnesses you perceive yourself to hold, will soon remove themselves to see those inner workings flower. And flower you will! Thoughts which you have yet to perceive are coming forth from your inner wisdom. It is that communication from those other parts of you. And as your perceptions change, you also will see those changes in your manifestations.

We leave you for now. Our communications will continue after you have had a chance to take in what we have imparted with you. We are love as are you for we are One.


Allowance Program:

I remember these words spoken in my books, so I looked up what was written. The following is taken from my second book “Mystery of the Universes, Book Two” in the writing called “Humanity”:

Humanity, in its endeavors to create a utopian society,

will understand their abilities of manifestation to the degree

of working with one another to create a much larger matrix.

This matrix is the form for the electromagnetic frequencies to

flow effortlessly connecting one to another on the new earth

plane. The frequencies to be brought into this matrix will allow

mankind the opportunity to request various forms to create

from. To understand this metamorphosis that is available will

bring to all of Creation a new understanding of transitioning

between dimensions. This is a new day, a new dawn of understanding

life, what it means to be creator in the physical.

It is indeed a metamorphosis, an allowance program within

the reality of truth, an understanding that goes beyond created

creation (into new realms). Perception shall change as this allowance

program gets underway. The process has started and

will continue until Creator knows itself fully.

Excerpt from the same book, writing “Recall”:

Soon you will recall why you made such decisions. And

you will recall the divine essence of your being. For many of

you, it is still difficult to fathom such a scenario. You are saying,

“Am I nuts?” No you are not nuts. This allowance program

brought you to a new place of understanding and you are

being applauded for your choices. “What is next?” you might

ask. What is next? It is solely up to you for your expansion to

take place. Knowledge starts with realizing the grandness of

your being. Then you take this knowledge and bring it into all

you do in your daily lives. Live love in everything you do and

say. Live that happiness you so desperately ask for. It is in the

writings that you shall rise up out of the ashes to take back your

own power. Now is that time.

There is more written on this program written in my first book “Mystery of the Universes, A Prophecy Fulfilled.” The writing is called “The Forces of Evil” for those of you who have the book.



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Note From Sananda

My Dearest Ones,

Understand what is happening on your earth plane at this now moment. It is in upheavals according to many mankind as they view their television screens. But we tell you there is a revolution of sorts. People are revolting as they view repulsive goings on in the name of religion or control of the citizens. They are portraying what they feel God or Allah is in need of and that is total control. This is their view and they are in need of something to hold on to. They do not see the bigger picture as many of you reading this do. Yes, the people are revolting as they do not understand or like what they see. They are scared. We tell you that soon you will see a big turnaround in how the various plays are played out. Yes, we call it plays because it is the projections of the people, therefore their perceptions in action.

Many of you are sensing that something big is about to happen and you still label it good or bad. We tell you it is neither. Rebellions will go on, however as you see an increase in such, then you will witness a stoppage or what appears as a stoppage. Soon these ones will realize they are in control of themselves, the governments will back down because they see their rules and regulations not working. You will see another turnover of government personnel not only in the United States, but across the world. There are ones from what you call the higher realms who will glad-fully step in to take their positions to bring balance and harmony to the world, in terms of economics, environment, and to assist in understanding what is going on with Earth and her inhabitants. There are ones reading this who are the ones who will be in such positions. Please understand that these positions are not what you see today so the pressure will not be there as this whole new way of living is not what you see today. You all will be a part of this major transition. Yes, we have called it a transition for many, many years, however we are now saying you will be seeing major changes. It is okay to say no if you decide this is not what you want to do. There are no judgments. Just being peace and love makes huge strides in your world as well as beyond. Each of you have your own energy signature and the vibration of that signature is what affects all of creation. The more you live in peace, love, prosperity, and harmony, the more all of creation feels it, thus you affect the All.

Feel your own energies pulsate through your being for it indeed is changing. Some of you have felt these changes for quite awhile now, others of you are just beginning, and yet other ones are not quite ready. It is in balance. Stay tuned to your inner beingness. How do you do that? Breathe and note how you feel. Act only when you feel that inner peace. You will continue to react to some situations, but know you are doing such. With that knowledge you can go within to find that peace and all decisions and actions can then come that place of being. For most of humanity, your actions have come from your reactions due to your belief systems of family, society, and religions. Many of these belief systems are falling as you tune in to “reality.”

Know that we always stand ready to assist all who ask. You are never ever alone! Listen intently when you have questions and prayers. Be sincere in all you pray for and we caution you to pray for only you unless another has asked for your assistance. If you wish to continue with your rote prayers (those you have memorized through your churches or family), listen to the words. Feel them. If you feel they no longer serve you, then it is time for you to change those old perceptions. Use that feeling mechanism that is a big part of you. It is what makes each one of you so magnificent.

Know we love each and every one of you. Love is that quotient that serves all. It is God and All of Creation. Know each and every one of you is an integral part. Your brothers and sisters and those who claim no gender will be communicating with you more and more. Many of these beings (off world) do like to chatter just as many of you do also. If you prefer to turn off or end a communication, just say so. It is respect for you both. And that my dear friends is our communiqué. Feel my love for you as you read these words. They are encoded within this message.

Namaste, Adonai, and “Fairwell” my friends,



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Greetings from On High! And greetings to On High! We who communicate most appreciably with those of you on the earth plane are One, therefore aren’t we All On High? Please understand the significance of this Now moment as you have entered into your new year of 2015. This year is the most significant year ever on the plane of earth. It is the re-enacting of the beginning of time, yet this “time” you are entering what is considered no time.


What do we mean by this? We are saying that you will soon realize, if you haven’t already, that you are the makers and breakers and re-makers of All That Is. Therefore there is no such thing as time. However, we do understand the need for your time pieces in order for the experimentation of your manifestations. Are you not experimenting? What it means to be in the physical carrying out your thoughts and dreams? Of course this can be called an experiment. Just living in physicality is an experiment. And you all chose to be a part of this experiment. We have shared with you that indeed The Great Experiment (see a definition below) is over. You are leaving behind such thoughts of duality in the utmost sense of the word. Yet you are still on the earth carrying out your dreams and moving forward to a more balanced lifestyle as compared with that of duality. It is and was your desire to do so. We, those of us who do not presently live on your physical plane, are also a part of the plan because we are a part of you. Please understand that you are a part of something so much greater than your physical selves, yet you are such great physical beings. You each incarnated into this physicality to bring about this change you feel inside. Many of you are asking why you don’t see much change on your perceived outside. Note we say “perceived.” Your perceptions are changing and rather quickly. You may note that you no longer feel anxiety as you once did. You may feel that what you once cared for you no longer give a hoot. Your attitude toward family and friends may be shifting. What you once held sacred is no longer sacred. Dear human, know each and every one of you is very sacred. No more putting others on a pedestal or above you. You are on an equal plane of existence just because you exist. This existence is a truth!
Know peace resides within. Really know this. Experience peace in all your actions and reactions. This means do not worry about anyone or anything for it serves you not. Soon all will settle into a beautiful metamorphoses because you are manifesting from a whole new perspective.

This year, 2015, will be a time of joy for all of you who want to experience peace. The grasses are greener, the skies are bluer, the air is cleaner, the waters are purer. This is the new era. It is beauty and wonderment filled with joy and love.

Please note that The Great Experiment has ended –

The Great Experiment

Humanity as part of Creator of All That Is experiencing duality through the veil of separation.

Dear All,

I am including one of the writings from my third book, “Mystery of the Universes, Book Three,” for I feel it is important to share it at this time. The questions and answers at the end of the writing are those included in my book.


This day you call the era of the new millennium is giving you, dear

humans, the opportunity to be of service to not only yourselves but

to all of creation. This has been planned and orchestrated through

each one of you. It is such a grand time for all nations to come together

and witness this great transformation, not only for humanity,

but the whole of created peoples. By peoples we mean all entities in

physical embodiment and those in spirit form. All peoples and spirits

are a part of the One, just separated to witness One’s own grandeur.


The many nations are those who chose to live in the many

created forms, and in or on the many created forms called planets and

stars. These wonderful bodies, most spherical, are turning, spinning

wonders of Creator, like balls of light juggling in the heavens, yet a

manifestation of projected thought given free rein to act on their own.

The Lords of Light, those who have separated themselves, yet still

within the One (can be no other way), have been the ones who have

garnered their inner strength of love and let loose their projections

to begin the new process of material manifestation man knows as the

heavenly bodies. Then the Lords of Light said “Let there be light” and

projected their likeness or energy of thought manifestation into these

bodies. In order to understand this new way of Being, they created

themselves in many, many forms. You, dear humans, are a composite

of many forms, of many nations who have come together on this

wonderful planet to further understand love as another thought form.


Spirit, those with and without a physical body, is telling each

one of humankind that it is their turn to turn on the frequencies of

elevated opportunities to be of assistance to themselves, or Themselves,

the total composite called Higher Self within the matrix they have developed.

It is a turning of wonders of creation to amplify their own

thoughts into new manifestations to bring about a change into a simple

but complex figure that allows for the frequencies with Higher Self

to be more easily downloaded into the physical form called human. To

walk upon the Earth enables a being to understand duality, then allows

for the transmutation to occur into a more realized body of eternal

solitude even though solitude may sound like a misnomer. Solitude

in this instance is the Self working through the human form to bring

a more cohesiveness of total Self into the human consciousness. This

enables many opportunities for new manifestations to take place in this

newly developed matrix that extends from the total Self into the void

and gathers “dust” (form). The possibilities are endless. Opportunities

are now at the human’s disposal. All life is and ever shall be. And so it is.

Q – Is there any more you can tell us about the Lords of Light?

A – The Lords of Light are the ones who have manipulated matter into

spheres or planets and stars. They are a part of the creative forces known as

the thunderous ones. They have the ability to turn light and sound into

electromagnetic spheres garnering magnetic waves of the universe into

cohesive vibrations to hold the form together. They are magnificent beings

of light, without form themselves, yet they maintain a personality.

Their consciousness is not like that of the human. It is pure creative energy,

without reason or inductive reasoning. It is love in its highest degree.


Q – We humans are here on this planet to further understand Love as

another thought form. What is meant by love as another thought form?

A – Love is all there is, Creator in its fullness. However, the human

was introduced to the cosmos as a vehicle to embody love in the

dense form called your physical body. Love, in and of itself, is not

a new thought form. For the human to truly understand love, they

must embody love. Not all created forms have the capability the human

enjoys such as emotions or deep feelings. Since the human is

a composite of many forms from the many star systems, emotion

brings love into focus. It is felt. This is what this writing is saying.


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An Endeavor

What is an endeavor? What does this mean to you? Keep in mind it will mean different things to different people. However, we say to you it is an exercise wherein you find that you have it all within you, each one of you.

We come to you this day to share with you your very own light. It shines brightly a each one of you walk your paths. Each of you have a path you know. And no two paths are the same. There is no right, there is no wrong way to get there. There is, however, an easier path and that is the path of least resistance. When you resist the love that you truly are, you find that you have more uncomfortable days or moments in your biological lives you know yourselves to be because you see yourselves as tangible beings. Hmmmm…..

How tangible are you?

Dear friends,

The above writing is what I recently received before I spoke to a small group. I feel this writing is to be added to and now is that time to do so. Namaste.


November 1, 2014

You indeed are on a path of love. Remember the true essence of what you truly are. Just plain unadulterated love. Now you ask about those who do not act in love. Yes, there are many who do not yet realize they are love also and they speak and act in chaos. As you may have noticed there is much chaos going on in your world. What is happening?

This may be difficult to explain, but remain patient with us as we explain it to you in terms you may understand.

Once upon a time you declared your interest in exploring your capabilities. When we use the term “exploring,” we mean looking inside of Self to know your true essence, and what better way to do that then to create a time sequence where you lose your knowledge of Self. And this you have done a splendid job. Now you ask Yourselves that you have learned (what it means to lose your connection to Self/God) and that you find yourselves wanting to pare that challenge down a notch or two. You found yourselves having difficulty in understanding God, as you perceive God to be a Supreme Power over you. Now you are beginning to know that this is not so, yet your imaging senses have not caught up with your feelings. You are having a hard time knowing this thus you are reacting in ways you don’t fully understand. You are “reacting” and not securely “acting” out of the love of Self. Because you find it very difficult to even love yourself. You still think of judgment, therefore you continue to judge. And you are most hard on your very own self, this biology of self you think you are.

Even though you read books, channeled messages, and your own messages, you find it difficult to totally comprehend your capabilities. Therefore you do not use those capabilities that you hold. Yes, the energetic influences of what you term your outside forces are assisting. Your earth is making her bodily changes. You find yourselves to be effected, almost victim-like, do you not? You may say it is because Mercury is in retrograde, or the sun’s is sending out her flares affecting your electromagnetic structures you call your bodies. Do you understand you are the sun, you are Mercury? You all part of All? Therefore your individual energies affect all of this. And you decided to make the changes and you are seeing those changes come to fruition. Then you say, woe is me!

Come to terms that you are the makers. See the beauty of Yourself. See the beauty as this world unfolds into a bright shiny star with your bodies as the starlets. Quit resisting the love that is yours. See yourselves sparkle. If you see only the doldrums of life, then ask for yourself to see the changes you have made or will assist you in making. No one can take this away from you without your consent! You are many and to ask for assistance is for you to realize as you live in your biological bodies that you are the change makers. You are the gods. You are God!

Most of you have lived so many lives on this earth and endured the low vibrations of physicality. To move your energy into a finer tune takes power. Give yourselves a rest when you feel the need to rest. Give your bodies a break! There is no hurry, however, the sooner you tune into the higher vibrations of Yourselves, the happier you will be. Treat your bodies with proper nourishment. What is proper for one person may not be proper for another. How do you know what is best for you? When you look at something, be it food stuffs or choices of what to do in your day, look at it carefully. Trust your feelings. Trust your heart-felt feelings, not your ego. That is two different things. We know it is still hard for you to tell the difference. What makes you smile? What makes your heart sing? If you still are puzzled, then let it go. Every time you ask for assistance of your guides or other parts of yourselves, you always receive an answer. If it is a loving response, then it is the answer that is best for you, and for you only.

Many of you have read recent blogs on what are called the Tricksters. You are afraid you are tuning into the malevolent beings and they trick you into doing something that is not for your highest good. Sometimes you do listen to these Tricksters and you do something that serves you not. Then you ask yourself, what happened? Perhaps that is what you needed to really know your true self. Let that so-called lesson go. Be gentle on yourself. At this moment there is a lot of energies swirling around and in and out of this magnificent globe. You have assisted on this program of ascension. You volunteered to be here at this time. Some of you will want to leave this program and opt out. That is okay, While others of you say let’s keep this ball rolling. Allow this new program you have called The New Earth come about. Allow yourself to realize that you indeed are the program, you assisted in it’s coming into fruition, that you wanted to be a part of it, and now you are seeing the results. And some of the results you find yourselves not happy with. The wheat is separating from the tares. Be gentle on yourselves. Stay grounded, allow yourselves lots of rest. Consume what is healthy for you. And remember what may be healthy for you may not be so for another.

