“Mystery of the Universes, Book Two” now available on Kindle

My 2nd book, “Mystery of the Universes, Book Two,” was recently released as an ebook version on Amazon Kindle (the paperback copy is also available and recommended). Cost of this ebook is only $.99, available at this price for a short time. There is so much information and wisdom packed into these writings assisting us in our knowledge of ourselves. Copied from the back cover:

We have entered into the New Age, an age of consciously living as spiritual human beings. This time, called The Age of Science of the Divine, is an awakening into knowing our true identity as souls, a part of Creator of All That Is. We are leaving our current system of living in this third dimensional world of duality. And we are moving into a more realized system of living in the Now, functioning through our heart/ mind with love and compassion for our self and all life. This book contains 80 writings giving us further insight into the bigger reality including:
 • What’s happening? The Great Shift (also known as the Shift of the Ages) 
 • What is our soul? Just who are we?
 • What/ who is God or Creator Source?
 • Why are we here on earth at this time?
 • Understanding our connection to everything
 • Advanced knowledge of our evolving consciousness
 • A glimpse into some of our future abilities, what now we perceive as impossible.
 Through the process of inter-dimensional communication, the author agreed to be the scribe to bring the reader into a better understanding of his or her own divinity. In Thompson’s first book of this series “Mystery of the Universes, a Prophecy Fulfilled,” one of the writings states: “You are divine. You can be no less.” It is now time for us to understand just how divine we truly are. This book will start stretching your minds into unlimited thinking and creating. Beverly J. Thompson is author of “Mystery of the Universes, a Prophecy Fulfilled”, an ordained minister, intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher, speaker, and energy therapist. 
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