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In my book “Mystery of the Universes, Book 2” is a writing called Phase 1 into Phase 2 (I will copy it below). Recently a friend wrote and asked me if I received anything new on this writing because she kept coming back to reread it. So I asked:). I recommend you first read the writing from the book, tune in for yourself, then follow up with the information I received.

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Phase 1 into Phase 2
This seemingly huge transition that is happening in every sector
of this universe merging into other universes has become one
of the most astounding creations that Creator has ever known.
This new definition of life shall be a precursor to new ways
of living and manifesting new creations. The dawn or beginning
of the transition started hundreds of earth years ago when
it was decided that a new avenue or web of creation be put
into place to help stabilize the new thought forms of creation.
Next, the new web is also called a new dimension within a
dimension, a new time line. What is occurring at this moment
called time in the 21st century of recorded life, is the need for
quantum physics to be turned on its head with a different set
of physics to come into manifestation. In order for this to happen,
the vibrational calibrations are changing into a whole new
set of harmonics. All stations shall take their places in order for
this new manifestation of life to occur. Take not what you have
known, and be prepared to dream another dream. This new
dream shall be the 2nd phase of this change. Phase 1 is now
almost complete.
Those of us in the realms called angelic are ready with you
to finish this plan. We are at our stations tuned into existing
harmonics. With the release of Phase 1, we are ready to
combine our efforts with you, the humans on earth, ascended
masters, and accompanying star systems. We are ready to resume
our place within the new constellations of new thoughts
originating through humans with our assistance. We read
the present and can see the future with its many possibilities,
yet we cannot assume any of these possibilities coming into
manifestation. The patterns we see occurring coupled with the
change in harmonics (light and sound) makes for a transition
of unprecedented thought forms. Indeed, a whole new horizon
is rising with the new suns/sons in tune with the dreams
of the All, everywhere in the universe now seen and felt on a
multitude of dimensional levels. This stage of Phase 1, almost
complete, will collapse and Phase 2 will rise from the ashes of
old. The ashes will disappear as the newness of being begins. A
completion, a beginning, and a newness, the excitement builds
as the wheels within wheels are turning. It is time, or to be
more accurate, it is the building of this new harmonic level
of a new understanding taking shape. Humanity, you are the
builders of this new tomorrow. You have taken your internal
eyes into the gap to build, once again yet different, a paradise
of unequaled elegance in the name of life, the living experience
of the holy thought forms of each of you within All That Is. For
this, we are most grateful and excited as we step into our positions
to be the shoulders and strength for each of you to build
upon. We are to assist you in any way we are directed within
the holy state of Love.
We want to add that we are the harbingers of new ways
of life but are not able to accomplish this without the input
of the many thought forms coming from these other realms,
specifically the humans. Because of humanity in their effort to
shut down their knowingness of their connection to All That
Is and then emerge from this sleep, has shown that life, indeed,
will continue unabated through the use of this tool, the human
form. Even through the many genetic changes, has the human
not only survived but evolved through this sleep pattern which
is now almost over. The awakening with the veils parted and
then done away with will enable the human to fully connect to
their own god-self so this 2nd phase will commence. Those of
you humans, now know that this part of you is truly a miracle.
You courageously came into the human form to experience
the various intricacies of this creation. Many of you have come
into so many forms, some of these forms where your divine
knowledge was totally held from you, and other forms where
you were very aware of your abilities. Evolution, devolution,
and evolution, quite a process to be a part of.
In gratitude, we are the angels of love, always and forever
more. It is said, it is done, and so it is.
The information I received:
Indeed, Phase 1 is shutting down, so to speak. It has lived what it was meant to do and that is for humanity (actually all of creation) to more fully comprehend what consciousness is and it’s many intricacies. Yes, it has been called The Great Experiment and what an experiment it has been. We say this as if it is the past, however you who are dressed as humanity are beginning to know there is no time, just frequency differences.
Q – In the first paragraph of this writing it says: “The dawn or beginning of the transition started hundreds of earth years ago when it was decided that a new avenue or web of creation be put into place to help stabilize the new thought forms of creation.” Who decided this?
A – You all did.
Q – The next sentence reads: “the new web is also called a new dimension within a dimension, a new time line.” I understand a new web, however a dimension within a dimension?
A – Yes, of course, a dimension within a dimension. Most of you are leaving the shackles of separation. The so called lower dimensions are NOT separate.
Q – Later in this writing, it reads: “You have taken your internal eyes into the gap to build, one again yet different, a paradise of unequaled elegance in the name of life…”
Please explain gap.
A – You understand your internal eyes, the consciousness which is You. The gap is what was created and that is humanity doesn’t or didn’t know they are a part of All. Therefore this separation can also be called a gap, not understanding the totality of Yourselves.
Please continue with additional information that will assist us as we go through this transition.
Humanity, wake up! It is now that your world is transitioning. See yourselves wholly. See the all of you and leave the shackles behind. It is up to each one of you, dear human, to loosen the constraints and let yourselves free. Many of you are now learning all the belief systems you have ascribed to. And you are seeing the attachments that have come with them. Be conscious of every word you speak, every thought you have and you will begin to see or understand what we are saying. Observe yourselves. If you fall (only your perception) then get up. To be in fear and anger will keep you in fear and anger. What beliefs do you have that keep you in fear? When you ask, then you will be shown. There is absolutely no reason to fear in the asking. Do you fear seeing your beautiful selves? Because that is what each and everyone of you truly are.
Yes, many of you are experiencing Phase 2.  And you are seeing yourselves in a whole new light. You are witnessing the multiple you’s brought together. You are seeing the constructs from which you came. Soon you will be seeing and understanding so much more because you now are free to play in whatever part of your games you wish to participate in. There are no referees, no judgments, none of that. It is you loving yourself so much you are able to see your multiple you’s. You can explore, you can build your own edifices of excitement, your own resources. Because you all are a part of the resource. You are Source, your infinite Source Self!
You each are so dearly loved. We know you as the courageous Ones.


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