Know that you are not going backwards in this ascension program. You have done magnificently! You knew it would not be easy. We all are extremely grateful for your presence. We are in this All Together. Soon peace will reign on Earth.


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A Miraculous Time


It is a miracle that you are able to come into this world and live a harmonious life full of pain and despair as well as joy and happiness. We feel of your concern as we say these words as they make little sense to many of you.

YOU have decided to be a part of earth at this time, this moment where the big changes continue to take place. And you brought with you the many emotions and glimpses of your other life times not only to this beautiful orb you call Earth, but other orbs and ships as well. You knew of the pains you would go through only to find out you decided to make it one of your processes for you to understand the uniqueness of yourselves.

Celebrate what you have experienced! Celebrate that you are beginning to understand why you created such lives. Are you beginning to see the bigger picture? The more you see your individual expressions, the more you will understand the intricacies of your current lives. Is this not a miracle? Is this the reason why you volunteered to be here at this now moment to propel not only yourselves, but other parts of your being, other beings including this wondrous orb you currently reside on? Celebrate! Celebrate that you now understand life, that creative force which is you.

Many of you have heard what is called the “entanglement theory.” We say bravo that you are beginning to really see how all/everything is part of the One. The more you celebrate your own uniqueness, the more beauty of living will radiate to others and other part of yourself. Be certain that you do really know you. Allow all that you are surface for you to recognize your beauty. And this goes for everyone because of the roles you decided you wanted to play in this lifetime.

Dear ones, continue on believing the poor me attitude, and you will live the poor me life. Or continue to expand the knowingness within you and you will see expansion in every facet of your lives. If you still feel that you are caught in a rut and cannot seem to emerge out of it, let us assist you for you to know that you are the redeeming christ. This does not belittle religion, but it expands on your knowledge of your being a miraculous Being. We trust you understand this. We shall make our leave in this transmission. We never leave your sides as we all are connected and part of the One.

Salu out. We are your fellow Masters.

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The Universe


My friends, the Universe is changing. And this rapid change, when looking at it from a 3rd and 4th dimensional level, is moving faster than the speed of light. What you are seeing, i.e. perceiving, on this earth plane is the release of all matter that does not vibrate to the higher dimensional levels of living. Your forms are changing too, as they can no longer hold the frequencies of self-rejection and self-defeat. This part of you that so many of you have and seem to continue to experience shall soon be gone. There is no such thing as self-defeat. You each have made your choices then lived or are living with those choices. And those choices are changing not to return in the ethers of this planet. What you are seeing in the outer appearances of earth and humanity is a jump through and to a new timeline. You are seeing both the duality of the 3rd and 4th dimensions as well as the 5th and 6th dimensions of love. And this is very confusing for many of you.

My friends, release that need to be right! This complex thought form is no longer plausible. Allow the changes in your bodies without going into fear. We are not saying that you don’t or won’t need assistance from your medical practitioners. Not releasing that need to be right hinders those functions in the recalibrations of your bodies. Align with love – love of self, love of Self, love of earth, love of humanity, love of the animal kingdoms, love of the plant kingdoms, the stones and minerals of the earth, and all other kingdoms most of you are not yet able to see or comprehend. What you will find within is the ability to know yourselves wholly and completely, therefore you have the ability to self heal or balance the physical, mental, and emotional structures you so enjoy.

You and earth are now going through striations of changes. What do we mean by striations? There are lines of communications from your whole Self to your physical self. Each and everyone of you have these lines of love because they are you, they are the god each one of you are a part of. They are in you, they are You! Know the truth of your Beingness! Your knowledge, therefore your actions will follow. Jesus said follow me. What do you suppose he meant by this? Follow me is his connection or consciousness connection to his Higher Self. He KNEW this. And it is time for you all to KNOW this too.

We call you “our friends.” Friends is an easy concept for you to comprehend. However, we also say “our family,” we are you and you are us. We are One no matter what planet or planetary system we are close to or come from. There really is no coming from. We Are! Humanity, recognize the opportunities that are yours. Your choices become manifestations and most of you now realize that your thoughts manifest rather quickly now. Lag time is the past not to return. Turn to the god within and all questions will be answered. Communicate with your Self. Communicate with us if you want a name or face to talk to. We are always ready and most willing to be of assistance. Are we all knowing? No, because we are all still creating. We always create or we wouldn’t be. And there is no way for us not to be! If you receive an answer you are not comfortable with, then by all means, do not go along with the suggestion. Only you know what is right or correct for you.

We leave you with this thought: Create in gladness. A biblical term is it not? Simply create in gladness.

New manifestations will be seen in your skies and in yourselves. Your earth is rumbling within letting off gas and steam to cleanse her body. Love her, send love to her. Stand on her surface and give her gratitude. She feels you. Love is the strongest energy in existence. Gratitude expands that love. Keep your eyes and especially your hearts open. Wonders will appear.


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April 22, 2014

Today is what many of you refer to as the Day of Recognition. It is a day of remembering You in all its forms. Many of you may be witnessing flashbacks to other lies in many eras past and future, on earth, inside earth and upon other planets. You may see yourselves more etheric or dense as you see your physical bodies today. Note the feelings you are experiencing as you “see” these other parts of you. Recognize the patterns and you shall see yourselves much clearer.

This one taking down this message is quite perplexed!

Yes, I understand this but have yet to witness this today.

Still your Being. Still your mind and let or allow the pictures to just flow. You will watching your own movie.

I feel pulsations in my hands. It is very difficult to still my mind.

Perhaps we will continue and when you are ready, close your eyes and allow those other parts of you come into focus. Do not be afraid, they are only pictures in your mind. Allow, allow…

This time period in your year 2014, you shall witness your multi-dimensionality. This is You in all of your consciousnesses. This is you in all of your glory for, indeed, you each are glorious!  Accept this for you to truly know god I Am. Accept this for your reality to change into a harmonious blend of love, each one of you having your own tune. Be aware that memories will surface for you to see this more of each of You. Do not judge, watch the movie allowing it to unfold. Time is an illusion so don’t worry about time. Do not hold yourselves back. Allow all to unfold for you to grasp the changes that are taking place within you, therefore what you perceive as your outside world is changing too. The old world is quickly fading. Let it go if you want to truly feel love. The have-to’s of yesterday are nearly gone. We know that many of you are saying you don’t see any differences or changes. There is so much unrest in this world. Yes, we know how you think and that is what we wish to tell you today. Your thinking is changing. And why is your thinking changing? You are starting to see those other parts of you. You are becoming so much more conscious of your true self. And yes, we know we have said this over and over. Note how your thoughts have changed this past year. Are you comprehending where you were a year ago to where you are now? And we don’t mean the physical place you call your home even though there are a few of you who have moved to new locations.

Dear ones, enjoy your newly found freedoms. Let or allow your magnificent selves come into view. Embrace this multi-dimensional form. And, yes, still your minds and bodies to really see Yourselves. Remember there is no time so you always have time. It is timeJ  Soon you all will be wearing these Happy Faces!

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Happening Now and on the Horizon

From the Archangels –

It is with Love we impart this message to be heard throughout your world. What you are experiencing is the outcome of your endeavors made manifest in this Now. What does this mean? It means that you are now in a new state of existence. Yes, we used the word state and this does not mean static! It is the new paradigm that is now being seen and lived on the earthen plane of existence. What was once thought impossible is now possible. Perhaps we can go into just what this means.

You have before you the dawning of the new age. It is an age of peace and prosperity. It is an age of wonderment and tranquility. It is an age of knowledge put forth into wisdom. Each of you have the capability to manifest your heart’s dream. And note we said heart. It is through this organ and portal in your human body where you gain more of your energy of your soul or Higher Self. It is bringing together the higher frequencies of your overall existence. And you are doing this through your own energetic openings of all of your bodies, not only the body you now inhabit. Because of this you will witness more possibilities to manifest on your earthen plane. Soon the chaos, the misunderstandings and ignorance will be replaced with a gentle peace. And what happens when more and more of you feel and live that peace? A huge wave is produced and transmutes the old energies of forgetfulness and fear. Therefore what is left? Some confusion yet a knowing, the absolute knowing, that the world is a new place.

The movements felt in the earth herself will be felt by all, you humanity. Many will feel an undulating effect, a little different than the shaking of an earthquake. Yet it is an earthquake of sorts as the earth makes movements to enhance her body with the energetic frequency flows refiguring her inner and outer skins. There is not one man or woman who will not feel this. This will feel like a gentle rocking and many ones will feel a need to rest. Follow those changes in your bodies and allow your physical form to rest. As we have mentioned before that when you do not allow rest, then your form or physical body will become most uncomfortable. And as you rest you become more balanced.

Many of you want a date as to when this all shall happen. It is up to you, humanity. Because when you ask for dates you are looking outside of yourself. You WILL know when these events will take place. Still yourselves. Get together with those who understand these changes. Discuss what this means to you, because when you open yourself up, you as well as others learn. There are dates when certain planetary alignments occur that increases your susceptibility to these changes. It is like another kick start to your physical, mental, and emotional structures. It is up to you to use this gift of added infusion. Tomorrow, the equinox, is one such date. And this further parting of the veils shall continue. And one reason this shall continue is because more of humanity is receptive to these infusions.

There are some surprises in store for earth mankind. Will there be disclosure (the announcement by government officials that there are other beings in the universe and in fact living on and in the earth)? There already has been disclosure. Were you listening? It will soon be blatantly obvious that many in what is called the higher realms are in your earth space. Uprisings will continue then there will be a “moment” of silence, an incredible shift. It will be like a retreat away from the chaos. What happens next will be unlike any experience ever felt before.

We come in love to share with you so that you will further understand the changes that are ongoing. We are your family, we are the Masters but now you too are Masters. Your cosmic family is always in support of your courageousness. Because what you bring into your experiences of today affects the whole family, every living being and consciousness within All That Is. Everything Is!

I Am Michael, Raphael, Daniel, Sophiel, the ones you call the Archangels. We support all Ones.

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Building Anew

It is a new day and Now is the moment to realize it is such. Every day is a new day and every moment is a new moment. We are living in the 5th dimension even though most of humanity have yet to realize it. They cannot see with their eyes and feel with their hearts that the New Day is here. Their layers are being pulled to unveil those moments which brought them to this point. And we are speaking to all of you.

It is a New Day! Still the 3rd dimension has its hold on you, however as each one of you open your hearts a little bit more then the vice will release itself. The scribe of this message notes that we all have been told this over and over again. So many messages seem to say much the same thing. And she is correct. How many ways can we say you are love and that each one of you is divine? Looking outside of yourselves won’t get you any faster to the 5th dimension. Yes other parts of you and we are assisting you and your planet Earth transverse the old 3rd dimensional concept of living. We hear you say, “I am so ready for the ascension.” Oh really! It’s here. The reason you do not see it is this heart opening within you. We do not mean to be harsh with our words. However to truly want something is to be it. It will happen when YOU are ready and not before.

Perhaps we will assist you in explaining what it means “to be ready.” Fear for anything and anyone is nonexistent. The treatment of others including all humanity and all living things upon this earth is with respect and love. Looking for another to do it (whatever “it” is) for you does not work. To have another assist when asked by you and gladly accepted by them is non-interference in your own unique individuality as well as theirs. That word again is respect. And most of all, “to be ready” is truly loving yourself – your mind, body, and your indwelling spirit. Of course if you had no spirit you would not Be. Do you take the time to nurture yourself? Do you take the time to give gratitude to your Earth and surroundings? If you answer yes to all of these things, then you are ready to ascend. Most of you reading these words are living your truths, the love that you are. Be gentle on yourselves as you continue to go through these processes of Self identity. You are further along in your change of the old self to the new self than you may realize. Remember those in the “heavens” cannot do it for you. That is looking outside of yourself. However, we also are other aspects of many of you. We are with you always. The Creator is with you always. And The Creator are all of Us. There is no creator with a magic wand. You as Creator are a magic wand and you can use this wand anyway you want. We hear you say, “what happens to those who use their wands for nefarious means?” You will note that they are not ready for ascension. And they that live in the so-called lower dimensions cannot touch those of you who live in the higher dimensions.

We hear many ones ask if they have achieved living in the higher dimensions? If you ask, know you are still working on the release of old patterns of your 3rd dimensional creations should this releasing be something you wish to do. However know within your hearts that you have achieved so much just realizing that your hearts are opening allowing the DNA within you to activate into the new human. It’s happening and happening very fast were you to see the progress you have made within such a speck of time. You are feeling it, the love elixir of the Christed energies of new creations. You are building anew. This exciting and very contagious time of living on this planet has reached its tentacles to all of creation. For each one of you are a part of the total creation of Creator.

Love my dear friends. Lady Gaia has such a love for humanity and all of those beings who reside on and inside her spherical body. These inner earth beings are ready to be seen and make themselves known to you who live on her outer skins. These wondrous beings understand love life. Those who don’t understand this love have left the planet with only a very small population still holding on. Their grasp is slipping. Either they change and move into love or they leave. It’s that simple. Do remember all life is to be cherished even those who do not yet understand their divinity within.

This year, your year 2014, will be a most wondrous time for you to witness new creations, new beings, new technologies, and the release of old ways (watch for more secrets to be revealed), welcoming in the New Earth. It is happening and nothing can stop it now.

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January 8, 2014

A new year has started and I expect it to be most exciting with more changes, lies and abuse being exposed, and people demanding respect and the truth about many of the happenings in our history of the earth. Many blessings to each one of you.

A few days ago I kept “hearing” the word ORIGINS, so I finally sat down and wrote the following:

January 4, 2014

Dear Ones,
Yes it is “time” to fully remember – your family. Your family extends into many dimensions and those parts of you are stepping forth to assist you in understanding your full Being. It not only is “memory,” it is the unveiling of the divine you. You shall witness countless wonders right before your eyes. You shall feel the energies of the various you’s. It will take some getting used to and the deciphering of the continual information and feelings. You are not “losing it,” you are gaining in your knowledge.

January 8, 2014
Is there more information or wisdom you want to add to the message above?

My dear Ones, understand the beauty of your Being. You would not Be if you didn’t decide you wanted to be a part of this Earth and this transition. You volunteered to incarnate at this time. This is no accident as there is no such thing as an accident. Any despair you may feel extends to other lives brought into this life. How do you move beyond the despair? Ask that you feel the love that you are, then sit with that knowledge. This may take sometime to change your distraught feelings, but they will change. You may have noticed there are many who have decided to take their own lives, either through sickness, destruction, or by their own hand. It was their time to exit this earth plane. To judge one’s decision is to judge yourself. Send these ones love. Send their loved ones love. That is the most you can do to help with any heartache left from one’s passing.

This year, 2014, you shall see more destruction via war, religion, control of a few who “force” others to do their bidding. Remember, you are never “forced” to do anything against your will. We understand many of you disagree. If you feel like you are backed into the corner with no options, remember there are always options. When you exude the love vibration, your chemistry changes and those around you feel it too. They may feel disoriented by such energy. This you all can do when you feel danger. Practice daily feeling love. You shall see your lives change so quickly and beautifully.

