by Rick Thompson

January 3, 2012


2012 has arrived and with it the infinite possibilities that lay before us. Those of us who have been consciously aware of the incredible evolutionary shift that has been in process for the past 25 years understand that we are approaching the midpoint of The Great Shift. We understand that there is no fear connected with the Mayan calendar, no doomsday event that will manifest on December 21, 2012. Rather, we know that this much “hyped” date is simply the end of one age (baktun) and the beginning of a new one. We have also come to know that all the external changes, such as earth alterations from floods, tornadoes, tsunamis, volcanoes, etc., are real, but not in the manner we might have perceived them to be decades ago. We now know that the energetic marker of this Now in our development is the conscious awareness of ourselves as divine, powerful, eternal beings. It is from this perspective of personal realization, personal responsibility, and compassionate tolerance of others that the true Shift of the Ages is occurring.


The consciousness of our Earth, the being Gaia, is indeed evolving as well, corresponding to our own personal evolution since humanity and Gaia have symbiotically existed for a very long time, in linear terms. However, we as humanity, have long since consciously moved beyond the human existence as mere survival and the inclination to seek out someone to lead us. We have reached the innate awareness of the unique intelligence encoded within our human body. This intelligence beckons us to follow our heart, not the dictates of another, whether or not the dictates are well meaning or to control us. We have learned that we are indeed the Masters we seek. Even though we can honor and appreciate those who have come before us to light the way, we realize that we are now consciously able to light our own way and serve as a beacon for others.


In addition, as we further clarify our conscious awareness, we connect more fully with our own Higher Self and the multidimensional nature of our beingness. It is this next step in awareness (actually remembrance) that will define the world we are creating during The Great Shift. The proof of the change marked by 2012 is everywhere about us. Nevertheless, your relationship with yourself, a relationship of unconditional love and acceptance is where the most meaningful shift is happening. Please realize it, embrace it, and feel its joy and peace. From this perspective, anything that we desire can be ours through pure intent, a multidimensional consciousness.


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