Earth Times

Greetings in the name of the light of each one of you reading this message. We come forth to bring you knowledge that all is in divine order even though the “outer” world may appear otherwise. There is the breakdown of the old systems that have controlled this planet for many of your earth years and that portion of your existence is now coming to an end. Each of you has incarnated many times on this earthen plane, some of you just a few incarnations, however most of you have had many lifetimes here. The term “here” means on this blue planet you call Earth. What is coming up is Disclosure, major Disclosure. Much information is now being released through your media sites, mostly the internet, that there is so much more to existence than what has been believed by most of the populace. There have been so many civilizations who have come to this Earth for many reasons including a technology for genetic manipulation. There are and have been what you call benevolent ones and malevolent ones. You may be left wondering, what do I believe? Is this all really real? The so-called controlling ones are loosening their grip over humanity even more because what they created is now being seen for what it is. So many falsehoods and manipulations are coming to light. The findings in Antarctica will soon be in your “main” news (you can check this out through David Wilcock and others) . This will lead to more questions and realizations. You humanity are not alone on this earth and never have been. Most all of you reading this know this to be true. However so many people have kept on their blinders and will be shocked when this information will be openly released.

What appears to you as time is indeed changing so you soon will understand time doesn’t exist. You will see your existence much different than you have been experiencing thus far in this embodiment, and also most of your other embodiments upon this blue jewel. As we said time does not exist. Nor does space. However we also say to you that it does exist because these are your outward manifestations so you can understand what it means to create and live within those creations. This you that you see as your body is only in your imaginations. Does it exist? Yes, but it is only an aspect of the whole You. It is You creating you and there have been many you’s within this You. You can call it the bigger You or Higher Self, Source Self or just Self. Many of you in this physicality are beginning to see and experience yourself in a multitude of ways. What you are seeing and beginning to understand are the many you’s and all those experiences (expressions) of those realities are merging into your present consciousness so you can operate from the whole of You. You are starting to see yourselves as much more than this human body. A part of You lives in this vessel called the human body and now You have decided to move more of your expressions into this body consciousness and soon all will be merged. Because of your letting go, those old beliefs will not to be brought into your new reality.

Note – What is now being explained is written about in my books “Mystery of the Universes.” However I am starting to experience this now. I’m getting glimpses of my other lives. They were real when I experienced them, but when I go back (it seems that I am going back in time) I have found them not to be “real.” For instance, in my mind I recently went “back” to a lifetime where I was an older man dressed in a linen-like robe tied at the waist, and was chained and shackled at the ankles and living in a prison cell. I could see the prison bars on one side and the other three walls were dirt. I knew I was imprisoned for speaking the truth yet I was incarcerated for doing so. This lifetime many years ago was affecting my current lifetime and that is why my consciousness took me to that lifetime (I had a friend assisting me with this process). When looking at this older man (me) I found my conscious projection standing outside the prison bars looking at my shackled self. I said out loud to this old me, “You are not real.” I said it more than once and with conviction. Then the older man (me) simply disappeared. I could see the chains and shackles on the floor inside the prison cell. Now that attachment is gone.

In my third book “Mystery of the Universes, Book Three,” is a writing called “Understanding Reality.” In part it reads:

Humanity has been living in a very surreal world, away from their
own personage of their Higher Self. You, as humanity, have lived as
if you were entwined in a cocoon. And now that cocoon is splitting,
allowing you to witness the real world of illusion. We understand this
sounds very paradoxical, but the real world is the illusion made by you
as Creator to know the processes of living in the physical worlds. Light
and sound are much the same as one cannot be without the other. This
is basic physics. And this is what makes up the physical world. Your
consciousness moves the light particles into a focused manner, thus
producing a physical beingness or what you witness as being physical.
Nothing is totally physical in the sense most humanity perceive it.
Where do these light particles come from?

