My Journey Into My Knowingness

I personally have been and continue to be on quite a journey of understanding more of who I Am. I realize I still have my physical body and reside on this earthen plane. However I also realize and am seeing more clearly those other aspects of me. Yes, I have channeled this information throughout the years, however it is Now that I am seeing this and knowing this.

I started channeling my three books titled “Mystery of the Universes” in 2002 and continued into late 2011. Especially in my 2nd and 3rd books, I felt what much of what I was channeling was “happening” at that time. Also the many visions I was having I felt it was “happening” at that time. Even though I know space and time are illusions or projections of our consciousnesses, I felt that the information shared was for the timeline I was in. However in these past few months I have come to realize that what I saw and/or wrote indeed was a prophecy so to speak, because I am seeing the events unfold in this physicality, right Here and right Now! And I am seeing myself an intricate part of this unfolding. I note that our ascension into the higher states of consciousness and that of this earth, our dear Lady Gaia, has already happened, however we are now experiencing it in this physicality. I can see now that there really is no time, that it isn’t just a concept, it is! Perhaps it is a concept we all projected to make it our reality. It is a Knowing.


I have much to share along with a group of friends, actually my cosmic family, who has incarnated on Earth to be Earth or a part of Earth. This is opening my eyes to a wider spectrum of Self. At this “time” this is all I can say. When it is appropriate, I will further explain. However if you want to know tune into your very own self. It is all there for you to see. Yes, my writings may assist you, however, this all is about personal empowerment, each one of you. It is about personal responsibility. This all means loving yourself unconditionally. Some of us think we already love ourselves unconditionally until something or someone triggers us. And then we look within and note, hmm there is more to release. The time of releasing for many of us is ending. And we thought that was to happen a few years ago!

I do know that the old control grid that was a part of Earth is now gone. The new Golden Crystalline Grid is now in place and has been activated. I was a part of the process in anchoring the new grid so I know it is done. What this means is that all those old thought forms of control, of not being good enough, all that sh** we were a part of have no more roots. Yes much of it is still in our bodies because we chose to be here (and we have returned over and over again), therefore it is in our cells, our DNA, but it is releasing at a quick rate. This may cause a lot of confusion and we are seeing it playing out in this world. If you find yourself dizzy, more sleep problem issues, more changes in your eating habits and relationships, know what is happening within you. Please rest as that has been told to me over and over again. Listen to your body as you still need it if you want to stay here through these processes as we all witness the grandeur of Being.

And now I tune into the more of myself to bring forth this message.



Greetings and a big greeting this is! My dear colleague explained it very well and we applaud her for her courage. We also applaud all of you for your perseverance and love as you transition through this process. You know you were needed at this very auspicious time. And you came, you volunteered. Stay tuned into yourself as so much more will be revealed to each one of you. As a Collective you will see the light get brighter and brighter as the love vibration seeps through all on this Earth and beyond. In Bev’s last message she mentioned that an announcement will be made. And we want to say to you this will happen soon. And, yes, in the timeline you currently see yourselves in, this physicality.

You are asking what do you mean announcement? We tell you this. There is soon to be an announcement to the world or worlds what is happening on and in the Earth, Gaia’s body. And also what is happening with humanity, what it means to be in physicality at this time, more in depth information of other beings who exist on and in this planet and beyond. It is disclosure, however we say to you that this will be done in a most loving way. The heart vibration will be felt by most of humanity so there will be little fear. Many of you will be called upon to assist the populace understand this transitioning. It is only love and many people will feel closer to God not really understanding what that means. And that is where you step in. You will know what to say and when. Please remember each one person has their own path so to speak and those who do not wish to embrace this love, let them lovingly go as they need to continue on in the denser form of physicality. You will understand that there is no judgment, there just Is. This planet you call home or where this physicality resides is just a step away from being nirvana. Yes, everything will change. What a magical world this will be and you are creating it so.



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4 thoughts on “My Journey Into My Knowingness

  1. Regarding Disclosure, as mentioned briefly above, many have been waiting & praying for Disclosure for years for it to take place. It will change the planet in incredibly positive ways & contribute to the establishment of the New Earth. It will also expose the cabal & end forever their nefarious activities & crimes against Humanity. We can all look forward to this day with open hearts.

    • Yes Robbie, there is the cabal which is loosing their controls. And with humanity waking up to our own sovereignty, then all controls are leaving or gone because we no longer are attached as we once were. Yes, with open hearts truly loving ourselves unconditionally is a key.

  2. Thank-you. I have been getting similar communications about what is occurring. They have become more frequent. Sometimes I feel very alone and quite crazy. Your blogs truly help me see through the chaos. Mars

    • Thank you Marsha. There is chaos, however understand how you feel, then let go of any dense feeling. I watch much less news lately as so much of it continues to be very heavy.

      To me the chaos is crazy! LOL

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