My friend will be speaking at Wesak May 12 – 14, 2017, and has amazing and wonderful information to share to assist humanity and this earth. (click on link for more information)

Mozhgan Naghipour (Mojie)

Beverly J. Thompson
In 1998, Beverly began receiving channeled information (she refers to it as inter-dimensional communication) working with her Higher Self, the ascended masters, archangels, and others. In the 1990’s she was told that she would be writing books, and then in 2002, she started scribing her first book “Mystery of the Universes.” She has since scribed and published the other two books in this trilogy, “Mystery of the Universes, Book Two,” and “Mystery of the Universes,  Book Three.” All three books contain 80 writings that will deeply touch your hearts and minds. They delve into who we are as humanity and a soul, why this transition/ascension into higher consciousness is happening, understanding our connection to all, and a guidebook into the fifth dimension of consciousness and beyond. Her books will stretch your mind into unlimited thinking and understanding. Beverly has also been the featured guest for numerous radio shows, and the featured speaker at conferences.
Beverly is available for Intuitive Counseling Sessions, either in person or by telephone, speaking engagements, book-signings, and workshops. Please contact her at

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