All existence is. What is known as The Great Central Sun, the
source of Creator’s energies, is the central focus of All Creation. Therefore
All Creation is Creator and each of you is a part of this Creator.
Yes, you have been told this many times, but is this concept truly realized?
Have you also been told that you dream whatever you wish
for your life and let the Universe take over to help you achieve your
dreams? Remember the word “surrender?” So what and/or who are you
really surrendering to? How does this all really work? And what truly is

We say to you that virtually nothing is truly real, even this
universe as well as the other universes. Therefore, is God or Creator
even real? Really, yes. There is absolutely no chance, no luck, or whatever
word you use to describe something that may have happened to
you. Everything is orchestrated through consciousness. Consciousness in and of itself Is. It is existence in its simplest form. It is God/Creator.
All of it. It is love in its simplest form. And form comes from
this consciousness. Where does it come from? Nowhere. There exists
a Nowhere. And through consciousness, there is a Somewhere or a
Something just so Nowhere knows this. Hmmm…

However, there is a world, there are humans, there are other
beings all over the universes. And all of these are real because they are
Somewhere and Something made by consciousness into form. Consciousness
is Source. The void of all existence is a void until consciousness
breathes into it.

Each one of you has developed a synchronicity within this web or matrix. (Our earth is part of a matrix.) And this matrix of old has been changed. We say change however it has been deleted and a new grid is now the new substrate that will sustain your lives. Not everyone will be comfortable on or within this grid as it carries what you call a higher vibration or different frequency where the lower thought forms will not be able to sustain themselves. In fact all these lower thought forms of not living within your own “higher” powers simply will disappear.

You human or what you see yourself as human is much greater than the physical body you inhabit. You use this physical body to play in – that is to know Yourself more fully. We and you (for we are One) call this The Great Experiment and indeed it has been a grand experiment of your consciousness. This world you call humanity and Earth has been most magnificent. You question this statement? This Great Experiment started as a way for you to see Yourselves in a different form. Consciousness has no form, however this form you now inhabit was made by you within this hologram of understanding. It is a hologram because Everything is a projection of consciousness. It is physical or what you “see” as physical. All life lives on a matrix, a glue to project consciousness on. Now that the old grid has been removed, a new beautiful grid is now the substrate your physicality lives on.

The old control technologies have influenced your belief systems. Note we call them systems. Many of those beliefs are now falling away exposing the real you, or this expression of you. Yes, we have told you that what once served you may no longer serve you. And we say that goes for everything. Everything! The less attachments you have to old ways of being (fear, right and wrong, the shoulds, victim hood, and so forth), the easier it will be for you to open your awareness to the real you. All of the duality and separation that has existed on this planet is ending. Many beliefs were created and many of these have been so ingrained in you, and now you are seeing that there is more to life, so much more. And you are starting to doubt all that you have been told. Those old belief systems are not real! Keep in mind that you rarely hear the whole truth from your media. So much is now being exposed worldwide. Love you and all others.

The whole planet is moving to this new paradigm of understanding and living. That is why many of you are going through more physical challenges, more emotional challenges, and more mental challenges. Allow your body to rest when needed. The more you fight these changes, the more difficult it will be for you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Know that you will be just fine, more than fine! We have said that in this new paradigm you will be using your physical vessel, yet a more enhanced version. The original blueprint of you was developed as a tool for you to play in while you remained conscious that you were part of a greater existence. Then because of the technology and lower thought forms of the controlling ones, you forgot your connection to Source, the Source of You. Therefore many of you looped through this matrix coming back again and again. And what happened through your belief systems is that you developed a more enhanced emotional body. Therefore that is why you will take this form with you into the new paradigm. This has actually enhanced the whole of You.

We give each and every one of you such gratitude for your courage to now say this (the old paradigm) is enough. All of Creation is greater as each one of you opens up and expands your awareness. We are you and you are us. We are One and how Grand is that!

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  1. Dear Beverly,
    I had a very difficult day today. It took me a long time to read this message. Some paragraphs I would read more than once and then close my eyes and was still for clarity. So much of what was channelled here I needed to be reminded of, I needed to understand in order to go beyond the illusion of this world’s old paradigm consciousness.
    Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom and will probably read this a few times more.
    Love you,

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