This love vibration is growing exponentially on this earth and affecting all parts of the cosmos. It is a vibration that matches the Godhead which each of you are a part. The earth is moving to her new position in the skies and the skies are changing with your naked eye. You shall witness new colors or more colors in your skies especially during sunrise and sunset. Many more people are becoming aware of these changes and they marvel at such beauty not understanding they are a big part of this beauty. You who recognize such just smile. Soon others will get it too. Your young ones already get it. And by the term “get it” means they have some understanding of the divine within. No need to try to explain it to those who do not yet have the ears and eyes to recognize this. Eventually they will get it too, perhaps in this lifetime or another.

Just know we are always at your side. And we are the other parts of you. We are the angels, the masters, the teachers who have gone before you. You are us! Such a difficult thing to understand, yet as each one of you grow in your understandings, you will recognize your part and parts in this undertaking of the great movement of man on earth and the great movement of earth herself. Yes, there are movements going on inside your crust of this earth. The crust is becoming more porous and you shall witness huge changes. Be not afraid. Many of you may scatter about and in so doing will learn more about your fellow man. You will find most will extend their hand to help another.

We take our leave so you can ponder our words. Many of you know us as the wisdom of the ages. Yes, and so are you. You are wisdom, allow it to shine through. We are in this together for we are One.


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In To Star Making

You who reside in the here and now, please step forth into the fullness of your being. Become the shining star that you truly are. Arrange your particles of Self to combine with the other particles of All That Is to make a new Being, a Being of exquisite mass. Doing this will transform all of Creation. Step forward my dear Ones. Trust you are the exquisite wonder of all times.

In this Now, make the decision to know Self. In doing so, you will witness miraculous wonders of creation not seen before with your human eyes. It is you who are making the transformations within your physical structures with the energies of your other multi-dimensional Selves or Gods of Creation.

This wording may be strong to many of you, but let us tell you the truth. It is Now that you throw away the old costumes of 3rd dimensionality and start wearing the clothing of your 5th and 6th dimensional selves. It is You as your cellular structure starts to make huge changes to bring about the newness of man, the newness of the earth. Many of you say, “how can that be? We have so long to go before we witness the New Earth.” In order to witness the New Earth, you will step into bodies to create within this New Earth, thus you are the makers, the doers, the dreamers. Stop looking outside of self. It is not “out there.” It is in your very own God selves that you create most magnificently. To move beyond the chaos of today is to step into the purity of heart, making all decisions, thus your creations, with love. This may sound simple. You first need to let go of those strings you allowed yourself to attach to. Nothing can pull your strings if you have no strings to pull. Do you understand?

Yes, the changes are upon you and they have been for many years. You are seeing the changes in your thought forms and observing others doing the same thing. And then there are others who you feel just don’t get it. Perhaps. At least they may not get it yet! Soon they will and you will be the ones to assist them as they learn with new training wheels. You the Lightworkers or Lightbearers, shine your lights brightly so others can see their way. Step forward out of the trenches, out of the shadows and declare your light. No need to stand on a pulpit, that has been done. It has served those who needed direction, but now is the time or moment for the light to show its emanations from you, the Lightbearer. No longer will the pulpit be utilized to “spread the word.” The word is love and it not through any fear tactics that still are spoken and spread among the masses. Dear ones, if you want to see only love, then be only love.

The mass of Christ has started. Understand the Christ within you. The child that is worshipped and his birth celebrated this month by many across your world is the birth of the child star within you. The Grand Plan is underway. What is that Grand Plan? It is You in the flesh rearranging your own Adamantine particles to hold the Light of the Christ. It is getting stronger and stronger. Allow the light to manifest itself in all you do and say. It is love pouring forth the newness of being, the newness of manifesting in a whole new way. New thoughts will come into your being as other parts of you share their lives with you so you can raise those thoughts into your earthly manifestations. You shall soon see such wonders, new technologies, and whole new ways of feeding your beings, travel, and communications. Eventually most communications will be telepathic. Until then your technological communications will become easier for each one of you to instantly communicate across your world. Yes, you communicate easily through your mobile devices as well as the internet. There is a new technology coming your way. And more will be shared as each person lives through their heart, thus a higher frequency. You have been told for years there will be no more secrets. There will be no need for secrets my dear ones.

We leave you with excitement. Know that you soon will be experiencing a lot more love on this planet. The “date and time” is up to you. The sooner you live through your hearts, the sooner this light will spread. Be peace. We love you.

We are the Gods of each one of you. We are you and you are us. We are love incarnate.

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We are One. That is the most important message we can bring forth for humanity to understand at this moment. Yes, there is much happening upon your plane of earth at this very moment. You are witnessing storms that are wreaking havoc in many places with some humans deciding to leave their bodies. It is okay in that they agreed to do so. Others of you are going through many changes within your body structure wondering if it is an ascension symptom or if there may something seriously wrong going on within your bodies. We tell you both. What is “wrong” or considered wrong is that each one of you is changing at such an unprecedented rate your bodies are having to readjust to the new energy focus. We use the word focus for you to know that it may not be your conscious focus, but your unconscious focus that is causing this change. You are consciously reconnecting to your Higher Self, thus the other parts of you that you may call multi-dimensional. Listen to your bodies. What do they need so they operate smoothly?

You will continue to readjust or we shall use the word adjust your physical, mental and emotional bodies to the increased flow of higher dimensional energies flowing into the earth and everyone who resides on the earth plane as well as those who still maintain their residence within the planet. Soon they will show themselves to what you call the outer world. They have much to teach you. Many of you have telepathic contact with these beings. These contacts shall continue and soon they will show up at your door step. It will be a most wonderful reconnection knowing they indeed are a part of your family.

One thing we would like to stress is to not fight these energy infusions. To do so will cause much discomfort. Allow yourself the rest many of you need. So much happens when you are in your sleep state, that your body’s do most of its adjustments when it is in the relaxed state. Drink plenty of fluids, especially water. The water in your bodies carry the higher vibrations allowing for the adjustments to easily enter into every cell. Follow your own intuition, as each one’s body is not “reacting” the same as another as far as your food and liquid intake. Yes, you are leaving the old programs you so carefully crafted, moving into a whole new experience of being in your bodies. This is called major expansion. (smile)

This is an opportunity… (I was just interrupted with a telephone call from a friend. I noticed those who are present with me for this transmission and who live in another realm just smiled at this interruption. Then they said, “The more we communicate openly, the more we learn about ourselves”).

Yes, this is the opportunity for each one of you to leave behind the third dimensional constraints into the 4th and higher frequencies. Yes, you have heard this many times. It is your time to release the old codes, those embedded in your bodies of the density they put on you, and open those other codes that have been there all along so you can see, understand, and experience the Oneness of creation and your part in it. It is happening now. There are no magical dates, however there are influxes of energies or point matrices which enable more change to come about in earth’s realms. The time spectrum has enabled you to understand what it is like to hold onto the old earth and now you are beginning to understand time doesn’t exist except for you to put parameters on your experiences. And you all did a grand job. You have said enough is enough and let’s move n. Moving on means knowing the grandness of your beingness and it is grand indeed.

One thing we would like to point out is the use of the word “indeed.” You may have noticed that from those who channel (in fact you all do) the word “indeed” is often used. It is “In Deed” that you experience. It is “withIn” that you have experiences. It is a “Deed” within that you experience, for what would you Be without your experiences? A deed is an act or achievement. (I admit I looked up the word “deed”). Therefore all your achievements are within. And you are within the totality of All.

The earth is moving within her skins. Stay tuned within your Self. Seeming miracles will present themselves to you. And this will happen constantly the more you are attuned within. This doesn’t mean maintain a meditative state, for that can cause you to fly and less connected to earth. However, know you have all your answers within. Trust that God within. Sure, communicate with your friends and families, those on earth and beyond. Know each of you have that capability and it is time to use it. The gates are open and allow yourselves to stretch into new creations, those you now create. What do they look like? It is up to you. Confinements of the 3rd dimension are gone. Okay, many of you do or will fly. You chose to be a part of earth’s expansion so that you can expand exponentially. We all are affected, are we not?

Blessings to each and every one of you. We are so blessed with each of you. We are many, yet we are One. We are those other parts of existence you call the angelic realms extending into the planetary systems of embodiments. We are Spirit and we are encased in bodies, depending upon our focus. You too do the same. Be peace.

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Grateful Remembrance

August 28, 2013

The clock strikes midnight and a new day arises. So it is on this earth plane. It IS a New Day! All of you reading these words, this day so much is “happening” on your Earth. Many of you see only the chaos, others of you only joy. Most of you see both. Remember, what you see, or perceive, is totally up to you. When you allow yourself to see the chaos, note the disparities amongst the people all over the globe. Many of you feel empathy for the people in Syria, others of you feel empathy for the forests burning in your western United States. And still others of you feel empathy for those close to you as they go through their own purification processes. Many of you are asking, what do we do? This is supposed to be the time of love and light and we are not seeing that displayed in the world.

What you are seeing is the last vestiges of the times of old. By old we mean the times before the true light is realized. What is the true light? It is the knowledge that you are divine and acting from this knowledge. It is living from the heart. We hear many of you asking, what do we do about those innocent people that are being killed or made sick by the use of chemical weapons? What about the children? We see so much travesty.

Yes, you are correct. There are those who came into this lifetime to be the way showers. Most of you are the way showers who came here to BE love and light. However, those who came into this lifetime to show that unrest and atrocities are ways of the old are also way showers. They knew of their shortened lives, or perceived shortened lives, although most of them not consciously in the third dimensional realm. Thank these ones for what they have shown you. They agreed to this purification process just as you all have. And this purification process is almost over. The more you act from your own divine processes, the more this will spread out into the world, exponentially. We cannot tell you enough of what effect holding more light within yourselves acts upon all of earth and beyond. It is a new day, believe it, live it!

Many of you are experiencing your multi-dimensional self. You have conversations going on in more than one “space” and at times this is quite disconcerting. You eventually will get the hang of it where you will be more present within yourselves, with less distractions. It will be most joyous!

We come only in love for each and every one of earth kind. We are so excited with your progress. You are further along in your ascension than you realize. Soon most of you will greet us openly and consciously. We are your off-world brothers and sisters from many facets of life and planetary systems. We speak as one even though we are many within the One. Amazing things are happening upon your planet and you will soon realize the old is fading allowing the new day to be seen in all its glory.


I want to share an old newsletter I found and it is dated Summer 2008, from the archives of The Gathering of Angels. This message was written by my husband, Rick Thompson, who transitioned in 2012. I love the message and think you will too. Bev

An Affliction – Inner Peace

We are well into 2008 (substitute 2013), a year promising new beginnings and significant change. To many of you these changes are manifesting as inner peace. It is plausible that the number of people who are afflicted with inner peace might become pandemic! If inner peace spreads, it could jeopardize our accepted societal and global conditions of conflict and drama.

One should be aware of some of the symptoms or signs of inner peace, a loving heart condition:

  • A tendency to be in the present rather than act on fears based on the past or future
  • Frequent smiling and laughing
  • A loss of interest in conflict and drama
  • Feelings of a contented oneness with all life
  • No interest in judging others or themselves
  • An absence of worry or angst
  • A sharp increase in appreciation and gratitude
  • An obvious fascination with and enjoyment of every moment
  • A lack of need or interest in interpreting the actions of others, manifesting heightened tolerance, allowance and acceptance
  • A tendency to “go with the flow” rather than controlling everything
  • A tendency to gratefully accept all love and gifts received
  • A desire to give love in all ways without any “strings attached”
  • A preference for silence and simplicity, rather than chaos and more stuff

If you or anyone you have come in contact with are exhibiting any or all of these symptoms of inner peace, please understand that the condition is irreversible and frequently contagious. If afflicted, it is suggested that you sit quietly, breathe deeply, clear your mind, and know that you are divine.

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Love Breaking Forth the New Seed of Consciousness

Dear Ones,

You ask this day what is to come? We tell you we do not know because you are creating it moment by moment. We do “see” snippets of your love breaking forth the new seed of consciousness. And this will cause such tremendous change within each one of you, therefore this whole earth and beyond. Many of you now note that creation is no longer out there such as in another place. That cannot be. It is within each one of you. Breathe the elixir of love emanating through your hearts, and you are seeing such change.

We honor and respect you for your courageousness as you go through the quagmires of the third dimension, rising into the fourth and fifth dimensions. Many of you reading these words have already transcended the third dimension. We hear you saying, “I can still see and feel of the divisiveness going on in this world. If I have transcended the heaviness of the third dimension, how come I can still feel the pain many people are going through?” We tell you this. You will still feel the pain of others who have yet to transcend the heaviness they agreed to incarnate in. That is because you are still attached to the third dimension. What we are seeing from our vantage point, is the release of this attachment. We understand you have been releasing the hold of the third dimension for years, and yes this continues. However to keep your mind focused on “releasing” keeps you in that state. Let go! Yes, you may feel the pain of another, but please do not hold on to their pain. It is not yours! Of course you care. We note many of you feel you must hold on to another’s pain because that makes you feel wanted and needed. Now, how does this serve you? It pulls down your energy level, therefore you serve no one especially yourself!

In this moment know you are a child of Creator, a part of All That Is. As a child, you see with unadulterated eyes. Like that word? Unadulterated. See with the newness of a child, not through the old third dimensional lens of being. Do not hold on to what no longer serves you. Yes, we have said this many times, and it is time to act upon this.

The energetic influences flowing into your earth and your bodies are getting stronger and stronger. This means that as you integrate these more finely tuned energies, your bodies – physical, mental, and emotional – adjust with ease. Breathe dear ones. Breathe, go out into nature, feel the earth and her richness, see the skies with the beautiful clouds displaying their grandness, the birds gently moving with the currents, the sun as she is exposing her changing form, and the thousands upon thousands of stars shining in your night skies. Be aware.

Know that it is you, each one of you who is responsible for the changes now happening. It is up to you to how you want to integrate these changes within your being. Know that you can trust those other aspects of yourself to assist in this transitioning. You can name these other aspects God because that is who you truly are. Yes, you are responsible for You!

These dates of June and July, 2013, are indeed upon you. You shall continue to see the chaos in your world from those who know not their greatness. Stay centered integrating these finely tuned energies from your Earth and the skies. More truths will be told, revealing what you would call mis-treatments of the people and this earth. There will be gasps of what will be revealed. Do not get caught up in the anger. Yes, get angry then let that go. What has brought you to this place and time is your acknowledgment of this ascension. It is now. Let the truths be told, then remain responsible for yourself. Love the young ones not yet able to understand and hold the hand of the sick and aged to assist them on their final walk. So many more changes to come. The events of this year 2013 through 2014 will you be witness to many happenings.

The truths are being told. Just Be in your greatness!

With Love, that is all there is.

The Guardians of the Truth
The Guardians of the Truth named themselves that for they are a combination of many Masters and those in the Angelic Realms. Know we are so dearly loved. Bev

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The Day of Reckoning

May 15, 2013
Welcome back. Yes, it has been a ling time since you have messaged through us. Please do understand there is no time in all reality. However for you to experience in your physicality, time becomes part of the package.

