Something Dynamic is Occurring

October 24, 2011

By and through Rick Thompson


As is obvious to anyone paying attention at all, something dynamic is occurring amongst the peoples of planet Earth, and the planet itself. The being known a Gaia is shaking and venting as she goes through the pangs of pregnancy. Gaia is about to give birth to a new world in which a new human will be able to carry more of his or her own light. One only need to observe the mass demonstrations to realize something is afoot. The Arab Spring shows those peoples claiming the right to more freedom. They simply want more food, clean water, schools, hospitals, electricity, and a better life. What is yet to manifest is whether they can govern themselves, or will they succumb to the extremists who anxiously wish to control the masses in a different way. We shall see, for the time of choice is upon them.


In Europe, we see riots and protests in Greece and elsewhere, resisting fiscal responsibility in favor of the government benefits to which they feel entitled. In Germany, the populace says that they have learned to be responsible for themselves and resist bailing out those who eschew personal responsibility. Will personal responsibility or giving one’s power to someone/something else to take care of you win out? This, too, is playing out currently and the time of choice is upon them.


In the United States, two particular and significant movements have surfaced in the past year or so. The first is what has been labeled the Tea Party movement. This has been an orderly, focused movement demanding less government spending and less intrusion upon the freedoms envisioned by the nation’s prescient founders. These people are claiming their own power and personal responsibility. The short rallies, peaceful in nature, and respectful of the rally’s premises, were significant.


The second movement is the Occupy Wall Street group. These demonstrators have an incoherent agenda with an emphasis on blaming others for what they perceive as their plight. In these demonstrations (in contrast to rallies), they are protracted, disrespectful of the premises and non-participants. They demand what other’s have and for the Government to solve their problems.


It is an interesting contrast, with no judgment as an observer. However, here again, a nation (the United States) is faced with a decision. Personal responsibility with a smaller Central Government and greater local decision making versus a large Central Government which makes the decisions for everyone. Whatever is decided, the time for that choice is upon the citizenry.


All of this is a reflection of something far more important. You, the human individual being, is evolving to become more of your true essence. As delineated above, some of you are embracing the new you while others are clinging to the old paradigm. It is fine either way. A place that accommodates your choices will be there for you. From the perspective of Spirit, you are encouraged to drop the old and step into the new. The physical world is transitory. Spirit is simply all that exists after the physical world is removed.


You are not on this planet at this time to accomplish goals or to work hard. You are not here to be measured against others or to do what others expect of you. You came here to Be light. No one is here just taking up space. Everyone was chosen to be here and chose to be here. All are vital. That is why you are allowed to choose what is appropriate for you. Spirit wishes you to step into the new you confidently and consciously.


Therefore, regardless of where you choose to stand in the physical world, remember that you are grand beyond the scope of imagination and should hold your head high and claim your true essence. You are planting the seeds of a world of beauty. A world where there will still be a difference of opinion, but no dissension. There will remain some imbalance, tempered with tolerance, because there remains free will. Allow others their choices, accept others for their choices and care for each other.


The world envisioned will come about with fits and starts, over generations. The seeds you have planted and nurtured are growing strong and the exponential growth in enlightened consciousness is incredible. Future generations (you) will come back to tend the growth to fruition.


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