An Intriguing Time

Dear Ones,
Yes it is an intriguing time, don’t you think? Many of you have felt the low vibrations in these past few months. And we tell you to note what you have been feeling and let go of those lower vibrations. To continue in those same patterns is for you to continue to be caught up in the tangle that those who have been in power want you in. Do you understand that you contribute to those lower vibrations when you remain stuck within them? Observe yourselves. Just observe. What do you see? Remember you are co-creators and you always create your own reality. We hear many of you saying, “We didn’t want this reality! How could we create it so?” And we tell you that you got sucked in. There still is that faction on your earth who wants control and giving in to their fear mongering only delays your own feelings of happiness, joy, and peace. Then once you see yourselves as the creator of your own reality then your thoughts will turn to something a little brighter? We understand you still have issues understanding this. Yes, there is much going on in your world. Everyday there is news regarding what another country did, what your new president is planning or doing, what is going to happen when your United States changes presidents, and on and on. Ladies and gentlemen, it is not doom and gloom unless that is what you want for your life. And most of you prefer not to live in doom and gloom. Therefore what do you do?

Go into your heart space. Go into that peaceful state of being. If that is meditation, then do it! If that is walking through your forests, then do it! If that is walking along your beaches, then do it! What makes you feel joy? Most of you reading this have already gone through your dark night of your soul. Then you wonder why you are having a tough time removing all the clearing you feel you still need to do. We agree that it is still advisable for you to clear if the same issues come up over and over. Look at what comes up and many times “in your face.” See the issues for what they were. Did they not bring you to this day and time? Love them for the experience then let them go! Allow yourselves your own love when letting go. This is the catalyst – your own love. Your own love is also God’s love. It’s just that simple. Many of you have carried guilt, shame, anger, and so on for so long that you find it difficult to let go. It has become a part of you, like something you identify with and an excuse for being the way you are. Ask yourself, why do I need an excuse?

Now you will see so much coming before you that you will find much of it difficult to perceive or believe. As we mentioned above, move out of the chaos. Do not become entangled unless that is really something you want to do. Yes, it is okay to be angry, but to remain angry may serve you not. Start living! This is the best way to change the world. When you are living and loving, then the world has to change because those lower vibrations cannot exist. This is a new year, this 2017. Many of you like a date to make the change. However part of this change is when you begin to understand and live in “no time.” More of yourselves are merging within you. You are remembering, that consciousness that is already you. You are your own savior. Stop looking outside of yourself. Yes this has been repeated and right now this is very important for you to acknowledge.

We have spoken about this time of no time, this time of so many changes taking place on and within your earth and within yourselves. In fact you will witness more happenings within your solar system, specifically your sun as it moves into another piece of itself. Yes it remains a portal (we note many of you visit there quite often). It’s a place, a portal, a body of light, a source of heat and light, and helps hold together your solar system. This author has asked if we will witness a main event and that is a sunburst. And we answered that indeed, it on your horizon. When?.. you ask – for that we cannot say because in your timeline many things change constantly. However you will witness this with your own eyes. Many of you may feel the heat, some of you will feel very little. The sun will not disappear, yet know it too is making its changes. There may be disruptions in your electrical grids, however these will be short lived. Remain calm and assist others who think that the world is ending. Ending it is not, however ending the old paradigm is indeed what is happening. Remember each one of you have been a part of this change and the consciousness behind it whether you consciously remember this or not. We also tell you that you may witness many ships within your skies during these bursts. Many of these ships have been living in your skies for a very long time however most of you cannot see or perceive them. During these bursts (there will be more than one), the cloaking of these ships will not work with the changes in your electrical grids. However their cloaking devices will again work once the intensity of the flares subsides.

Dear Readers – please note that when I am given information as above, this means there is a probability that this will take place. As in my books I was given a lot of information thinking that much was happening at that moment and I found out much of it is starting to play out now or is now being perceived by others.

To change your life, love yourself unconditionally. Love others unconditionally. This doesn’t mean that you allow any one else’s misgivings into your life. You have that right to say no. To assist in this love, laugh often, play and laugh. Do it for you! Do it for this world!

We love you dearly. We are a part of you, each one of you. That is the way of this universe. It is life!


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