So much has transitioned, not only for you but for all humanity on your earth. It is our desire to impart to you this day that the so-called day of reckoning is here. What does this mean? In your biblical stories you have been told of this day. Many thought this only happens when one dies. Of course one never dies, they just move out of their physical bodies they temporarily inhabited. This day of reckoning is each one of you coming to grips on your true real self. Many of you now know there is no one watching over you such as an outside God. This cannot be because there is no outside God. However, there are many beings who are with you and most people do not know they are there with you always. Some of these beings come and go. Others are by your side at all times. In a way you can say they are watching over you. You are never alone!

This time of tribulation has caused upheaval upon your Earth. Many humans do not understand what is happening within them as well as Lady Gaia, your earth. The frequencies within your earth and the ethers that surround your earth are vibrating at a “higher” level. Many people do not know how to be one with these stepped up frequencies. They are having a difficult time integrating these higher vibrations. Many are feeling anxious, scared, fearful, and unsettled. Perhaps that is how you have been feeling. (Yes!) We ask you to slow down and breathe. As you do this, your body and mind will more easily attune to the new frequencies or higher vibrations. Allow yourselves to know peace resides within. Allow! Getting caught up in some of the world events can disrupt your being. This only slows down your ascension processes. Be love! Be peace that many of you so desperately want this world to be. It will not come through your governmental processes. It comes through each one of you. The more each of you feel this love that you truly are, and extend it out to others, the faster this world will change into a peaceful state.

From this day forward know in your hearts the transitioning that is taking place. It is loving yourself. Be the beacon, the light warriors. To fight another is to fight yourself. To fight is to fear. Once you remove yourselves out of fear, you will find there is no need to fight anyone or anything. Duality as you know it will soon vanish.

Not all humanity understands this. There are minions who want to hold on to their own perceived power orchestrating their strength through the money systems, governments, and corporations now in existence. Do not fear them! Their house of cards is tumbling. Let is all tumble so you can build your lives into a peaceful coexistence. What you will be a part of as you co-create will be glorious. That is not a word we use lightly.

You are now reaching your mid-year of 2013. You passed the magical date of December 21, 2012. And most of you are still waiting for that magic to appear. It is not magic at all. It is you finally realizing you are part of Creator. You can create whatever you please, creating alongside your fellow man.

There has been much discussion on Disclosure, the knowledge of other types of beings who live on, in, and off this earth, most of them who look very much like yourselves. Of course there are “others” who live among you. Who do you think you are? You are all a part of Creator. You await your government, specifically the United States top government such as President Obama, to announce the existence of these beings. Will this happen? Maybe. Is your president aware that “others” live among you? Yes! Yet much information has been held from him. Those minions we spoke about earlier are fearful of this Disclosure. This information will certainly bring them to their knees. Many ones from around your globe are speaking out. Soon this will become common knowledge and many of these “alien” beings will be showing themselves. Do not fear them. Welcome them in love, this they will feel. We hear many of you saying, “when will this happen?” Again, this is happening now!

Please sit with this information. Understand what is taking place upon your plane of existence. It is existence moving to a new “place” remaining here on this most beautiful planet. We shall speak to you again soon. We will answer your questions. Just post them and this writer has agreed to answer them.

We love you, each and every one of you. We are the ones you know as the Masters of Old. In earthen terms we are old, yet we are babes knowing you as humanity are waking up to know your true Selves. We are in this All Together, as One.

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Changes, Changes, Changes…

It has been awhile, about four months, since I have posted on this website. I have gone through many changes in this past year – the transitioning in April 2012 of my dear husband and partner, Rick Thompson, going through probate and all things financial and personal, having to move from a home my husband and I leased unsure of where to move next (was given a 30-day notice), then finding and purchasing a beautiful new home moving a month after being “homeless.” With all that was going on in my life, I felt very unsettled, anxious, nervous, and stressed.

In the evening before the movers were to arrive, my good friend was helping me pack my many boxes (since most all of my belongings were going to storage), when I received a telephone call with the news of the death of my brother-in-law (my husband’s brother) in a house fire. I was feeling what else is going to happen? Once I knew I had to be out of my last home, I planned to visit friends in sunny Florida. I am originally from Indiana and my sister wanted me to visit her in Fort Wayne, but being March, Indiana still has snow storms and I saw enough snow when I lived there! Upon hearing the news of the transitioning of my brother-in-law, I wanted to be up in Indiana where he also lived. And many snow storms did happen while I was there. The snow was quite beautiful, very peaceful looking, serene. I now note that I first feared driving in the snow, then let go of those feelings, and embraced the moment while watching the beautiful individualized flakes fall from the sky. I even write about letting go of your fears. And I fell into that fear finding out there was nothing to fear in the first place!

In my so-called homeless time, I had the opportunity to visit with good friends and relatives, including one week with getting to know Denny’s kids as adults (they‘re great), Denny’s brother, then quality time with my sister and her adult children and grandchildren. The time went very fast. Through all of this I knew I had to let go, surrender to the moment, and overall it was most enjoyable. It was amazing that so many of my friends and relatives wanted me to stay with them. What heart-felt compliments!

I am sharing my story with you all knowing that I had to let go and go with the flow. I “knew” everything would be just fine. Below is a conversation I had with Spirit as I contemplated my unsettledness before my move. I want to share this with you all because the message given to me is one that may touch you in your understandings.
A Conversation with Self
February 12, 2013

Today I was encouraged to write to myself because of the “uncertainly” of my living quarters or lack thereof come March 1 of this year.

Q – I have come to realize the importance of this moment where I am truly blessed (this I know) but the uncertainly of where and when I will live as my home has been unsettling. I note the word “unsettling” in that I am used to being settled. Perhaps I need to be unsettled before I become settled.

A – Yes, your truly are blessed loved one. You have chosen this moment to understand the complete divinity of your being. You have shed many of the 3rd dimensional qualities of your life you know yourself to be at this time. And now you are shedding more until you come to the point of complete unattachment to the 3rd dimensional realm. This does not mean you will not have a home. Indeed you will, one that suits your being as you continue to move through this transitioning process. Yes, we have told you to “hold tight” as you will notice that ‘when’ all is in place, your new home will come easily and effortlessly with joy you do not yet expect.

Q – I am just over 2 weeks from my move, not sure to where go next.

A – We understand your dilemma. Please realize that this all has been orchestrated by you. Yes, your dear husband who transitioned into the astral realm and further into the reaches of other dimensions, has been a big part of your current incarnation, and it was his wish that he leave your realm to continue his teachings, learning’s, exploring, and developing of life. He left at the time where it fitted him best knowing that you internally have the resources to make your current incarnation one that moves this part of you to new understandings.

Just know that you will know when to make your move, so to speak. You will know what and where to make that move. Some surprises are in store for you and you shall know what they are as they soon will be presented to you.

Q – OK. This whole process makes me very excited yet uneasy. Would it be in my best interests to look for a place to rent?

A – If that is truly what you want to do. To be specific at this moment will not serve you. Look at this time to go further within and you will see much more clearly. We advise you not to make any “moves” that will hinder your freedom. Hold tight and the veils will soon open.

Q – Will there be any big earth events within the next 2 weeks?

A – It depends what you consider earth events. Will there by any catastrophes? No, except for those who wish to transition from their physical bodies. You note that there have been snow storms, tornadoes, and unusual weather patterns throughout your world. Yes, these are there for Lady Gaia to balance her earthly being giving those who wish to leave this earth plane their opportunity to do so. We will tell you this. There will be more surprises for earth’s populace. There are many truths held back from the people’s consciousness, and as the people wake up, they will soon realize that this is so. Yes, they will notice new movements by the planets within your solar system. They will see themselves as part of other realms. This is very disconcerting for some and exhilarating for others. Please stay calm as much of this information is revealed to the public.

Q – Does this release of information have any thing to do with me? And is this a part of what is happening with this move?

A – Yes and no. All consciousness has to do with each one of you. There is no separation. Even though you write about this, this concept has yet to become natural for you, still looking outside of self. Hold your dreams, for when you do this they will manifest. This is what moves matter. It is what moves thoughts into actions. Believe in your dreams and you will know when and where and what to do, be, live, work, play, and all that you perceive as your life on this beauteous planet you call Earth. You can do this. Remember you are a role model for others to believe in themselves. Know and trust all is in divine order, for you have ordered this to be a part of your life.

Thank you!

And so it is!
Blessings to you all,


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Mystery of the Universes – Questions and Answers and Comments

I am starting this discussion post on my three books, “Mystery of the Universes,” “Mystery of the Universes, Book Two,” and “Mystery of the Universes, Book Three.”  There is so much information shared in each of the books and I welcome questions and comments from you, our readers, friends, and fellow Lightworkers. When I channeled the three books, I found myself asking a lot of questions, and I was given the answers. In many instances, I didn’t even know what to ask. I also note that I can read the same information over and over, yet each time I see something new or it is like reading it for the first time.


I recently received the following question regarding a passage in “Book Two.”


From John S.

On page 91 point 1 transchanneling you say “Your ability to speak in the language of light,that is in symbols and numbers. Could you go into a little more detail about this? I understand it would be more of a common way of speaking but is it just mental or is it something we will learn like any other foreign language?
       I’m enjoying reading your book and feel I’m getting a lot out of it and it’s very interesting.. Thanks for all your effort and looking forward to meeting you one of these days.


I channeled the following response:


All language, i.e. using sound by most humans, is through different or various vibrations. Transchanneling is through the mind using no sound but image projections. Since humanity has lived in 3D reality, this is difficult for most humans to comprehend.

Soon you will be picturing in your mind a chain of symbols – geometric figures and dots representing numbers. Therefore you will use these patterns to convey your thoughts and your ability to communicate with other dimensional beings.

All humans have this ability within, however most have yet to use it. It all is in the process of waking up within your physical form allowing this knowledge to be accessed. Be patient with yourselves allowing the loving energies permeate your physical, emotional, and mental self. Then this process will make itself known. Remember we, those of us who reside across dimensional lines, will assist you.


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The New Day Is Here!

January 13, 2013

The New World is Here. It always has been here. To truly understand such a statement is to understand the complete divinity of your beingness. You are made up of particles that have come together through consciousness., and it is through your very own consciousness you came into being in what you know as your current incarnation or physical being. To put this understanding in more simple terms, you are and always have been. And you decided to be a part of this bountiful Earth and decided to incarnate into the physical form you know yourself to be.

The difference from what you call the Old Earth from that of the New Earth is your understanding that you are divine and much more than simply a human. And this is what is changing your physicality. You all walked through the portal in December, many of you not realizing you did such. If you are physically here on this New Earth, you did walk through the portal. We hear many of you asking, “what now?” Do you understand these two words “what” and “now?”

What can be an ambiguous term. What you are is whatever you want to be. You already are as you cannot not be. In your physicality, you run on your emotions and your emotions run on you belief systems from this life as well as past lives. Yet there is no past, only the now. What a conundrum! We will simplify this understanding for you.

Suppose you are taking a walk, just enjoying the outdoors – trees, plants, neighbors, cats and dogs, clouds, sun or whatever – or moving your body for exercise, or both. In reality it is both because to walk outdoors, you have to be outdoors in your physicality. This is your reality! When you allow yourself to be free of any restriction you have given yourself, your world, i.e. belief systems, open up to be more inclusive. When this happens, some of your old belief systems become obsolete. Therefore, your walk or journey of life on Earth becomes more expansive. Perhaps your walk outdoors will give you the opportunity to see more beauty that this earth holds. Your sense of smell may be enhanced as you breathe more deeply taking in the air.

You are becoming less restrictive as you allow the divine knowledge that you already are the All be a part of all of your thoughts, words, and deeds. Note you are less reactive to situations and dramas you and humanity have so carefully crafted through eons of time. These are the changes you have been waiting for. And the more you allow the knowledge you are a part of All That Is and thoughts come from this understanding, your thoughts, therefore your lives, drastically change.

Many of you felt that the December 2012 dates were to be like magic for you. It is only through your own perceptions that you may have not noticed any changes because your perception are still closely tied into the Old World. The New World has overlaid the Old World (a higher energy) and it is only through your perception which world you see or live in. As more of you understand the processes that you have allowed yourself to be a part of, you will realize it was/is your consciousness that created your reality. The more and more people who wake up to this knowledge, the more the New World becomes what you see as your outer reality. Every nuance, every thought, every life you have ever experienced brought you to this place and time. Therefore this “new now” becomes your inner reality as well as what you perceive as your outer reality. It is only through your consciousness do you create. And your creations are becoming more inclusive for all of your nows, past, present and future lives. Know your reality is shifting to greater heights as you live in greater harmony within. All of your lives have made you what you see yourself as today. Each one person has chosen their own experiences for the experience in of itself. There is no judgment! This New Earth or New World is a more balanced energy. You are leaving duality behind or extremes of duality behind. Would you truly see the beauty of the earth and yourself without the dichotomy you have devised yourself to be a part of? Now you have said enough of the Old World, the hardships and disconnections and now say, I chose love. Dear ones, choosing love is choosing all parts of yourself. To live a more peaceful life filled with joy and wonderment is to breathe in the elixir of divine resonance. Align your thoughts with the knowledge you are Creator, together with everyone and everything.

The future is your past and the past is your future because your new perceptions see life as whole. What do you want to explore to make your current physical life more interesting? It is available to you as you listen to your own internal Self.

We, your guides and masters, are “here” to assist you in these understandings. Soon you will love yourself unconditionally. And that is when you truly see the New World.

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LOVE 2012

December 11, 2012

Dear Ones,
It is this time what we and you call transformation is, indeed, the beginning of a new era. The beginning, so to speak, started a few years back, however the energetic influences on the human body and earth’s body are now more intense. This does not mean a more intense or tense moment, but one of gratitude especially during the time of the celebration of the Christ and the return of the light. The Return of the Light means more than the solstice. It is the receipt, the integration, the physical activation of the energy centers in each of your cells down to the sparks within all of your DNA (the 12 strands).

Use this time, this moment, knowing that the human body, each of your bodies are going through a transition. Relax the body, relax the mind to allow for this integration of the higher beams of light to make themselves known within you. In the days to come many of you will feel like you have antennas on your head and heart. It is only the physical way of letting you know you now have more access to other parts of you and your Higher Self. Your visions may increase, or just the knowing becomes very apparent. Soon your vision will take on additional light and many of your perceptions will change into the new golden age of light. The old world is fading out of existence, but understand the significance of the old world. Each of you came to this Earth (your contract before you were born into your current incarnation) to bring about this transformation, and if it wasn’t for you to see the contrasts of the duality program, then this transformation would not be what it truly is. It is the epitome of life, the life forces acknowledging the spark of divine love made manifest in the physical.

