Richard L. Thompson, 1947 – 2012

My dear husband, Rick, made his transition April 11, 2012. His warmth, quick wit, internal beauty, and intellect of the heart and mind are clearly evident in the writings on this website. He had such a gift in his writings and his ability to simply explain what is happening in this Shift of the Ages. He was my “first editor” of my writings including my three books. He could understand what was written and many times, he explained the meaning of the words to me so that I could understand the words given through me. He had and has such a light within and this light could be seen by the naked eye by many people with that vision. I have recently gone back through many of his writings throughout the years, those published in our quarterly newsletters (some posted on this website), and I note the overall simplicity and beauty of his words. I will periodically post some of these on this website so you all can enjoy and feel his messages. I just pulled one of our newsletters “The Gathering of Angels, Autumn 1999” from my file and came across this gem:

September 5, 1999

From and Through Rick Thompson

The highest expression of yourself as God human form is to be love. Love is the essence, the energy of creation. No one human can know the heart and mind of another completely. But, dear ones, it is encumbent upon each of you to know your own. You are never able to fool yourself – you are you and privy to your deepest emotions, feelings and thoughts.

Have compassion for others, allowing and accepting their place, their expression. However, you need not exist in their world – in fact, you most certainly should not. When you do, you give away your power. Why would you do that!?

In the human aspect of your existence you will be confronted with ample choices in relationships with others, which will define your relationship with yourself. The effect of all things and people in your environment is all about choice. You can “react” or “act.” It is a conscious decision to allow another human to draw away your attention, your power, or to release it to the ethers and maintain your focus, your power.

Today, in this moment, I choose to be the clarity, the wisdom, the joy and the light of the One. I choose to express that choice in the energy of love. The past is moments I have already experienced and chosen. The next nows are being created by these moment’s choices. I am a creator of harmony and peace in my expression. In our Oneness, choose well in your moments, that which is for your highest good.


Rick, we will miss you. You are so dearly loved.


On this earth plane, besides his wife, Bev, Rick has three beautiful children – Dan, Landon, and Caroline, a daughter-in-law, Carrie (Landon’s wife), three brothers – Larry of the Seattle area, Denny of Indianapolis, and Randy of the Los Angeles area.

8 thoughts on “Richard L. Thompson, 1947 – 2012

  1. Oh how beautiful! Thank you for sharing this message again.Rick was so inspiring with his
    words of wisdom. As I was reading it, a little
    voice in my head said, “Tell Bev it would be
    a wonderful tribute to compile all of his writings
    together in a lovely book to share with everyone.
    We all loved him and this would help keep his
    spirit alive on this plane!
    Much love and light is extended to you Bev and
    your entire family at this time.
    Love & light always,
    Lulu Hammond

  2. Bev, What a lovely homage that you paid to Rick. I’m sure he greatly appreciates your love and respect.


  3. Hi, Bev! ♥ Thank you for sharing Rick’s words of Truth and wisdom here with us again! What a Beautiful way to keep expanding his presence with us all! ♥ I am sending Love and gratitude and prayers for you both, and your family, as well!

    ~ Sending Love!
    ♥ Julie

  4. So Beautiful, Bev! ♥ Thank you for reposting Rick’s words of Truth and wisdom here for us all! ♥ My heart is with both of you and your family as you learn to Live anew, with Rick’s expanded presence! ♥

    ~ Sending Love!
    ♥ Julie

  5. Beloved Bev,
    Thank you for walking through these days with your willing heart to stay connected to us all. “Spiritual” Rick’s wisdom and humor continue tol be welcomed as always. May be join in the delight of our ONENESS; celebrating his continued support of you and us all.
    BEing Love,
    DebBE Harte

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