Yesterday evening I noticed multiple pastel colors emanating above a cloud in the western sky as they blocked the setting sun. This lasted for quite awhile. I wondered if there was a ship or ships behind the cloud because of the colors – mint greens, soft violets, soft peach tones, soft rose tones, all gently swirled together. These colors were also seen in a cone shape popping out of the top side. The colors were magnificent and different than what I’ve seen in the skies in this area (South Carolina). The following is a message I received.                 Bev

Rainbows, rainbows, rainbows. You will be seeing these quite frequently. Your air is changing. The magnetics of the earth are changing. Your ethers are changing. You each can feel the changes. Your bodies are changing. You note your skin is feeling different. You are taking more light so you can more easier see YourSelf. You are communicating with those other aspects of you and you know they are a part of you. You will find yourselves integrating some of these aspects. Soon you will find yourselves on a whole new frontier. Calibrations, calibrations – you are calibrating your physical selves, this body that you reside in. You ask if you are re-calibrating. No, you are just calibrating. You already have within your bodies the ability to calibrate your physical selves into other forms. And you note you do this quite easily yet you carry little remembrance in doing so. Observe your bodies. Step away from them and just look at your physical features. Some of you will notice that your features morph, then you look again and you see no changes. Why is this?

When you are able to maintain a higher frequency within your bodies, then you will be able to physically see the morphing taking place. You will see some of your other selves. You will have the capability to change into any of these other selves if you so desire. However most of you will not be at a comfort level in doing so.

Please be at peace as you continue to ingest, integrate the various levels of your own multi-dimensionalities. You will see more movement or what feels like movement within your bodies. Be quiet as you journey within yourselves. Some of you are very adept at doing this. Be in no hurry in doing such. You will know when you are ready.

You will see more wonders in your skies. More colors are becoming visible. Many of you are seeing or will be seeing various shapes floating above the earth. You ask if they are ships. Yes, some of them are ships. Some of them are entities that have the ability to float where gravity doesn’t effect them. And we also tell you that there are changes in your earth’s gravity, thus the movement of your tectonic plates. Your scientists have discovered how gravity from your moon effects the tectonic plates. They soon will discover in depth how the sun effects these plates.

Know that a newness awaits you. And grand will be your realizations.

In love and gratitude to you all. We are your future selves.


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