An Alarm Clock

An alarm clock is sounding. It is time to wake up! That inner self is calling each and every one of you to see that inner love called life to be seen and felt at its very core. There are markers for you to see and for you to discern. Note how you are feeling at this now moment. Many of you reading this message are coming out of a large chasm caught between what you feel is right or what you feel is wrong. Look behind the scenes that are playing out before you and within you. Can you see any discrepancies?

The world is now a new stage. Use discernment in Everything you look at and note what is behind everything you look at. If you cannot see that then feel, tune in and just feel. Feel for you not what another says. Yes, of course, share and this sharing helps trigger you in your belief systems. And those belief systems are now falling apart. Soon a rosier picture will appear. It is not outside of you, it is you! That picture is you and the pictures keep rolling as in a movie.

Dear ones, you are source within Source. It is up to you to see those patterns of creation come to the forefront so you can see, really see what has gone on in the past, what’s happening at this Now, and a glimpse into the probabilities of your future. Please do not get attached to these probabilities because in doing so you get stuck in this now moment. As has been spoken and written before, your world is a stage of nuances – those control mechanisms that have been in place and are now being broken down. Because you are sensing that wait, what the hell is this? Many of you are seeing it for what it is. If this makes you angry, so be it. However let that anger go, then see the possibilities within You.

We tell you that those who want humanity to stay asleep are pulling out all stops. They play with what many of you think is right. We speak about love. And love through your heart energy center is where you feel, then those thoughts are sent to your computer center called your nervous system (brain). Be aware that those who want you to remain asleep are playing with this concept called love. They are using “woowoo” love energy that isn’t real, not the real you. Stay in your hearts and you will note the difference. Be not fooled by these ones.

Note – a couple months ago I had a very lucid dream. In that dream I was witnessing what I call a black consciousness move itself against the blue sky, forming cupids, hearts, and all those symbols that we have equated with love. The black consciousness would morph from one symbol to another, always moving, much like the way the squids in the recent movie “Arrival” communicated. By the way, I loved the movie “Arrival” and recommend you all see it. Back to the dream – I didn’t feel the love projected, yet was amused by what I was seeing projected in the sky. Then I saw a black dust cloud rolling on the ground heading right for me. There were other people around me including children. We immediately lied face down on the ground and I pulled tarps and blankets over us for protection. My dream fast forwarded and I saw people saying “I feel so loved” and other similar remarks. I was not feeling as ”gooey” as they were feeling. End of dream. I contemplated this dream and recently realized what it meant. And that realization came when I was talking and sharing with other aware friends and their information regarding AI (Artificial Intelligence) and how AI has been used on our free will planet called Earth. I was being shown this false love vibration (artificial intelligence) from those who want us to remain asleep (not aware). Please do not be fooled. This may sound weird by me telling you this, but so be it. I feel it is not for me to hide this information. When we share such information, then this triggers something within us to further understand our world and Ourselves. I love the synchronicity. Be aware and live from your heart center! And when living through the heart, our physical vibration increases allowing us to be that much more connected to our Higher Self/Soul Self/Source.

Love Bev
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