2012 & Beyond Predictions


Bev Thompson and Shareina Fisher


2012 is a continuation of 2011. We are already moving into the New Earth. We are not seeing huge changes that have been prophesized for many years, specifically the upcoming Mayan date of December 21, 2012, a date many people see as magical or doom and gloom. We see these changes continuing because it is up to us, humanity, to transform ourselves through our thoughts, therefore, our belief systems. The energy downloads into this earth (including us) continue more evenly now instead of the bursts we experienced in the past.


Realize the importance of this moment. The New World/New Earth is in place ready for all ones to acknowledge its presence. The movement of mankind into this new realm will take many years before all is accomplished for all ones. Please understand that all, everything, is connected. There is no way to separate creation. Most of us on this planet have experience the mentality of separation and then included it in our physical projections. The outside world (what we call it) is a projection of our thoughts. Pay attention to all of your thoughts because they are you! We will not be able to continue the separation thought process when we fully understand the integration of all life just is.


Accountability and Authenticity

Many of us may not realize it yet but people are becoming tired of the “old regime.” By that we mean the “stories” we tell ourselves and anyone who will listen, about how we are victims of our circumstances.


We are tired of seeing people get away with murder, figuratively and in reality. We are angry when businesses try to rip us off, when government takes advantages of many of us including those less fortunate, when we see the selfish spending of celebrities. As a result of the removal of our rose colored glasses, we are finally fed up with what has been going on in the old paradigm. We are finally seeing the opposite ends of the spectrums where before, we chose to stick our heads in the sand and not deal with it. As a result, we will be demanding more “accountability” from ourselves, our family and friends, businesses and big corporations, our government as well as our religious institutions.


No longer will people be willing to turn a blind eye to the “inauthentic” way that has gone on before. We will begin to desire our “true selves” to finally emerge. We will have to as we all become more intuitive and able to see through lies and deceptions. It will no longer be easy to keep the masks on if we know that others will see through them. We will be able to see the heart and intention, whether in an individual or an institution. No more hiding. The time of accountability and authenticity is emerging.


Changing Bodies

Obesity has been a factor for many people and is something to be looked at during these times. No matter what time of day it is, when you turn on the TV there are now numerous shows that are focused on weight and obesity. Over indulgence and gluttony is no longer an accepted concept. The days of the “super sizer” is on it’s way out. Food chains and restaurants are going to be held accountable for the way they portray food, and whether their food fosters a healthy body or not. Remember to be accountable to yourselves and your families in creating new mindsets for how you perceive food. We again have the extremes, at one end the increase of people going hungry in our country and on the other end the idea that the more food, the happier we are. We need to find the balance.


Because it is the beginning of a new year, we see lots of media reporting lifestyle changes in eating and exercise as being very important as our bodies transform into more light. Pay attention to your bodies. They will always tell you what they need and this doesn’t mean addictions (that is something different). We are finding that each of our body’s process foods differently. Pay attention to what is healthiest for you!


Our forms are changing. New humanity is called Crea, a balance of the feminine with the masculine. We are beginning to access other dimensions of ourselves, living within those dimensions, then exiting to bring aspects of that life into our current, yet changing, life form. This influx of higher energies are awakening what we used to refer to as our dormant strands of DNA. These strands were never dormant, just other parts of us that were not active in our 3rd dimensional bodies. Now they have been activated.


Continue releasing those old programs of victim hood, drama, fear, continuous anger, degradation of self, etc. which damage the body causing deterioration. Once we do this releasing, our bodies will work that much better. We are seeing some people who are experiencing the fountain of youth (youthing). People are starting to notice these changes in other people. They may not be aware of what is happening, but they notice a change about you. Love it all!


Our brains are becoming as one hemisphere called the cerebium and our synapses are firing with more force or light energy. This is affecting our auras as they are becoming brighter as this light flows through us into our fields outside of our denser physical body.


Stay calm as these changes take place. Feel the new pulsations as they reverberate throughout your body. The energy fields are being felt and becoming more sensitive. This expansion enables the physical vehicle to move into a harmonized attachment to the other aspects of Self. In the days to come, this new and expanded body will easily morph into the light vehicle or merkaba with just the thought of movement within the sphere of the earth and beyond. There are ones stationed on our planet who will assist those who are ready to use this vehicle. There will be training programs set up around the globe including some of you. You soon will know if you are one of them. There is no need of research – you will know when and where you are to be.


Earth Changes

This year I (Bev) am seeing large sheets of ice breaking off in areas in our Arctic Circle. This will cause lands to shift, water surges, and tsunamis.


Per Lady Gaia, eventually earth’s tectonic plates will lock into place. This will cause the waters to rise yet there will not be a great flood as there has been in the past. Earth’s aquifers are filling up with some of the waters so water will not cover all the lands. There will be no great flood. New life forms will emerge upon these lands once the waters settle. Be aware of Lady Gaia’s earth to spit and boil as the old energies are released allowing the merging of her higher dimensions. She (Gaia) is feeling the assistance from her sister planets as well as the sun which is releasing large amounts of gases, coronal mass ejections (CME’s), to accelerate this process of transformation. They twirl and magnetize elements within the atmosphere harboring changes on earth’s surface.


Understand that these changes are necessary, and in fact beneficial to our “new planet.” As a result of the earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, etc. new artifacts and civilizations will be discovered, leading the experts to re-evaluate the age of our planet as well as who our previous ancestors really were. There will be no denying that we have relatives from the stars. Our government will eventually have to admit that we have been in contact and have shared information with those from other planets and star systems. The missing pieces of the puzzle will start falling into place and you will have many “aha” moments when see how the puzzle of Earth fits together.


Remain calm as these changes take place. You will not be in the way of a storm unless you choose to be. Many of you will know when and where to move for safety if that even will be necessary.


There is a lot more information on this in Bev’s upcoming book “Mystery of the Universes, Book Three.”


Medicine and Science

Why do you think there is so much political banter around National Healthcare, Social Security and Medicare? It is causing people to rethink how they want to take care of themselves. Do we want a government to tell us what type of healthcare provider we can go to, or whether we have to take prescriptions instead of supplements, or be required to have mandatory vaccinations? Many of you have been complacent far too long. When we are faced with the outrageous we eventually make the correct changes. As a result of this kind of madness more people will begin to see their bodies as energy and that their thoughts can affect where and how the energy goes in their bodies. They will start to view themselves as “well and perfect” instead of sick and disabled. People will become empowered when they realize that “hey, I just changed the cells in my body from unhealthy to healthy.” More new healing modalities will come into play and instead of going to doctors children will be taught in school how they can regenerate their organs and work with their own bodies’ intuition and knowledge to keep them young and vital throughout their lives.


Science will discover amazing new technologies to heal the body as well without the harmful side effects. Cures that have been kept secret and hidden by big pharmaceutical companies to keep their huge profits will gradually be revealed. Disease will eventually be a thing of the past as we learn to work with our light bodies as explained above.

So rejoice! Yes things may get tough for awhile but the rewards are well worth it.


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