A friend sent this to me and thought I would post it as it looks to be a worthwhile seminar.  Bev

Akashic Record Seminar Level 1, 2 & 3
February 06th and February 07th, 2016
from 10am – 6pm
in Miami Beach, Florida
Akashic Record Seminar Level 1, 2 & 3
February 27th and 28th, 2016
from 10am – 6pm
in Seminole Heights, Tampa, Florida

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 Spiritual Self Care For A New Year
Remember the last time you had a “bad” time?
Nothing went right, everything felt like it was a struggle and against you. Chances are that your life went out of balance because you neglected your spiritual self care. When we create too much focus on one area in our lives and neglect our connection to our Source (the Universe, God) this Source will find a way to get our attention, slow down our energy and bring us back into alignment with our true purpose again. 

If we learn to listen to this energetic change in our lives we will be able to establish balance and well-being again. If we ignore these warning signs we will create more disturbances in our lives, also called illness, poverty, isolation, depression to mention the most protuberant ones. 

The first step is to create balance again is to not judge yourself for having created turbulences in your life. 

For example, every time you really focus on creating more money in your life you forget to pay attention to your physical health, relationships and creativity. If this is not in alignment with your purpose your health will decline, your relationship will crumble and your clients will become a lot of work or stay away for good. Your energy gets dense and desperate and your are just no more fun to be around anymore. 

The second step is to look for the silver lining of your situation. If you can not learn from your current state of being you will most likely find yourself, after an initial recovery, in the same situation again. When you can look at your situation as a turning point, remembering it as a warning sign for future experiences, you will most likely learn from your lesson and recognize the “trap” next time you approach it. 

Take a mental inventory of what kind of balance you would really like to experience in your life. What makes you truly happy. What brings a smile to your face, makes your feel like it’s springtime during the cold winter months?

The third step is spiritual self care. Spiritual self care can embody a lot of things. Nowadays we can chose from meditation, yoga, creative activities like writing, music or gardening. We can get involved in spiritual activities or travel to “healing places” like John of God in Brazil.

I’d like to encourage you to establish your own spiritual practice that works for you where ever you are. It could be that having a cup of coffee in a book store helps you to establish and strengthen your connection to source. Maybe you enjoy to walk in a park, indulge in a bubble bath, take a spiritual class that will inspire you or learn how to prepare a very healthy home cooked meal. The important thing is that you pick something that is really YOUR Spiritual Self Care. Be creative and choose something that helps you to develop self awareness and contentment with what is.

The forth step is to prepare for the future. Let go of one thing each month that doesn’t serve your happiness and add one thing that adds quality to your life. You will have a totally different life after only a few month and the best part is it happens effortlessly. 

For example, this can be as easy as letting go of soda drinks and replacing it with water or choosing to watch three hours of TV less each week and using this time to move in fresh air. You could also choose to let go of criticism and focus more on listening to friends and clients with an open heart. The list of possibilities is endless but remember to make your changes simple and to implement them slowly. This way they become permanent and have a real positive effect on your life.

We are here to experience life with all the beauty and varieties it has to offer to us. It is our choice to make it fun and effortless. Picking a spiritual self care method that serves 
your soul – purpose will enable you to do that.

I am wishing you a beautiful start into the new year. 
May all your dreams come true and may you have lots of love and joy.
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Beverly J. Thompson
In 1998, Beverly began receiving channeled information (she refers to it as inter-dimensional communication) working with her Higher Self, the ascended masters, archangels, and others. In the 1990’s she was told that she would be writing books, and then in 2002, she started scribing her first book “Mystery of the Universes.” She has since scribed and published the other two books in this series, “Mystery of the Universes, Book Two,” and “Mystery of the Universes,  Book Three.” All three book contain 80 writings that will deeply touch your hearts and minds. They delve into who we are as humanity and a soul, why this transition/ascension is happening, understanding our connection to all, and a guidebook into the fifth dimension of consciousness and beyond. Her books will stretch your mind into unlimited thinking and understanding. Beverly has also been the featured guest for numerous radio shows, and the featured speaker at conferences.
Beverly is available for Intuitive Counseling Sessions, either in person or by telephone speaking engagements, book-signings, and workshops. Please contact her at 864-363-8686.

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