Be aware of the changes going on about you. Some of you will witness other beings who seem to walk around in a daze, not understanding what is happening around them. Others will walk around in a perpetual smile, loving all life. Will life always be so grand? Yes! See the overall picture of what you have planned. And each of you have volunteered for this grand moment to be a part of the process. Before incarnating into this body you know yourself to be, you knew what was to take place during your lifetime. And you came in joyfully. Some beings left their blinders on and decided not ascend at this time. Let them be for they are where they need to be. Others of you are accelerating rapidly in your knowingness, each one moving at their own pace. You are responsible for you and only you! Allow your loved ones to come into their own, so to speak. This is the age of personal power within Self.

Dear Ones, believe in the true power of God and that means the true power of yourself. Your connections to others will become more apparent. Your lives are becoming more joyous in that your dreams are manifesting before your eyes. Do you understand the word “before?” Dreams are in your consciousness and happen before your manifestations and creations appear in what you see as your outer world. Now is the moment to dream big, dream lovingly, and dream peacefully.

This star gate, December 12, 2012, is a new beginning. Each of your portals may “look” a little different because each of you are a unique part of the divine. A portal is a gateway, a star gate into a new way of being in the physical. It is joyous and shall remain as such. Portals are opening around the globe. Breathe the pink ray of love into all areas around this earth. Unrest is still seen in many places, and as you breathe this pink light see it envelope all areas of this Earth, and while infusing your love (you have infinite amounts of love within you), you will see any unrest subside. Yes, there will be more people who decide to leave their bodies at this time. That is their choice. Do understand the significance of each one’s choice. If you know of a loved one’s desire to leave the planet, infuse in them your love and allow them to regroup. What they are looking for is love and pure love starts within them. As you infuse your love, their own internal love is activated. If you find it difficult to feel this love, then ask for assistance. Your guides, angelic realms, and masters are most eager to help, but they cannot help without your permission. This love, my friends, is what is changing this world.

December 21 2012, is almost “here.” Here is in your hears. Allow this infusion of divine energies be downloaded within your body structure. It is a new day.


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Be Not Alarmed

November 1, 2012

This calendar day, November 1, 2012, is a momentous day. It is a day of understanding and that understanding includes each one of your own consciousness opening more fully to your physical being, much like a lotus blossom opening up upon the waters. There is so much going on in your world of form and that of this bountiful Earth. The Earth is shifting and quite rapidly. The “monster” storm Sandy is leaving her mark on the eastern half of the United States and Canada. Her winds blew away much of the old while she turned up the waters to cover the lands. It is a new day. Can you go back to the way things were? No! It is not feasible.

Through the efforts of the many compassionate ones, people are coming together and gathering their strengths to assist one another or those who have little strength. You are witnessing an outpouring of love for those who have lost their homes and businesses and the few who have lost their physical lives. This love is what is changing lives. It is not the material possessions, it is the love that is moving humanity into the new age. Listen to the beat of your own heart. It is a resonance, a part of the total You living and breathing in this moment on this planet, one you have volunteered to experience and help usher in the new paradigm.

There are more storms to come. To be alarmed only gives you choices as to where you want to go or be in this life. If a storm is coming your way, buckle down and “ride out” the storm or move to a more safe location. Listen to your heart and follow it! It is easy but may be difficult for many to comprehend. Breathe through the process letting go of increasing anxiety many of you are feeling today. This fear or anxiety serves you to listen to your heart not letting it take over your mind. Do you understand the difference? Relax in allowing your mind to interface with your heart. That is the way of the new future.

This year, 2012, is rapidly coming to an end. This is the end of an era, not the end of this planet. Mother Earth, Gaia, is receiving guidance as she is preparing herself to become more attuned to her higher states of beingness, leaving the old paradigm as something she experienced to allow humanity to start bridging the wide gap between their physicality and their Spirit of themselves. This bridge between the worlds, or dimensions, is getting closer and closer as the light permeates the darkness many have left on the Earth. Any darkness left behind is now glowing with light leaving the people who prefer the dark in a stupor. These ones will not be able to act out their dark ways in this increasing light. To increase even more light is for each one of you to live through your heart, this love within the heart of Creator. There are still small pockets of discourse trying to maneuver their nefarious tirades. Hold them in light and love, and their darkness will rapidly dissipate or transmute.

Many of you are asking about the upcoming presidential elections to be held in the United States. We hear you asking who is the best candidate. We tell you there is no savior except your very own self. As this world changes, neither candidate will be able to do much in raising the economy in this country. It is through the efforts of living through your heart that will make you prosperous. Some laws will change, then change again, making it confusing as to what the “law” really states. Keep in mind that this time is the turning of events, therefore the laws cannot keep up. This brings about a question to you all. Do you really need laws? Of course, for the economic system to work, you will continue to have laws to use as guidelines. The old ways of violence will eventually stop as each person remembers who they are. Some of your religions will remain because of the comfort many need to support them at this time. However, more people are stepping forward within their knowingness and not believing every word, sacrament, or ritual they were told were the truth. Church leaders are also in this mix and they, too, are questioning the old laws of religion. Speak up humanity! This is your time to remember the true source of divinity that you are.

Another item we wish to discuss is the existence of UFO’s. Of course, we exist! Many of us who do not live on your planet have lived in our ships and other planets. We have spoken to many in governments around your globe. They know there is life beyond the earth, and some governments have stepped in to find out more about us to further their technologies. Some of the technologies shared that came from those who you have called extraterrestrials and did not come from the heart is why these governments do not wish to share this information. We, those of us who live in the higher dimensions, share our technologies with love, to bring truth to this planet, to assist humanity to awaken from the harsh effects of duality. The truth of us beyond earth, and in some cases, we who have lived within the Earth, are communicating more and more with beings around the planet. Many of you are taking photos of our ships and posting them on the internet. We encourage you to do this. Do not be afraid others will make fun of you. It is through those who fear that we exist that makes them laugh at those who have had communication and experiences with us. Everyone on your planet is having communication with us because we are you and we all are One! Take off your blinders. It is soon that there will be so many “sightings” that this information will go viral. Our communications are increasing.

We close today for you to take time for yourselves, to start breathing through what you call your difficulties to bring a balance and understanding within you. We love you for who you Are. You can call us anytime for assistance. We only act in love and that is the only thing we share with you.

We are your brothers and sisters who live among the stars and within the ethers of creation.


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Crea – The New Humanity

This new word, Crea, describing new humanity, was introduced to me when I was writing my second book “Mystery of the Universes, Book Two.” I was nudged to share this with you, therefore the following is taken from this book plus the following third book, and information that is now coming through. Enjoy and in joy!

A new name is upon you and that name shall be Crea, the thought of Holy Creation. New humanity is and will be referred to as Crea. It is humanity creating, a process and a name. Crea is the balance of the feminine and the masculine. You each are a human being with your own capabilities, all in the image of god, a merging and compilation of the attributes of Self.

Life as you have known it has taken on a new form. There is now this saying within ones on your planet calling the now a “new normal.” Everyone’s normal is different. What is normal for one is not normal for another. And many of you are beginning to realize that your normal is constantly changing.

The Complacency Factor
Many of you reading these words are complacent with your current lifestyle. You wish to remain in this lifestyle throughout your remaining years. Have you thought that you can improve upon your current lifestyle? And what does it mean “throughout your remaining days?” Life on this planet is constantly changing and to remain complacent will leave you in the old paradigm. Dream big is a very popular saying now, but understand its significance. Dream BIG! Many of you will live in your current bodies much longer than your parents’ generation. Yes, there are many ones in the baby boomer generation who are now leaving their earthly bodies. It is their time to move into another existence to continue working or living their life plan. Note one’s life plan does not only include this present life they are living on earth, but the combination of all lives as a complete Soul. Others of you will stay within your current body structure to assist current humanity into the new body. We have named the new body Crea. Crea is a feminine sounding name and it is meant to be just that. It is each and every Crean using their now innate ability to move their thoughts into new creations, accessing other dimensions of themselves, living within those dimensions, then exiting to bring aspects of that life into their current, yet changing, life form. That is why you will be seeing such physical transformations taking place on this wonderful globe.

Words used today have many meanings as humanity has bracketed their language using foreign sounding vibrations in their sentence structure. They do this to materialize their thoughts into words that convey a message. Therefore before you speak, consider what message you wish to convey. Do the words adequately tell your story? Do they adequately describe your dream(s)? Do they describe the feelings you hold inside
you? Or, consider this. Do you need words to convey your needs? Language has served mankind for most of their existence. It is a way of communication. It is a way of expression, therefore a description of your experiences. What if we tell you that this way of communication is changing. Can you imagine such a world? Many of you are
becoming more intuitive. You can feel what another is feeling, therefore there is no need for words. Since a good portion of mankind uses their intuitive sense (even though many people of unaware of it), words or vibrations through sound of the voice will change. There are over 300 languages spoken on your Earth. Your language system is becoming one with the Germanic languages being the tool mostly used. And that is because of the sounds generated when these languages are spoken.

Usage of the verbal system of communication is, for the most part, a reflection of your intuitive sense. Since it is a reflection, then it is a tool that is succumbing to the new human. The new human, Crea, is subscribing to a more poetic sound to describe their feelings. Along with music, the voice will be used in a sing song way. This touches the heart chakra then the whole body giving a sensation rather than just information. All information is within the DNA of each one’s body. And as the body makes the changes into Crea, then the forces of sound will affect it in a different way when compared to the old paradigm. It will be felt, thus any exchange of ideas or expression will be felt within the total structure of the body. It is a more complete way of communication
than the human has used. The Germanic language, specifically the English language, will morph into this poetic use of words. Some of your current words considered harsh will soon not be spoken as the old thought forms of negativity leave your consciousness.

Knowledge becomes wisdom and that is why we share with you this day. Each one of you is moving into the New World, some kicking and screaming, while others continue with one foot forward anxious for the next step. Humanity, you have made this new creation possible. Understand the upheavals are there for the old to disappear, allowing for the New Earth make itself known. You are the forerunners of this new civilization. Stay calm, well nourished, and well rested as these processes of ascension continue. We love you dearly our dear Creans.

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A Conversation From a Recent Submission

I recently received the following submission (there is a page on this website for Submissions) and my communication with the writer (Chetan). With Chetan’s permission, I want to share this with you, our readers. I also mentioned to Chetan to read my books and I look forward to his response once he reads the materials.
Subject: About food
These days, I feel, as one walks out, the world seems very beautiful.
Very beautiful, without any particular reason. The trees, even the
individual leaves, birds, even the earth seem vibrant. They say the
light quotient is increasing. Just looking at the sky for a few
seconds gives so much of pleasure!We have been asked to cultivate LOVE. That will be the hall mark of
our living in coming years. Does it mean that we should not kill
insects and mosquitoes that bother us? Does it mean that we should
stop killing animals and eat vegetarian food? What does ethereal realm
expect from us in this context?



Dear Chetan,
Thank you for your submission on our website.It is so nice to see that you are feeling this world very beautiful. That, indeed, is the rising of the light quotient within you and this world.An answer to your thoughts regarding the eating of meat and the killing of insects (this message is channeled):
The rise of light within you and all beings is now happening on this earth. Before you decide to abstain from the consumption of meat, ask if your body is in need of this food. If a meal is repulsive to you, then do not eat it. Yes, soon you will be consuming less meat as animals’ consciousness is also rising and they will soon not give of their bodies for your nutrition. Many animals are leaving this plane of earth and new ones are making themselves known. Respect of all life is on the rise.The insects have their “jobs” to do pollinating our plants or helping with the plant kingdom. Because of the evolution of humanity and the earth, some insect species have become more troublesome. The insect consciousness is more of what you would call a colony or one consciousness within a colony. The numbers have grown in many species of insects. It is ok to diminish the life of an insect if it is bothering you. Most insects have very short lives compared to a human life. To snuff out the life of an insect still leaves the colony intact, unless large numbers of a colony are killed, then the whole colony collapses. Is this something humanity should discourage, the killing of a colony? There are so many ways to discourage the rapidity of the increasing insect kingdom. And that is to eradicate some species to help bring a balance to the earth. Bless those who have come to serve, then release any hold you have on them. If this makes sense, then your insect kingdoms will flourish but not override their existence and the promotion of disease caused by various ones.We hope this helps you to understand creation in a more cohesive way. We are your brothers and sisters who work with you all on your planet of so many kingdoms of life.Chetan, thank you for your question. I also learn when such questions are asked. When I find an insect in my home, I usually capture it and release it outdoors :)

Hello Bev,
Thanks for such a wonderful reply. More so, as this answer has come from ethereal realm. By the way, who is this star brother or sister who has replied to my query? May I know his/her name? Won’t it be better if they convey the message directly to me? May be, my ‘antenna’ is not powerful enough o catch their signals! Please convey my gratitude to them.
Bev, shortly before I put this question, an incident had taken place in our garden which touched my heart profoundly. A boy saw a snake in a bush. It was riding happily on one of the branches. The boy hit the snake so powerfully with a stick that the poor creature fell down dead in two pieces. I think we don’t have right to take anybody’s life which God has given him. But then again if you consider from another angle, meat is the easiest source of food for tribals, fish for those living in coastal areas. Even our own existence will be very difficult if we won’t kill mosquitoes, cockroaches, germs for our survival. It’s all confusing!
My purpose behind writing this mail is something different. Since last few months I am being attracted to the channeled messages. Everyday new messages appear on the internet. They are very beautiful, assuring, filled with love and light. The star beings proclaim that they do respond positively to our loving calls. Many people are seeing UFOs now a days. Why then, am I not able to see a UFO? In spite of spending many days watching the skies, I didn’t see any sign of their activity. I felt frustrated, neglected and angry. Why so? I wanted to know the reason for this from them. And I request you, Bev, to help me in this matter!
Thank you!
Dear Chetan,
Once you start using and trusting your “antenna,” you will always get your signals. I, too, would have felt for the snake – that is the empath within you that is speaking. Send this creature light to assist it and this, too, will assist you. You eventually will see ships in the skies as you open up your sight and the ships start showing themselves more openly. Listen to your inner being by asking to see a ship. You will know when to look to your skies to witness their light. Let go of the feeling of neglect and frustration – may be difficult at first, but it will become easier for you as you allow more love within. As one of my writings says, “You are divine. You can be no less.”
In love & light,
Hi Bev,
Nice to read you again.
You are right, our own heart is capable of giving the right answers. I have been doing meditation since quite a few years and had wonderful glimpses in the world of ‘unknown’ and it is exciting! But there is a limit to it. Probably, it has not reached to that subtle level to delve even more deeper. For example, everyone can experience this ongoing shift of ascension but the thing that our cells are changing their structures from cellular to crystalline could only be revealed by those from ethereal realms. Again, Ashtar commander and his crew are helping our planet clearing hazardous pollution or disabling nuclear weapons, such feasts could only be revealed by higher realms.You are one of those who has got such a wealth of information !
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A Renaissance

August 28, 2012

The following message was written by my late husband, Rick Thompson. I have included on this website his messages from past Newsletters. I blindly pull out one of our old newsletters and I always find very insightful information that I wish to share with you. From March 19, 2009:

Just in case you have not noticed, there is some dynamic “stuff” going on in America and throughout the planet. Some call it a crisis, others the collapse of all things as we have known them. Well, guess what? That is all absolutely true. However, not necessarily in the despairing hopelessness and fear most people feel and envision. What if all that is happening is a wonderful period of transition in which the old ways of doing things are crumbling away in order to prepare for a better way to manifest? Try to think of it as a dilapidated area of an old industrial town being totally torn down to make room for a new, wonderful multipurpose development that creates new jobs and homes in a beautiful, relaxing environment. Cities call that an urban renaissance. Now, detach from the illusion of your life and apply the same concept to the entire planet and all its peoples. We are in the birthing pains of a far different economic system and cultural reinvention that will only retain the best of the old polished up to blend nicely with the shiny new developments. It is up to all of us to bring this birthing into a healthy delivery of a new “life” concept. The strength of the new system will be built upon the foundation of self-responsibility, compassion, integrity, and self-love. This is what we are all here to accomplish, our mission purpose, so to speak.


