Yes You Are! Greetings my dear Ones. We bring forth this message for you to truly understand the divinity within you. You can be no less than total divinity and many of you still think you need to arrive at a high frequency within your body to accomplish being divine. This is not so!

We are the Ones whom you call the Archangels yet we also are One and we are One with You, all of you. Many of you still separate us from yourselves. There is no separation, period. As each one of you connect with more of You then you will understand. This undertaking of increasing the vibratory rate within your bodies is shaking up the world, literally. Everything, all is being shaken to its core. And that is for each one of you to understand your core, that divine core.

You are remembering your roots from where you have been on this planet as well as many other planets and dimensions. You are bringing in “new” thought forms with this increased awareness even though these are not new. They are a part of you and your experiences as your consciousness as the total You have traversed the cosmos as the makers of your own realities. We use the word “realities” loosely in that the only thing that is real is your consciousness. However you decided to bring forth corporal bodies to exist in multiple dimensions. Thus they are “real” because you made them so. This corporal body that you live in on this earthen plane is changing. In fact it has changed drastically the past few years. And you are changing even more drastically now than in the past five years put together. Many of you are experiencing dizziness, anxiety, unworthiness, hearing and vision changes (more sounds are audible and more colors are becoming visible), digestive issues, weight loss or weight gains, more intuitiveness, and the list goes on. If you are tired, rest.

We hear you asking what will this earth look like? What will we look like? We can only tell you that you will not be the same. The earth will not be the same. She (Lady Gaia) is moving and shaking, with her inner core spinning, moving her liquids around within her to integrate various star energies. She is a mixture of stars and planets just as each one of You Are. Eventually there will be a cohesiveness of these planets and stars. There is a coming together of the various nations that occupy those stars and planets. And it is happening here on this earth because our dear Lady Gaia agreed to do this to assist all of creation. Many of you are aware that there has been movement of the webs that weave through and over this body of earth. The old grids are disappearing even though residual energies from the old grids are still held in many of the people and soils. And that is what is happening in many of your bodies as they shake off the old dense energies of separation.

There is movement in the planets including your sun in this solar system. Right now some of this movement can barely be discerned, however it will become more apparent in the times to come. You and earth still reside in a time capsule, however this capsule is opening for each one of you to integrate the frequency changes. Yes some of you already reside in “no time” as this too will be more easily understood with the merging of your various star consciousnesses in this physical body you inhabit.

We ask you to breathe, rest, and if you want to view your news programs, please remember that many illusions are being shown. You are asking and will continue to ask, what is true? And we say as we have said all along, nothing and everything. It is your combined consciousnesses creating. There are controls, if you want to call it that, who have imprisoned humanity. Those shackles are coming off. Those beings who have manipulated earth and her inhabitants know their time is short. Their only hold is through the use of fear. This is One World, a combination of many nations. Soon this will become quite evident. There is so much beauty to behold. The more you see beauty in everything, the quicker the movement of separation out of your consciousness. You will know there is nothing to fear.

Love yourselves. Love all parts of yourself.

You Are.

3 thoughts on “YOU ARE

  1. Thank you Beverly,yes the digestive system has been having issues and I have been sleeping so much,I am so very tired, yet doctors say there is nothing wrong,back in 2007 I felt frequencies in me,soon after my heart was the problem,once again doctors said there is nothing wrong! The Federation of Light via Blossom said it is all part of the process,so we just have to keep breathing!

    • I too was told to rest these next few months. I take naps if I find myself tired during the day. My blood pressure is a little high and when I ask (inwardly), it too is part of the process of increasing frequencies within me. We shall relax and go with the flow:)

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