Earth, Your Creation

Dear Ones,

This time upon you now is bringing you closer to the rhythms‘ of your soul.. These are the rhythms that beckon you to see the absolute truth of your Being. There are no compromises to be had, no restrictions to what you can do and be. It is all up to you, your individualized choices that you make in this here and now. This is Creation. This is the true you stepping forward to recognize You, those parts of you that you want to bring forward into this day and time. Yes we say time because that is how you look at your creations. And you are beginning to know that time doesn’t exist except within your creations.

Many of you are witnessing drastic changes in your thoughts and even within your physicalities. You are seeing the many changes on this Earth plane. They are your thoughts playing themselves “out” or what you see as your outer realms. This Earth is purging as are each one of you. Do you not notice that this Earth is you too? It is all of you. Many ones have said “I am not this Earth” and we (you) say to you, yes you are. You are living in your creations and this Earth is one such creation. Many of you understand all physicality is projections of consciousness. And you are Consciousness! Therefore each one of you have projected your creations and you are living in this projection because it is You! Yes, you are a part of the many nations (star systems) that make up this galaxy, solar system and planet. And you have joined together to understand your powers. What did you create? You said: “Who am I? What would it be like to feel I am separate from my Creator? Therefore what would it feel like to feel separate from my true or Source Self?” Together we experimented within ourselves and created The Great Experiment. Many Beings came to play our game and we got played too. Because we got stuck within our own game. And now that game is ending. There are ones who wish to play this separation longer (have more experiences) and they will. Because that is their story, what they wish to live out within their projections.

Now we are in this day and time saying we have had enough. We are realizing we are quite good at this game, but we don’t want to play this separation game any longer. Therefore what is happening as we exit our game?

For one we are seeing much chaos being played out. This is seen in the many storms throughout your globe as well as in your governments. Look at your Earth. Is it Gaia saying that she is moving on with or without you? Or is Gaia the sum total of us all? Does it matter? No longer can we point the finger at another or a thing because it is Us! Look deeply into yourselves. What do you see, how do you feel?

Many ones are unplugging from the old matrix which was full of programs so we could experience separation (duality). We are unplugging to people, past experiences, judgments, fears, places, old ideas of shoulds, traditions, and on and on. Another word for unplugging is detachment. This doesn’t mean that you will not have emotions. However your emotions will not run your lives. Because many emotions are built on fear. What about love you ask? Isn’t this an emotion?

Love is, in it’s entirety, your total acceptance of your beingness as Source. It is you loving YourSelf with total absolute acceptance! There is no one out there who judges you. When you know this, then you will respect all other’s choices. You allow them to play their games and you can join them or let them go. It always is your choice!

Note how you feel when you laugh, truly laugh just because you are having fun. Feel the lightness of your being. The more you laugh the lighter you feel, the more you will choose this lightness of being. You may feel this lightness by reading a good story, a story different then your own. You may feel a resonance to the story, however the characters are much different than what you feel in this lifetime. Perhaps you resonate to their story because it may parallel another life or experience you have had in another day and time. You recognize yourself and then you look at that experience with wonder because you understand that it is close to one of your projections of consciousness. It may be an experience on another planet, a ship or whatever. Do you see yourself as an avatar on another planet? Do you look different? Yes many of you are seeing yourselves as different than your human selves.

Can you now see the games you are playing? This doesn’t mean that all the games are centered on duality. In fact most games are beyond that realm or density of beingness. And most of you are now choosing to unplug or detach from the old Earth game. Is it not wondrous that you now can see what is transpiring as you exit this part of your consciousness? What’s next? You are in charge of You so look deeply within knowing you are a part of your Source Self. There are options you give yourself. Are those options set? We have spoken (see my last post called Nothing Is Set) that you are changing your quantum soup of this reality you experience as this human vessel on this Earth. You write your own movies. Therefore what do you want to experience? Is it The New Earth? Perhaps. There are options for you to explore because you are the designer.

One thought on “Earth, Your Creation

  1. Dear Bev,
    We are indeed tired of the games that create our separation from the Universes, the earth and all beings. Now to create a new life in our new beings while of New Earth. Whew – brave beings that we are!
    Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Self-love Sparkles,

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