Nothing is Set

Oh beautiful Beings of Light. That you are – beautiful Beings of Light! It is you who has come in this day and time to greet Yourselves. You are seeing other parts of yourselves so that you can acknowledge them, integrate from them those parts you desire for you to create new realities. You are beginning another chapter, or better expressed, a new movie. Each of you has you own stories, thus you are making your own movies. Some of the characters in your current set may choose to exit your new movie or they may continue on with new roles to play in your new movie. And you are doing the same in their reality or realities. You are beginning to see yourself as more than this human integrating other existences you will soon know yourself to be a part of. Many of you are seeing yourselves as other beings yet you know these beings are you too. And this reality you call Earth, your physical vessel which is very much a part of the Earth, is or has started to feel and look different. We have used the word “reality,” yet what once seemed real no longer feels or even looks real. Because it isn’t. You are playing your roles in your movie sets and the movies have seemed so real. And many of you are now extracting yourself from the movie like you are watching it on one of your television sets. You are observing your movie. And as you observe, you note that with your observance, the scenes are changing. Nothing is set!

With your observance you are changing your quantum soup. The quantum soup is the energy, or what many of you call the zero point, that you use to create your various realities of what you term existence. Nothing exists, yet all is consciousness. Therefore only consciousness exists. Yet to know you exist, you create realities to participate in. They become your new movies. You may name your movies if you wish. It does not matter. There is only matter because that is the way for you to examine your consciousness. So you as a collective have created a field, a field of infinite possibilities. You use this field, your creation, to form many realities. You created it to serve you! What’s next, you ask? Whatever you so desire in your own fields of consciousness. Is this already set up? Remember you exist in more than one realm simultaneously. Therefore it is set up because you have set it up. Can you change it? It is up to you to whatever serves you in the moment. And that moment is your moment of understanding what you have set up. It is your choice to explore your creations. In order for you to truly understand your creations, live in them. Be a part of them. Use whatever vehicle expresses that creation. That is why you may see yourselves as other cosmic beings.

Yes beautiful Beings of Light, you are just that. Recognize yourself as such. Your days are changing because you are now using the quantum field for your expressions and you are beginning to do this consciously. This Earth movie has been quite the experiment to understand reality as separation. What do you wish to take with you in your new creations? It is always your choice. Gaia no longer will partake of the old thought form of separation. Other avenues of expression are coming into view for you to explore. This doesn’t mean that each and every one of you will go onto the same movie set. It is your movie and you are at the controls.

Is it love? You use that term love. Creation moves through the heart. And the heart is the representation of life, is it not? Can you live without a heart? Not in the physical sense unless you are a robotic being. And robotic beings (yes they exist) cannot create like those of you who have a heart. Use that heart. Use it wisely and you will witness the most grand creations in existence! And so it is.

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