A Conundrum

Peace be with you. How many times have you heard that phrase? Just what does this mean? Peace be with you. Change your words, and therefore your thoughts to peace be you. Feel the peace within letting go of all the outside chatter that does no one any good. The take a look at your inside chatter. What is it telling you?

Pay attention to your belief structures. They indeed are structures. You say you have done most all of your releasing yet you remain locked in many structures. Only you have the key to those locks within you. You cannot unlock another, it just doesn’t work that way.

What we are communicating with you is for you to again look closely at those belief structures that hold you back in the more dense body of the human. Yes your bodies indeed are getting lighter. We say lighten up! The new day is here. Until you use your own key to unlock ALL belief systems, you will not see the New Earth. There is so much drama still being played on your plane of earth. And it will continue until you realize what’s real and what’s not real. Hmmm…

Yes, we are talking to each and every one of you reading this message. And we hear you asking, what’s not real and what is real? Yes it is a conundrum.

Here is what’s real: LOVE

Here is what’s not real: fear

It’s that simple. Each of you have played your parts and you have done this well. You now know what is feels like to be in density and forgot what it means to be love. We agree most of you reading this understand what we are saying. We hear you asking, “If it’s not love and we are feeling compassion for another, then what do we do?” Stop getting into another’s drama. Love them, period. You may listen to their tale of woe, then you let that go because it is not yours. If they want to continue telling their woe story, then you simply give them love and they soon will stop because that (truly feeling the love) is when they forget just what they were complaining about. What about those who are sick or hurt? Love them, simply love them. When one feels such intense love, their bodies change. Are you aware of that? Love changes all. Please understand that not all ones who are sick or hurt will get well. It’s their choice, always. There are many reasons why some people choose an illness or an accident. Yes, many are leaving this plane of earth and at the same time there is a birth explosion. New ones who truly understand the intricacies of life are coming in wide awake, absolute knowledge of their divineness.

Dear ones, it is a new day. It is a new time. It is a new way of life. We say the word time, however you soon will be enmeshed in no time. Time is also a structure you put in place. We leave you to mull over this release of no time. Remember only you have your own key.

What is real? Everything and nothing.

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