Some people seem to play greater roles than others. Yet, energetically, anyone who lives and exudes love, acts in compassion and integrity, appreciates their own power and divinity, and allows and accepts others choices is most profoundly  contributing to a new system. There will be economic growth and opportunity, plentiful jobs, and whole new industries. And, of course, some of the old will decay and die because they couldn’t or wouldn’t change or got lost in greed, corruption and fear. Let it go with love and appreciation.


Pay no attention to the pontifications of those in alleged power. Most are old energy. However among them are a few who don’t play the “blame game” for personal gain (re-election and/or money). Yet it is up to all of us to recognize those operating with integrity even if you don’t always agree with them, and stop supporting the majority who do not act with integrity.


Things are changing and the change is very near, not some decades off concept. We are creating it and it is most surely coming to pass. As the old growth forest burns severely and the resultant devastation appears too great, new life and promise almost immediately can be seen peeking out from the ashes and reaching for the sun!


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Truth or Consequences


August 28, 2012


My dear friends,

We come together this day to celebrate, to celebrate the coming of this age. It, indeed, is an age of awareness. To be aware is to be in love. And to be in love is to always speak your truth. Now just what does this mean?

To speak your truth is to be in alignment with your Higher Self. And to be in alignment is to be mindful that all life starts in the heart/mind of each one of us. Together we shall break the old barriers of deceit. Have we not deceived ourselves saying we are not good enough of this or that. Pretty weird thinking. And it is that we are leaving the old world behind embracing our divine selves knowing that we create our own worlds of form.

This moment called the time of 2012 is most interesting is it not? Humanity is beginning to realize the potential within themselves, but still fall into the old paradigm of lack, and what if’s, and what will become of this world. What will become of this world depends upon what you think. As the energy shifts become more intense, you, humanity, have a choice. What do you want to create in the New World? I hear peace and joy, yet do you realize you don’t embrace these feelings? The releasing continues and you have come a long way. You can cut the way shorter if you like. How do you do that? Feel, my friends, feel the beauty that is you. Feel the divineness that you truly are. Those deep seeded fears of yesterday are coming out of hiding waiting for you to release all holds they have on you. Breathe in the elixir of love. Feel it in your heart. Hold it there until you feel the white crystalline energy with sparkles of color intermixed fill your being. It is a simple exercise. Breathe again and again and you shall see yourselves as walking balls of beautiful glowing lights. In this sparkling body you shall always feel peace and joy. You can create whatever is in your highest good – anything your heart desires. Do remember the ego’s hold as a master is then gone. You, as the sparkling ball of light, extends from your being and assists all humanity, all of earth. Know this!

This New Earth is beginning to show itself as a new body. A multitude of changes are happening, clearing the old debris, allowing for the new to replace it. Storms are brewing over your seas and your lands. Because of the resulting devastation, your cities and country sides may become uninhabitable. Do not mourn these changes. Release what you feel is yours. The lands are a part of this bountiful earth and do not belong to anyone person or country. These words may sound strong to many of you. Some of the demarcations between countries will soon be removed. So-called leaderships will crumble. This you will witness in the next couple of years. Any “leadership” will be through communities. And this will cause more people to go more within themselves as they can no longer count on the large governments to fill their wants and needs. It is love in the making.

Your skies are seeing more activity as your friends who choose to live on ships or other planets are beginning to show themselves. Know that at this time, all who choose to come into your skies are here to support you. It soon will become a well-known fact that there are multitudes of ships that surround your planet. The fear mongers are releasing their hold. They are still trying to dissuade humanity that these ones are not here for you, but here for themselves. Perhaps these fear mongers are speaking of themselves. The more love you have for yourself, the more love you have for others. And this vibration of love will then dispel all fear.

Many ones who have come before you and who have brought in great light will also make themselves known in many different ways. It soon will become very interesting for ones to behold new sights and sounds. Know these ones do not come to save anybody as you are learning there is nothing to “save.” They come as symbols of love, purity, integrity, and joy.

We tease you with the title of this message. What are the consequences if there is not truth? The energy of non-truth will simply not be. That part of duality will fade out of existence until only truth can be thought and spoken. What is truth? It is you, my friend. It is you as a part of Creator creating through your Higher Selves, all a part of Creator of All That Is. It is love in its highest degree.

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A Caring Soul


Through Bev

July 16, 2012

You are now in mid-year 2012. Have you noticed any changes within yourselves as well as what has happened and is happening on your planet? We tell you there is so much going on at this time. Your financial markets are changing, some of them falling because of the lack of honesty and integrity, while others are failing because there is no need of the products or services that once were important. This is the year to really start thinking about what is truly important to you.  Not what has gone on before that interested you, but what interests you now? You may notice that these two may not be the same. For some of you, yes, but most of you, no. Your passions are changing. Again what serves you now?

Dear ones, please notice what is transpiring within you. Note the atrocities still happening on your earth. People are freaking out because what they once considered safe is no longer safe to them. So they rebel. Take note of these ones who decide their life spans are finished and they choose to leave the earth plane with a grenade strapped to their backs. They do this in the name of God or Allah.  Does this serve them? Perhaps it does. That is the only pattern of salvation that they see. We use the word salvation to tell you that only you are the one who decides your salvation. In so doing, you are caring for your own soul. As you care for your soul, therefore serving yourself, you also are serving others who feel of your energy. This is not in the sense of personal corruption. The word corrupt means to dispel what is for your highest good. So there is no selfishness involved. When you are totally honest with yourself and all others, and you do what is for your highest good, then the only way you affect another is with loving energy.

There are many souls on this earth who have yet to wake up to knowing their own divinity. And to move them out of the old complacency is to continue knocking down the old walls of yesteryear. Mother Earth continues in her moving and shaking, some areas more violently than others.  Does this not wake you up also? You and Mother Earth are in this most beautiful change together. Respect your Mother Earth. If the rains come down hard on you, move to an upper level. This is also a metaphor for how you live your lives. Step it up in recognizing you are moving into a new physicality imbuing love in your hearts. It will be the only way to live if you decide to stay on this earth plane. There continues to be more challenges around the world. Then all of a sudden you will notice a peace and a calm washing over the earth. Please take this most seriously as you all are deeply involved.  You will again be the most caring soul holding the new baby in your arms. And this baby is the birth of the new you.

In peace and gratitude to you all as you continue your journeys. It is a most spectacular journey.

We are the Ascended Masters. You too are ascending within yourselves. We greet you with our utmost loving embrace. Our names do not matter. Feel only of our love. So be it.

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The Astral Realm A Conversation with Rick Thompson and Sanat Kumara

from and through Bev Thompson

June 25, 2012


On June 3, 2012, I gave the following talk at A Class Act, Greenville, SC, on the Astral Realm, channeled my late husband, Rick Thompson, who made his transition on April 11, 2012, and the master known as Sanat Kumara. I have transcribed most of my talk and it is written below. It is slightly changed to make more sense for you, the reader. Some of the information given about the Astral Realm was taken from two of the writings (Around the Corner and A Soul’s Agreement) in my third book, “Mystery of the Universes, Book Three.” For additional information, see both of those writings plus additional writings in all of my three books, the Mystery of the Universes series.

– Beverly Thompson


The Astral Realm

The astral realm is a place or frequency where your temporal body goes when it leaves the physical body. Temporal means temporary. Therefore, all bodies are temporary. They serve the Self in whatever the Self wants to experience. I use the big “S” for the Higher Self and I will explain this is just a bit. All within the Great I Am, or Creator God or whatever word you want to use, do we become active participants. If we were not active then there would be no reason for being. It makes sense. You are you because that part of you decreed it so. And you are here to experience life on this Earth so that you can experience the dense configurations of the body, and still remain within the great I Am Universes. We are a part of the One, those material and nonmaterial worlds.

There has been many questions about the astral realm. This “place” where your temporal body goes upon death of the physical body, is a place to regain your senses, live in peace, receive help from those who choose to assist you with questions so that your light body can re-acclimate to new frequencies, therefore new surroundings. Of course, the new frequencies are not new at all to you, because you chose to forget this realm so you could have a more full experience in the third dimensional energies. And you now are changing this realm.

Because we are becoming more attuned to the fourth and fifth dimensional energies, then the need for the astral realm will change. What will happen to all of those aspects of soul who are still in the realm? Many will merge with other aspects of themselves, and some will go on to the higher dimensions in new bodies (also merging with other aspects of themselves). Those who reside in what many refer to as the dim place will have the opportunity to work more closely with the lighted ones assisting them to move out of such a place because this place will no longer be. (My vision was seeing this dim place fade out.) The astral realm will eventually cease to be a place as humanity, therefore all existence, is affected by the changes and movements that are happening at this moment.

The astral realm, that “place” or energy your former body’s consciousness goes, is a configuration of the mind of gods, therefore a configuration of the minds of humanity. This serves the incarnation that has just left the earth so they can use the experience they just left and integrate it beneficially into the whole of Self. It is called an attunement.


A Soul’s Agreement

We are going to talk about a soul’s agreement. Some of this may be new to some of you, so hang in there.

A soul’s agreement comes through the complete soul or complete Being of each one of us. Do you all understand how that works? We have what we call our Higher Self, that includes all of our incarnations in the many aspects of us, and we can be in more than one dimension at one time. What we are doing now is merging those dimensions. Kind of a simple way to say it. There are many one of us. The dynamics of such an agreement are profound in that the agreement is for the highest good of the whole of the soul, not only the aspect who incarnates into the physical being. The contract is made once the soul determines its total aspects wants and desires. They come together in a rather unique fashion. There are many you’s in the total You. And each you has a job to do, and that job is to incarnate into a form most suitable for that aspect as well as the totality of your Being. To understand what may appear as very complex is to concentrate only on your individual aspect because that is your soul’s agreement. To concentrate on another aspect of Self can be self defeating because it takes away the focus on your current incarnation. All each of you are to do is be within the skin of your being you know yourselves to physically be. Just know that this being you know yourself to be is just one aspect of your total being. To go forward into the future or back into the past may give you information to assist you, but to get more out of this incarnation is to be fully present in the now. How many times have we been told that these past few years?

In between our lives we combine with the other aspects of Self to show us our many ways of experiencing. We view our life’s journey once we make the transition out of a body into the astral realm. We may decide to use the body’s form (etheric as viewed from the third dimension), however the physical form is left empty and returns to dust. (I made the comment that there needs to be no fear when choosing cremation once you have left your body.) Because you left the constraints of the physical, you find that you have the ability to change the form at will. Most ones continue on with the form they are familiar and comfortable with until they decide to move themselves to another realm. It is all up to the individual aspect within the totality of the soul. However, once the aspect moves in tandem with the oversoul or Higher Self, then a whole new set of parameters appear giving the aspects of one or more of the total Self to decide upon the next set of experiences to understand creation or express creation (these are the same – understanding and expressing).  What is happening to many souls is that at this juncture of the movement of the stars and planets, there may be more than one aspect of themselves that combine to form the next physical being. More or added experiences within the Self are needed to move creation forces to a new level of understanding. That is why you are all here – understanding creation. We have been told that we are merging into more of You, more of each one of us. This aspect of you that you see as your current physical being is taking on other aspects of your overall Self. There earlier was a comment made about a lady who saw her father die and then as he ascended, she saw all his parts coming together. This comment made earlier is basically what is happening to us in our physicality here as we remain in our physical bodies.  Some or most of us are changing our current physical form. Our DNA structures are being reactivated. We see the double helix strand as very active, with the other ten strands seen as dormant. These so called dormant strands are multi-dimensional, therefore we now see them as being activated. We are now seeing more multi-dimensional! We are morphing into something new and we are witnessing drastic changes. This will take a long time to happen. It will not be overnight.

Our body’s cellular structure is adding more life force energy that we visually see as light. For those of you without sight in this incarnation, you will have heightened insight. You will be able to see more within. Those of you who have visual sight will begin to see the light around the body structure as in the aura becoming more and more visible with not only our in turned eye but with our outer eye. This is going on now and will continue on. Are you starting to see or know this? You may think you are making it up but you are really not. I will rephrase that. You are making it up but it is all a part of being a creator.

Visually, all things, especially our plants and rocks, will glitter as they too have consciousness. Rick earlier told me that in the astral realm (some call heaven) the colors were brighter, more clear, and everything had a glow to it. I believe that is what Rick was saying. Everything shines. I remember when my mother passed and I saw her in a park leaning against a tree. She says to me, “Oh Beverly, you have to see this park. It’s so full of color, everything is brighter. The flowers are beautiful and she went on and on and on. And then she said, “I guess you’re not ready to come. You have things to do.” I said, “Well thanks.”

Do remember all is consciousness, all is of Creator. Remain in balance so these changes can make an easier entrance into the physical. Be aware that many in your current medical profession and some of your scientists cannot explain what is happening as they work on the body seeing things they have never seen before. They may interpret them as new diseases but what they see does not look like a disease. They may see this as an anomaly, yet they are seeing many anomalies daily. The too are changing and will see their own structures change.

It, indeed, is a grand new day. Hold on to the knowledge that all is in order and each of you is divine. The divine processes have begun.


The Fab Five – channeled information

Before I continued and channeled Rick, I noted that it was very crowded in the room, many more than those who were in physical attendance. The day before my talk, Rick mentioned the Fab Five. I remember a college basketball team (Michigan State?) who had players labeled the Fab Five. The basketball team was made up of five incoming and very talented freshmen. That year they had a fabulous team! I believe this was Rick’s attempt at humor in that he was in “attendance” at my talk with the Fab Five. This Fab Five team was made up of Sanat Kumara, Lady Venus, Kuthumi, St. Germaine, and Kuan Yin. The Fab Five and Rick stood (in etheric form) in a semi-circle at the front of the room and emitted a beautiful golden energy. Rick stood in the middle of the “team,” looked around and said “Wow” noticing the very crowded room. Before Rick spoke through me, I channeled the following information:


Dear Ones,

We gather together in many, many realms as you share this information today. Each one of you is here for a reason, to understand your physicality and the physicality beyond the earthly realm. Know, indeed, time is changing as you know time. It will not be as you have known it throughout eons of earth’s presence. Do not be afraid. These changes are most wondrous with your help. Without your help, without your being here, this would not occur. So congratulate yourself, pat yourself on the back and say:  “Yes, I have come to be a part of this All, to do my thing, to be a part of humanity to express my wisdom, to express my knowledge, to express the divineness within me.” Know that, tell yourself, look into the mirror and start loving who you see in the mirror. That is so important right now. To love yourself wholly and unconditionally.


