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Beverly J. Thompson
Beverly became interested in metaphysics at a young age, then started studying consciousness and the paranormal in the 1980s. In 1998, she became aware of her ability to communicate multi-dimensionally. Beverly’s intuitive counseling skills have brought her to an even keener understanding of a soul’s choices, knowing that each soul’s incarnation into a human body creates his or her own experiences in order for them to grow in their understandings and wisdom. A phrase taken from her first book, Mystery of the Universes: “You are divine. You can be no less.” And that includes each and every one of you.

In 2002, she started scribing her first book Mystery of the Universes, an Amazon Best Seller. She has since scribed and published the other two books in this series, Mystery of the Universes, Book Two, and Mystery of the Universes, Book Three. Each of the three books contain 80 writings that will deeply touch hearts and minds taking the reader into a deeper journey assisting in opening up avenues into understanding who we truly are. Our journey has begun and it is the ultimate journey in the form of physicality. It is the true awakening within the physical structure and yet it is much more. Now is the time to realize the importance of this awakening. Not only is humanity changing, but most of life is changing including our world and those planets and worlds beyond our own. Beverly chooses to share her love, knowledge, and wisdom to assist humanity in opening their hearts to know and merge with their Source Self.

Beverly has also been the featured guest for numerous radio shows, and the featured speaker at conferences. She is a writer, author, ordained minister, intuitive counselor, energy therapist, and speaker on spirituality and metaphysics. She also continues her practice in Interior Design.

Beverly is available for Intuitive Counseling Sessions, either in person or by telephone, speaking engagements, book-signings and workshops. Please contact her at bev@thegatheringofangels.com.

Richard L. Thompson  –  1947-2012
Rick spent over twenty years as a financial management advisor and executive. He was an ordained minister, counselor, speaker, and writer. He and Beverly were married over 36 years and have three adult children. Rick was an erudite student of spirituality, religion, philosophy, and life with much insight into who we all are, where we have been, and where we are going. He had such a gift of bringing all thought together in a succinct and understandable way, and his writings will resonate deep within you. You can read his writings in the archives 2010, 2011, and the posts in early 2012.

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