Today This New Day

Dear Ones,

Today, this very day you are seeing the changes going on right before your eyes. You notice the chaos, what the press puts in front of you for you to realize this all is not real. We understand your hesitance in acceptance of this, however we say to you that you don’t have to accept this at all. In fact you don’t have to accept anything that is not in your parameter of your beingness. Did people die in the Orlando massacre? We hear you say, how dare you even say that. However we just did. See through the chaos that is being perpetuated throughout the world. None of it is real. None of it. Yes, we hear you say, tell that to those who have lost their lives or their loved ones.

You are moving out of the illusion that you have dwelled in throughout your many lives on this plane of earth. First, one never dies. That is impossible. They may leave their body, however they never die. This may sound cruel to many of you, however understand that one can never die! And that is what is coming to the forefront on this magnificent earth. Death is no more. And that means most of you reading these words will know within yourselves that as you merge more into your Self will you understand why you have incarnated into the physical form you now inhabit. Soon the chaos will stop because the hold that was present on and around your plane of earth has been lifted. Many of you call it the old grid and we like that phrase. It is the grid that held you in captivity, or you felt held you in captivity. You surrendered to the density of beingness because that is what you came to this plane of earth to do.

There are ones who put themselves on the line so to speak. They were instrumental in the plan of density, what is now called The Great Experiment (see below). And this plan went beyond their wildest dreams as man fell totally into the duality plane of existence. And now that there is no longer support of the grid, people are experiencing freedom. It will be difficult for many of you to even fathom freedom, yet it is and will be more effortless for each one of you than you really think. And think you shall not. Feel first then use the head or brain to bring order to what you feel.

The NEW GOLDEN GRID is in place. You are now safe to move around the cabin. This is your cabin, your place where you put your focus to bring your many Selves into total awareness of your absolute divinity. Yes, the New Earth is taking on a new face. Soon the announcement will be made as these ones come forth with their telling of the tale. Listen and listen carefully as they unfold their plans (The Grand Plan) into the knowingness of all man on this planet and beyond. You all are a part of this plan. They will share with you the installation of this Golden Grid and the birthing of the beautiful New Earth. And it is so magnificent. This IS a New Day and your wonders of expression will be your lives in all your glory of just being. We tell you to keep your eyes and ears open as this opening into the New World, New Earth is happening Now.


Stay tuned in.


The Great Experiment

Humanity, a part of Creator of All That Is, experiencing duality through the veil of separation.

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