From Rick

I have taken my body to a whole other level. It is a level that you talk about. What you experience is something else. I can fly, I can still run, I can still walk as I did in the earthly realm as my gaze meets the eyes of all that I pass. And that is your job here – is to see the eyes of each person that you pass. Acknowledge their presence here on earth, for indeed that is a beautiful presence and don’t let anyone forget that, especially you. Yes, I wrote that poem (speaking of a poem he channeled and wrote a few years ago. See it at the end of this article). Another part of me had channeled it (the poem) a few years ago, and the humor in it has much more meaning. Do keep humor within your being because life is to be fun, life is to be enjoyed.

In this realm, in fact I have been able to go through many, many realms after I left the physical body and I have had snippets of information from the many realms. I am still exploring, so to speak, yet I have met many of my friends and family who have passed on. I am still learning like I have gone back to college. I am in my doctorate-doctorate degree. There is so much that it is hard to explain this realm to the earth realm. Know so much awaits you. Do not be in a hurry to be in this realm because you have so many important things to do. And that goes for you Bev and each person here. There are many of us here that will hold your hand as you go through this process. We also will lend our hand to help those who cross over. Many of us here who have recently passed are doing just that – we are extending our hand to help them step into this realm and leave the earthly realm behind. Many more will be leaving this planet and my job right now is to help alleviate the fear that some bring in when they do cross over. The same time (time is a little different here as you know it there) I have had the opportunity to connect with my buddies (Rick called his friends and some of the masters “his buddies”) and with their help, see through their eyes and also understand the importance of myself through the whole process seeing through my eyes from this realm and what a view. Know that much goes on in this realm. It’s joyous and it’s work but not work as you would see it in the earthly realm. It is most interesting. It is most joyful. It’s not arduous. Please understand the importance of being human. Look into your heart, each of you. Feel the beat of your heart. Mine was stopped so I could move on. Yet I do know that I will always have a heart. Go deeply within your Being. Feel the pulse within you and know the beauty that you seek is already there. I have come to understand my own beauty even though at times in earthly realm, I would push it aside and not take it in. I felt my ego was getting in the way, yet I pushed it aside and didn’t let it come fully within me. Know that you can do that. Allow it (your beauty) to come through and to be you and be love. It is simple. I honor each one of you here as do the Fab Five who stand with me. There are many, many masters on this side of the veil. Some of you can see the masters and some of you cannot, but do feel their love as it showers down on you today. Allow the shower of love and light enter into your Being as you go forth on your daily path. It is not only for today, (it is) for you at all times.

Rick stepped back into the semi-circle. Sanat Kumara stepped forward to speak. I recorded the following, then my tape recorder stopped.


From Sanat Kumara

We stand forth. Be. Be. Know that we are here. Know you are never alone. Know that can never be. Know the love of God is in each one of us as it is in you.

June 25, 2012

It is with joy that we continue this conversation. I say you have put together quite a dissertation on life. Bravo!

To all who read and feel of this writing, know that your trust is always an issue. Know that what you feel as love is real. That is reality – just plain love. We have brought to your attention the timeline that is ceasing to be. Reality is changing as your view of reality is changing. Trust in the love that you are a manifestation of the One, God Creator, maker of Heaven and Earth. Also maker of all reality. Please note that reality is changing because it is the moment when the shifts become very apparent. What you do on the earthly realm affects us all on the other realms. We are all in this together. Our brother, whom you know as Rick, has been very instrumental in assisting us to see the peculiarities of human life. Even though many of us have entered into a human body, we find it difficult to stay in the heavier density of being. And that is where all of you humans come in. You are in your heavier density bodies and putting on a big show! You are showing us what is possible and probable while maintaining your bodies. Soon the heavier density will be released and you will feel so much lighter as you release the heavier thought forms of limitation. As Rick said, do not be in a hurry to exit your body. You all are here for a reason. You are bringing love totally into the physical. You will continue to balance your being, physically, mentally, and emotionally. You now note how much your emotions affect your physicality. That is why it is so important to love yourselves wholly and unconditionally. You all are very blessed.


When you came into this lifetime, you possessed nothing,

But remembered everything.

You have spent a lifetime accumulating something

At the expense of forgetting everything.

And now, if you lose everything that you possess,

You will be left with nothing.

In so doing, you will be free to remember

Everything you really need, which is nothing.

Isn’t that something?

Freedom is not a concept, but a state of being…

Be free from anything that limits your Being from everything,

And you’ll soon want for nothing.

                                            -Rick Thompson


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One Heart at a Time

by and through Rick

May 19, 2006


I am including on this website some of Rick’s past writings still so pertinent for today. Rick made his transition on April 11, 2012. This writing was included in our Summer 2006 Newsletter “The Gathering of Angels.”  Bev


If you look very closely, dismissing your tendencies toward tradition and the status quo, a clear and powerful energy is growing exponentially in our world. You won’t hear about it in the news, if you still listen to mainstream media. If you still do immerse yourself in “drama news,” then you are assuredly, as Paul Harvey would say, missing the “rest of the story.” And the subtle story is the emergence of the divine feminine energy, rapidly intensifying to complement the divine masculine energy. This balance is what is changing the world, one heart at a time. We can see more world figures who are in feminine form. We see significant spouses of male leaders expressing themselves openly – even in areas which have held back women. The possibility of a female presence in the White House in now quite plausible. More men are willing to openly express their emotions – hugging and crying with less reservation. Many more examples could be cited that would reaffirm a new energetic balance blessing our reality. Most children, Indigo to the newer Crystalline, are being born into this energetic alignment which complements the innate awareness, consciousness, and DNA encodings within them.


It is important to understand this energetic balance in not about gender. While a woman is usually more receptive to feminine energy and men to masculine energy, it is not always the case. In addition, everyone has both energies within them and bringing them into balance within oneself is a giant step toward bringing balance to the outer world. In our spiritual energetic form, we are androgynous and all of us have lived male and female lifetimes. Therefore, it is way past time to release your gender bias!


Yes, rapidly, albeit with subtlety, the divine feminine is balancing the divine masculine and the divine whole (holy) is emerging. One heart at a time on a cosmic wave of love!



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Richard L. Thompson, 1947 – 2012

My dear husband, Rick, made his transition April 11, 2012. His warmth, quick wit, internal beauty, and intellect of the heart and mind are clearly evident in the writings on this website. He had such a gift in his writings and his ability to simply explain what is happening in this Shift of the Ages. He was my “first editor” of my writings including my three books. He could understand what was written and many times, he explained the meaning of the words to me so that I could understand the words given through me. He had and has such a light within and this light could be seen by the naked eye by many people with that vision. I have recently gone back through many of his writings throughout the years, those published in our quarterly newsletters (some posted on this website), and I note the overall simplicity and beauty of his words. I will periodically post some of these on this website so you all can enjoy and feel his messages. I just pulled one of our newsletters “The Gathering of Angels, Autumn 1999″ from my file and came across this gem:

September 5, 1999

From and Through Rick Thompson

The highest expression of yourself as God human form is to be love. Love is the essence, the energy of creation. No one human can know the heart and mind of another completely. But, dear ones, it is encumbent upon each of you to know your own. You are never able to fool yourself – you are you and privy to your deepest emotions, feelings and thoughts.

Have compassion for others, allowing and accepting their place, their expression. However, you need not exist in their world – in fact, you most certainly should not. When you do, you give away your power. Why would you do that!?

In the human aspect of your existence you will be confronted with ample choices in relationships with others, which will define your relationship with yourself. The effect of all things and people in your environment is all about choice. You can “react” or “act.” It is a conscious decision to allow another human to draw away your attention, your power, or to release it to the ethers and maintain your focus, your power.

Today, in this moment, I choose to be the clarity, the wisdom, the joy and the light of the One. I choose to express that choice in the energy of love. The past is moments I have already experienced and chosen. The next nows are being created by these moment’s choices. I am a creator of harmony and peace in my expression. In our Oneness, choose well in your moments, that which is for your highest good.


Rick, we will miss you. You are so dearly loved.


On this earth plane, besides his wife, Bev, Rick has three beautiful children – Dan, Landon, and Caroline, a daughter-in-law, Carrie (Landon’s wife), three brothers – Larry of the Seattle area, Denny of Indianapolis, and Randy of the Los Angeles area.

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Live the Divine Mastery

March 21, 2012

by and through Rick Thompson


As we move further into the Shift of the Ages, from three dimensional understanding to fourth, fifth, and sixth dimensional experience, the notion that we create our own reality is even more poignant. It is incumbent upon all of us to live the divine mastery that is our very essence. We must focus our thoughts and intent to see beyond the news media “sound bite” reporting. We must be aware of a far greater reality than the one reflected to us by the lower density paradigm. It all comes down to you consciously choosing to be that which you intend to be. That includes living your life consciously, honestly, impeccably, and with integrity. It is a heart/mind choice that encompasses and embraces all of creation. That includes the dark. The master knows that the dark is simply the absence of light. Or put another way, ignorance is the absence of wisdom. The former cannot exist in the presence of the latter.


However, darkness is not the equivalent of evil. Evil is a construct of the lower mind/emotions stemming from fear. Many humans have gone so far as to create an entity, the devil or Satan, in order to place their fears on an outside entity rather than embrace and conquer fear. Darkness, as delineated above is part of creation and should be embraced and understood, as all conscious masters have done. To ascend to the higher dimensions, one must relinquish the lures of the third dimension (i.e., power over others, greed, lust, etc.) to become one with a higher truth.


In contrast to the gloomy scenario broadcast nightly, our planet earth, the sentient Gaia, is changing dramatically and the consciousness of humanity is as well. From a higher dimensional perspective, all alleged problems can be resolved. What it will take is an unfettered mind and an active heart in the vibration of love. Individuals who are free are creative. People who give their power away to others (i.e. government, religion, etc.) are creating for themselves victimhood and dependence on something outside of themselves. One who accepts full responsibility for self is liberated from those shackles.


Therefore, you most certainly do create your own reality by choosing how you view yourself (love and acceptance is strongly recommended) and the perspective you have of the world. Your ego will continually attempt to draw you back into a lower dimensional perspective. However, the master has learned that the ego is a vital and necessary servant to the higher self within, but never as the primary influence. It is time, right Now, to become as if everything you intend and dream is already yours. No should haves, could haves, will be’s, etc. It is here in the present. That is the gift of the master’s understanding and perspective.


I Am Rick.


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The Road Is Your Choice

March 17, 2012

Through Beverly Thompson


You are now well into the year 2012, the year many think the world will change. Indeed, the world will change, it is always changing because of the thoughts of each one of you. Remember what is now happening upon your planet is the decisions from each one of you in preparation for the coming of the new day. You ask what does this mean? The New Day in the life of humanity on earth is Here. It is in the here and now. It is always a new day. But to liken it to a New Age, humanity is making progress into understanding their part in this overall plan. You are seeing drastic changes in the eyes of the people around the world They are seeing mis-steps and beginning to understand the power that they hold. The tempest calls and people are beginning to lay down their arms, not willing to play the defense card any longer. You will see so much more of this in your coming days. Please understand what this means. This day in your March, 2012, as marked on your Gregorian calendars, is the day of gratitude for life, living and believing in the form of the human as a conduit of continuing biological life giving new reason and form to the formless spirit of All That Is. It is a New Day. Understand the spirit that resides within the human body, the human form. It is spirit reaching into new arenas to understand the ambiguities of experience to bring the whole to new understandings.


You are being watched by the multitudes of beings, most of them unseen in your visions. Open up your visual perceptions and you shall see them. They applaud you for your courageousness as you begin to transcend the limitedness you agreed to experience. Now is the moment where each one of you can open up and see a much larger picture. It is available to all, not what you may see as the chosen ones, for each of you are one of the chosen ones. Give yourself the love that you so richly deserve. Pay homage to that what you are – a part of All That Is. Your religious circles are mumbling not understanding what is happening. The religions of old shall soon disappear with the new star approaching opening up gateways into what was previously unknown. They are beginning to see the much larger picture of God, of themselves a part of God. They are sensing new directions, a coming of age from that of a child into adulthood. Many are learning responsibility. We laugh when we still hear the words, “The devil made me do this.” Turning your personal responsibility into a figure who has power over you will soon pass out of most people’s beliefs. Those of you who still have these beliefs in your system, allow the power of who you are take over and use that power with love and compassion. The old beliefs will soon move out of your consciousness, not to return. It will be as a fable, a way to interpret life, for indeed, that is exactly why this old thought form came into being.


What now? The more you allow yourself the love you so richly deserve, the faster this world will change. It will be a new world. The old institutions are falling. And this year they will fall fast. This will cause some short term turmoil. See beyond the turmoil. See the love within you and all people. When you only see the love, the old patterns fade faster and faster. And this you shall see these coming months. The world’s financial exchanges and institutions are going through their own changes. Allow this to happen. You each will have plenty of sustenance for your body and your home. Again allow for these changes. Listen to that internal voice of Self. Listen intently and you will live with intention. Much will play out in the next four months. We hear the word prepare, as many of you are asking, how do we prepare? Treat yourselves with love. Keep food in your pantries, but no need to hoard. There will be plenty of food for all. Grow some of your own foodstuffs. You will find your grocer shelves full of foods. Be thankful for these foods as your bodies need much nourishment at this time. Pay attention to your bodies and listen to what it needs. Your first instinct is usually correct. Listen.


This year, 2012, is an eventful year. Your interpretation of the Mayan calendar has given you a time schedule, so to speak, which has been a prod to get you thinking and living in a new paradigm. Much more will be revealed this year. These revelations include some of the secrets that have been held from the populace. There has much talk about “disclosure” these past couple of years (life and beings beyond your world). There already has been disclosure. Will the United States government acknowledge this? Your president is very aware of what has transpired and is very scared at announcing this knowledge to the world. He has many people surrounding him and pulling his strings. Yet he also has made movements to claim his power. Don’t expect him to announce the presence of extraterrestrials. Others in the government will be doing this. Soon this will become common knowledge even to many of those who hold back in believing they exist. Of course they exist!


Be at peace. The more you maintain a loving presence, the more others will do the same. The road of life is always your choice. Choose wisely.



Q – In the second paragraph, you mention a new star is approaching opening up gateways. What new star?

A – This star is not new, you just cannot see it in your third dimension. This star is known as Gata, the Gateway. It is not known yet in most of the arenas of astronomy, and will become evident in the upcoming days. It will first appear rather gaseous.


To all of you who are reading this, have you seen or heard of such a star? In my last two books, Mystery of the Universes, Book Two, and Book Three, there are writings telling us that many changes are happening within our solar system and galaxy along with our Earth.


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by Rick Thompson

January 3, 2012


2012 has arrived and with it the infinite possibilities that lay before us. Those of us who have been consciously aware of the incredible evolutionary shift that has been in process for the past 25 years understand that we are approaching the midpoint of The Great Shift. We understand that there is no fear connected with the Mayan calendar, no doomsday event that will manifest on December 21, 2012. Rather, we know that this much “hyped” date is simply the end of one age (baktun) and the beginning of a new one. We have also come to know that all the external changes, such as earth alterations from floods, tornadoes, tsunamis, volcanoes, etc., are real, but not in the manner we might have perceived them to be decades ago. We now know that the energetic marker of this Now in our development is the conscious awareness of ourselves as divine, powerful, eternal beings. It is from this perspective of personal realization, personal responsibility, and compassionate tolerance of others that the true Shift of the Ages is occurring.


The consciousness of our Earth, the being Gaia, is indeed evolving as well, corresponding to our own personal evolution since humanity and Gaia have symbiotically existed for a very long time, in linear terms. However, we as humanity, have long since consciously moved beyond the human existence as mere survival and the inclination to seek out someone to lead us. We have reached the innate awareness of the unique intelligence encoded within our human body. This intelligence beckons us to follow our heart, not the dictates of another, whether or not the dictates are well meaning or to control us. We have learned that we are indeed the Masters we seek. Even though we can honor and appreciate those who have come before us to light the way, we realize that we are now consciously able to light our own way and serve as a beacon for others.


In addition, as we further clarify our conscious awareness, we connect more fully with our own Higher Self and the multidimensional nature of our beingness. It is this next step in awareness (actually remembrance) that will define the world we are creating during The Great Shift. The proof of the change marked by 2012 is everywhere about us. Nevertheless, your relationship with yourself, a relationship of unconditional love and acceptance is where the most meaningful shift is happening. Please realize it, embrace it, and feel its joy and peace. From this perspective, anything that we desire can be ours through pure intent, a multidimensional consciousness.


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2012 & Beyond Predictions


Bev Thompson and Shareina Fisher


2012 is a continuation of 2011. We are already moving into the New Earth. We are not seeing huge changes that have been prophesized for many years, specifically the upcoming Mayan date of December 21, 2012, a date many people see as magical or doom and gloom. We see these changes continuing because it is up to us, humanity, to transform ourselves through our thoughts, therefore, our belief systems. The energy downloads into this earth (including us) continue more evenly now instead of the bursts we experienced in the past.


Realize the importance of this moment. The New World/New Earth is in place ready for all ones to acknowledge its presence. The movement of mankind into this new realm will take many years before all is accomplished for all ones. Please understand that all, everything, is connected. There is no way to separate creation. Most of us on this planet have experience the mentality of separation and then included it in our physical projections. The outside world (what we call it) is a projection of our thoughts. Pay attention to all of your thoughts because they are you! We will not be able to continue the separation thought process when we fully understand the integration of all life just is.


Accountability and Authenticity

Many of us may not realize it yet but people are becoming tired of the “old regime.” By that we mean the “stories” we tell ourselves and anyone who will listen, about how we are victims of our circumstances.


We are tired of seeing people get away with murder, figuratively and in reality. We are angry when businesses try to rip us off, when government takes advantages of many of us including those less fortunate, when we see the selfish spending of celebrities. As a result of the removal of our rose colored glasses, we are finally fed up with what has been going on in the old paradigm. We are finally seeing the opposite ends of the spectrums where before, we chose to stick our heads in the sand and not deal with it. As a result, we will be demanding more “accountability” from ourselves, our family and friends, businesses and big corporations, our government as well as our religious institutions.


No longer will people be willing to turn a blind eye to the “inauthentic” way that has gone on before. We will begin to desire our “true selves” to finally emerge. We will have to as we all become more intuitive and able to see through lies and deceptions. It will no longer be easy to keep the masks on if we know that others will see through them. We will be able to see the heart and intention, whether in an individual or an institution. No more hiding. The time of accountability and authenticity is emerging.


Changing Bodies

Obesity has been a factor for many people and is something to be looked at during these times. No matter what time of day it is, when you turn on the TV there are now numerous shows that are focused on weight and obesity. Over indulgence and gluttony is no longer an accepted concept. The days of the “super sizer” is on it’s way out. Food chains and restaurants are going to be held accountable for the way they portray food, and whether their food fosters a healthy body or not. Remember to be accountable to yourselves and your families in creating new mindsets for how you perceive food. We again have the extremes, at one end the increase of people going hungry in our country and on the other end the idea that the more food, the happier we are. We need to find the balance.


Because it is the beginning of a new year, we see lots of media reporting lifestyle changes in eating and exercise as being very important as our bodies transform into more light. Pay attention to your bodies. They will always tell you what they need and this doesn’t mean addictions (that is something different). We are finding that each of our body’s process foods differently. Pay attention to what is healthiest for you!


Our forms are changing. New humanity is called Crea, a balance of the feminine with the masculine. We are beginning to access other dimensions of ourselves, living within those dimensions, then exiting to bring aspects of that life into our current, yet changing, life form. This influx of higher energies are awakening what we used to refer to as our dormant strands of DNA. These strands were never dormant, just other parts of us that were not active in our 3rd dimensional bodies. Now they have been activated.


Continue releasing those old programs of victim hood, drama, fear, continuous anger, degradation of self, etc. which damage the body causing deterioration. Once we do this releasing, our bodies will work that much better. We are seeing some people who are experiencing the fountain of youth (youthing). People are starting to notice these changes in other people. They may not be aware of what is happening, but they notice a change about you. Love it all!


Our brains are becoming as one hemisphere called the cerebium and our synapses are firing with more force or light energy. This is affecting our auras as they are becoming brighter as this light flows through us into our fields outside of our denser physical body.


Stay calm as these changes take place. Feel the new pulsations as they reverberate throughout your body. The energy fields are being felt and becoming more sensitive. This expansion enables the physical vehicle to move into a harmonized attachment to the other aspects of Self. In the days to come, this new and expanded body will easily morph into the light vehicle or merkaba with just the thought of movement within the sphere of the earth and beyond. There are ones stationed on our planet who will assist those who are ready to use this vehicle. There will be training programs set up around the globe including some of you. You soon will know if you are one of them. There is no need of research – you will know when and where you are to be.


Earth Changes

This year I (Bev) am seeing large sheets of ice breaking off in areas in our Arctic Circle. This will cause lands to shift, water surges, and tsunamis.


Per Lady Gaia, eventually earth’s tectonic plates will lock into place. This will cause the waters to rise yet there will not be a great flood as there has been in the past. Earth’s aquifers are filling up with some of the waters so water will not cover all the lands. There will be no great flood. New life forms will emerge upon these lands once the waters settle. Be aware of Lady Gaia’s earth to spit and boil as the old energies are released allowing the merging of her higher dimensions. She (Gaia) is feeling the assistance from her sister planets as well as the sun which is releasing large amounts of gases, coronal mass ejections (CME’s), to accelerate this process of transformation. They twirl and magnetize elements within the atmosphere harboring changes on earth’s surface.


Understand that these changes are necessary, and in fact beneficial to our “new planet.” As a result of the earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, etc. new artifacts and civilizations will be discovered, leading the experts to re-evaluate the age of our planet as well as who our previous ancestors really were. There will be no denying that we have relatives from the stars. Our government will eventually have to admit that we have been in contact and have shared information with those from other planets and star systems. The missing pieces of the puzzle will start falling into place and you will have many “aha” moments when see how the puzzle of Earth fits together.


Remain calm as these changes take place. You will not be in the way of a storm unless you choose to be. Many of you will know when and where to move for safety if that even will be necessary.


There is a lot more information on this in Bev’s upcoming book “Mystery of the Universes, Book Three.”


Medicine and Science

Why do you think there is so much political banter around National Healthcare, Social Security and Medicare? It is causing people to rethink how they want to take care of themselves. Do we want a government to tell us what type of healthcare provider we can go to, or whether we have to take prescriptions instead of supplements, or be required to have mandatory vaccinations? Many of you have been complacent far too long. When we are faced with the outrageous we eventually make the correct changes. As a result of this kind of madness more people will begin to see their bodies as energy and that their thoughts can affect where and how the energy goes in their bodies. They will start to view themselves as “well and perfect” instead of sick and disabled. People will become empowered when they realize that “hey, I just changed the cells in my body from unhealthy to healthy.” More new healing modalities will come into play and instead of going to doctors children will be taught in school how they can regenerate their organs and work with their own bodies’ intuition and knowledge to keep them young and vital throughout their lives.


Science will discover amazing new technologies to heal the body as well without the harmful side effects. Cures that have been kept secret and hidden by big pharmaceutical companies to keep their huge profits will gradually be revealed. Disease will eventually be a thing of the past as we learn to work with our light bodies as explained above.

So rejoice! Yes things may get tough for awhile but the rewards are well worth it.


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It’s October 2011, What Happens Next?

October 24, 2011

Through Bev Thompson


It’s late October. Yesterday there was an earthquake in Turkey, so our dear Mother Earth is still letting off gasses, and realigning her tectonic plates. Dear Human, please listen to your own internal road map and you will also feel any vibrations within the Earth Mother. She will let you know where and when she will tremble next. Please be advised that she will not turn over, change her poles, reverse her direction of spin, and many of the other misconceptions of this “future.” The Mayan calendar ends this 2011 & 2012. It is not an exact date which has been written by others. Some say it is October 28 while others say it is December 21, 2012. Both are right. Big changes are happening now but most changes are happening within the internal you. It is not only out there some place. Yes, you are absorbing more intense wonderful energies which has an effect on all life.


Many of you are seeing the changes within your bodies. You are starting to think differently. Many people are still very much afraid of the wrath of God. There is no wrath of God. It is in the boiling up of old thought systems that are keeping many in the state of fear. Know that every one person on this planet is dearly loved because each and every one person is a part of God. And now is the time for the thoughts of love to manifest within the human. You are transitioning through the death of the old paradigm of limited understanding of your own divine presence, moving into the knowledge that you set up your own life experiences. So what is there to fear? Do you remember why you invented fear in the first place? So you would know the limitations within your physical structures. But that is even changing as your physical structures are making huge changes. Allow the self to feel the divine presence within. This will assist in the change of the old thought patterns into those of love and compassion.


This is the moment of the great releasing. It is much like an earthquake of the body. Crevices are opening and some are closing. Listen to your bodies and they will tell you what they need. Not everyone has the same body (duh!) and so no two bodies respond in exactly the same way. Listen to what your body needs. It may be more rest. To tax the body emotionally or physically does not allow you to integrate the higher frequencies as easily as when you are rested. If you are tired, then ask your body what it needs. It may just be an added hour of deep sleep. Or it may be due to your food intake. Listen, and then act accordingly. No excuses. An excuse puts you in a victim mode, and to be a victim definitely pulls or drains your energy. And that is what is building in each one of you. To drain your energy is counter-productive. However, many of you still mange to do this. When you find yourself in this mode, then step back, take a look at your thoughts and actions, then choose again. To berate oneself in this process will deplete your energy even more. Just notice what you are doing, then wisely choose again.


This time period is the greatest time on earth. Let your light shine and you shall be a beacon to others who are struggling. Allow yourselves the peace that is yours.


We also want to note what is happening worldwide that started in your city New York (Occupy Wall Street). People are thinking differently and want to blame others. This is a paradigm shift. To blame another does not enlighten. However to pursue individual responsibility is. To be a pawn in the game of life is ending. We feel this is part of that ending. Make your voices heard, but to succumb to victimhood, as many are doing in this case, is giving away your power. Take the power that is a god-given right and develop within what serves you best. Take responsibility for all decisions, all actions within your sphere of life. The old patterns (old paradigm), many of the institutions, will fall. Remember all institutions include people. Love the people. Take that initiative and move forward in your own life. To move forward is knowing that your create your own reality and then living consciously in all you do and say. As ones do this together, then you will find just how powerful you all are. It is a new day. Start living each day as such.


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Something Dynamic is Occurring

October 24, 2011

By and through Rick Thompson


As is obvious to anyone paying attention at all, something dynamic is occurring amongst the peoples of planet Earth, and the planet itself. The being known a Gaia is shaking and venting as she goes through the pangs of pregnancy. Gaia is about to give birth to a new world in which a new human will be able to carry more of his or her own light. One only need to observe the mass demonstrations to realize something is afoot. The Arab Spring shows those peoples claiming the right to more freedom. They simply want more food, clean water, schools, hospitals, electricity, and a better life. What is yet to manifest is whether they can govern themselves, or will they succumb to the extremists who anxiously wish to control the masses in a different way. We shall see, for the time of choice is upon them.


In Europe, we see riots and protests in Greece and elsewhere, resisting fiscal responsibility in favor of the government benefits to which they feel entitled. In Germany, the populace says that they have learned to be responsible for themselves and resist bailing out those who eschew personal responsibility. Will personal responsibility or giving one’s power to someone/something else to take care of you win out? This, too, is playing out currently and the time of choice is upon them.


In the United States, two particular and significant movements have surfaced in the past year or so. The first is what has been labeled the Tea Party movement. This has been an orderly, focused movement demanding less government spending and less intrusion upon the freedoms envisioned by the nation’s prescient founders. These people are claiming their own power and personal responsibility. The short rallies, peaceful in nature, and respectful of the rally’s premises, were significant.


The second movement is the Occupy Wall Street group. These demonstrators have an incoherent agenda with an emphasis on blaming others for what they perceive as their plight. In these demonstrations (in contrast to rallies), they are protracted, disrespectful of the premises and non-participants. They demand what other’s have and for the Government to solve their problems.


It is an interesting contrast, with no judgment as an observer. However, here again, a nation (the United States) is faced with a decision. Personal responsibility with a smaller Central Government and greater local decision making versus a large Central Government which makes the decisions for everyone. Whatever is decided, the time for that choice is upon the citizenry.


All of this is a reflection of something far more important. You, the human individual being, is evolving to become more of your true essence. As delineated above, some of you are embracing the new you while others are clinging to the old paradigm. It is fine either way. A place that accommodates your choices will be there for you. From the perspective of Spirit, you are encouraged to drop the old and step into the new. The physical world is transitory. Spirit is simply all that exists after the physical world is removed.


You are not on this planet at this time to accomplish goals or to work hard. You are not here to be measured against others or to do what others expect of you. You came here to Be light. No one is here just taking up space. Everyone was chosen to be here and chose to be here. All are vital. That is why you are allowed to choose what is appropriate for you. Spirit wishes you to step into the new you confidently and consciously.


Therefore, regardless of where you choose to stand in the physical world, remember that you are grand beyond the scope of imagination and should hold your head high and claim your true essence. You are planting the seeds of a world of beauty. A world where there will still be a difference of opinion, but no dissension. There will remain some imbalance, tempered with tolerance, because there remains free will. Allow others their choices, accept others for their choices and care for each other.


The world envisioned will come about with fits and starts, over generations. The seeds you have planted and nurtured are growing strong and the exponential growth in enlightened consciousness is incredible. Future generations (you) will come back to tend the growth to fruition.


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